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"Hawk-Eyes Mihawk! Swordsman Zoro Falls into the Sea!" is the 24th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Nami steals the Going Merry and meanwhile, Zoro faces off against Dracule Mihawk. Zoro is cut, therefore loses and Mihawk leaves.

Long Summary

As Nami steals the Going Merry, Zoro decides to leave her but Luffy decides to keep her as his navigator. Suddenly, "Hawk Eyes" Mihawk appears to finish the job with Krieg. Zoro, determined to fulfill his promise to Kuina, he recklessly challenges Hawk Eyes. However, Hawk Eyes claims he is not an idiot who uses their all to hunt rabbits and draws out a small pocket knife. Even with his Three Sword Style attack, Oni Giri, Zoro is easily blocked by the knife which leaves him to question if the gap between the two is really that far.

Hawk Eyes pierces Zoro with his pocket knife and he questions Zoro why he did not step back. Zoro says that all the oaths, promises and deals he made would be gone if he had stepped back and says that death would have been better. Surprised by Zoro's will, he unsheathes his black sword and attacks Zoro. Zoro's Three Sword Style 3000 Worlds attacks Hawk Eye's black sword, Yoru, clashes and Zoro is defeated with two of his swords broken. Zoro gives his life and the Yoru slashes Zoro nearly killing him.

Hawk Eyes reveals to Luffy that Zoro is not dead and tells him to surpass himself. Zoro then vows to Luffy that he will never lose again. Krieg attacks Mihawk before he leaves but Mihawk escapes. After Usopp, Johnny, and Yosaku pull the injured Zoro onto their boat, they leave to go after Nami while Luffy stays behind. Krieg then begins his attack and Luffy makes a proposal to Zeff to have his debt to him repaid for his help in defeating Krieg's forces, which Zeff immediately accepts.

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