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"The Emergence of the Superb Kicking Skill: Sanji vs. the Iron Wall Pearl" is the 25th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Mihawk leaves after defeating Zoro, so Don Krieg continues his invasion on the Baratie and has Pearl, one of his stronger crewmates, attack, and Sanji reveals his fighting skills. Meanwhile, Johnny and Yosaku leave with Usopp and the wounded Zoro to go after Nami.

Long Summary

Don Krieg plans on invading the Baratie ship assuming that nobody will attack them with a ship like that. As a crew member talks of facing Mihawk in the future, he gets annoyed and shoots him dead. Don Krieg believes that Mihawk is a devil fruit eater as no normal person would cut a ship in half so easily and there are many devil fruit users on the grand line. Don Krieg then talks about Zeff's past; Zeff had survived on the grand line for a year. Krieg thinks that Zeff had a strategy for surviving in such a place and wants to find out. He believes that all his special strategies and information on the great treasure "One Piece" are written in the journal that he possesses. Krieg's crew are amazed by what they hear and start the invasion. Sanji orders one of the chefs to open the "fin" to avoid the restaurant becoming a battlefield; the fin will provide a place to fight. Luffy starts to attack Don Krieg's crew and the fin starts to open. Sanji shows his "kick" which everyone admires; Krieg brings Pearl into the battle. Pearl soon gets mad over blood and sets himself on fire and soon is defeated. The episode ends with Gin pointing a gun at Zeff.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime Notes

  • Pearl is introduced.
  • Pearl is said to have been raised in a jungle, which is only stated in the manga

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