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"Outcome of a Deadly Battle! The Inner Spear!" is the 29th episode of the One Piece anime.

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Even after taking several hits from the Battle Spear, Luffy refuses to give up and is more determined to save the Baratie and to stop Don Krieg once and for all.

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Luffy has now broken Krieg's weapon, there are no spears so it is now just a bomb on a stick. Luffy says that his power has now halved but Krieg says that it is enough to defeat Luffy. Krieg attacks Luffy but he escapes by hanging on the ship. Krieg attacks again using another weapon and Luffy also attacks Krieg with 'gomu gomu no gatling' however Krieg laughs and says it is useless as he is wearing his metal armor. Luffy and Krieg keep fighting and Luffy punched Krieg with 'gomu gomu no bazooka' which breaks his armor, much to Krieg's shock. Finally Luffy finishes him off with another gomu gomu no bazooka followed by gomu gomu no sledge hammer but without the armor. However, as they are falling Krieg shoots a steel trap which traps Luffy. Kreig laughs as he says he will win because they will fall in the sea.     

After a while Gin wakes up but he takes Don Krieg and leaves; Sanji gives them a ship. Gin guess he doesn't need to give the ship back, Sanji response that he can get it back if he dares. Gin then comments that how brutal violence cheifs on Baratie are.

Back to Nami on Going Merry with her stolen treasure, she comments that those guys she meet are good people. Nami wonders if they will let her join again, if they will ever meet again. At the moment, she break down with tears and mentions someone named Bell-mère, saying that she just wants to be free.

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