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"The Most Evil Ability! Blackbeard's Darkness Attacks Ace" is the 325th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Three days before Luffy left Water 7, Ace finally catches up to Blackbeard on Banaro Island, but his attempt to fight him reveals Teach's darkest secret: the control of the Yami Yami no Mi, said to be the most evil of the Devil Fruits. As fire and darkness collide, the island is destroyed. The outcome is left unrevealed, but Ace's hat is shown lying on the ground. It is said that the fight between them is the trigger for a great event yet to come.

Long Summary

While the rest of the world is finding out about the Straw Hats' new bounties and events at Enies Lobby, Blackbeard is seen reading an earlier account of the Straw Hat’s activities at Enies Lobby, commenting that their bounties should rise afterwards. Lafitte wonders if the Straw Hats hijacked a Sea Train from Water 7 to get to Enies Lobby. Van Auger comments that Water 7 isn’t too far from the Blackbeard Pirate’s current location and thinks they’ll cross paths again while Doc Q suggests that fate may allow them to meet again and take action when it happens. Jesus Burgess laughs while carrying a sack and asks what they’re waiting for, and Blackbeard responds in agreement and announces his intent to stop the Straw Hats before the Marines can.

Meanwhile, the townspeople are seen defeated and scattered around. As Blackbeard's crew walks ahead, they pass by an observing Ace, who is seen squatting in a roof near them. Ace calls out Blackbeard by referencing him as Teach, stating that they need to talk. The narration then plays, confirming that history-changing events are taking place in this small island called Banaro Island, three days before the Straw Hat’s fate and bounties were revealed to the world.

Blackbeard looks up in surprise and addresses him as Commander Ace, to which Ace responds by stating that he has no right to call him that anymore. Lafitte comments that this must be the famous pirate “Fire Fist” Ace that they’re witnessing. Ace confirms Lafitte’s address and then notes that Blackbeard is a captain of his own crew now. Blackbeard responds that it’s been a while since they interacted, and teases Ace if he’s been looking for him. Ace responds to Blackbeard to cut his act and that there is only one reason for him to be here. In response, Blackbeard asks him to join his crew instead of fighting, claiming that he has the perfect plan to become the Pirate King while mentioning that Whitebeard’s days are numbered. Blackbeard further mentions that he plans to head to Water 7 to kill Luffy and present it as a gift to the World Government.

A surprised Ace then reveals to Blackbeard that he won’t let him kill his younger brother. Upon refusing to join Blackbeard’s crew, Auger shoots Ace with a bullet harmlessly piercing through his Mera Mera no Mi’s Logia Devil Fruit abilities. Ace smirks and comments that Blackbeard’s crew weren’t taught manners, to which Ace retaliates at Auger with Fire Gun. From behind, Burgess launches a hotel towards Ace to which he burns up with Flame Commandment Fire Pillar. The rubble lands near Blackbeard who yells at Auger and Burgess, warning them that they’re not strong enough to fight Ace by themselves. As Burgess apologizes, Ace launches Fire Fist at Blackbeard’s crew, managing to hit their captain. Engulfed in flames, Blackbeard rolls around in pain while his unscathed crew runs to his aid. As Auger fans the flames out, Ace walks towards them. Blackbeard dismisses his crew’s help and tells them to stand back. As Blackbeard recovers, he understands Ace’s intent to finish him, before admitting to the crime of murdering their former crew mate, fourth division commander Thatch.

Blackbeard reveals that he had no choice but to kill Thatch in order to obtain the Yami Yami no Mi, a Devil Fruit he’s been chasing after for decades and so the rule goes in Whitebeard’s ship: whoever finds a devil fruit can claim it as theirs to eat. Blackbeard emphasizes that he memorized the shapes and colors of many Devil Fruits until he recognized the Yami Yami no Mi sitting in Thatch’s hand. He further states that by lying low in Whitebeard’s crew, he would have the best shot at finding it someday. Blackbeard tells Ace to witness the power he gained, stating its power is unique among Logia types. With his right hand, Blackbeard forms a black pillar into the sky and tells Ace that just as he is made out of fire, his own body is made out of darkness. The townspeople catch sight of Blackbeard’s dark pillar, describing it as the weird black smoke from before. Seeing no other options, the townspeople run away in fear.

Blackbeard continues his fruit’s display, stating that it is said to be the most powerful of them all. He tells Ace to witness his power, and Ace urges him on. Meanwhile, Blackbeard’s crew is seen running away, with Burgess stating that their captain may kill them if they don’t get away in time. Doc Q falls over and is dragged away by Burgess and Auger. Stronger subsequently collapses behind them, and Burgess proceeds to yell at him for also falling down.

The pillar descends into Blackbeard’s position and then spreads out, engulfing the ground of the town. The remaining townspeople observe the darkness spreading further out, wondering if it’ll suck them up as well. More of them run away, as Blackbeard continues his speech about his power: darkness is like gravity, and it swallows everything around it. Ace acknowledges his claims, but mentions its not surrounding him. Blackbeard tells him this is intentional, as he wants him to see the power of the Yami Yami no Mi. Blackbeard uses Black Hole, which destroys and sucks up the entire town. The townspeople watch in fear as Blackbeard continues his speech, stating his power crushes and compresses everything his darkness touches. Moments later, the townspeople see the vast emptiness that is left of their town. With his left hand swallowing the remnants of the dark hole, he uses Liberation, and a black pillar forms out of his back and throws out everything the dark hole had just swallowed up and destroyed.

Blackbeard marvels at his power, stating that this was worth killing Thatch over before pausing to see green balls of light appear towards him, which is Ace’s Firefly Fiery Doll. Blackbeard is engulfed in flames and withers in pain, to which Ace comments that he understands his darkness power, but not at his sensitivity to pain. Ace states that as a Logia type, the flames should not hurt, let alone hit Blackbeard. Blackbeard’s power absorbs the flames and responds that his power absorbs everything around him including pain, stating that he is unable to simply turn into an element and dodge an attack. He claims the pain he then receives is much greater than what a normal human feels. Even so, he states the tradeoff is worth utilizing the power, stating that there is one more thing his power can swallow. With his left hand, he summons Black Vortex, which utilizes gravity to pull a Devil Fruit user into his grasp. Ace’s hat flies away as he is being pulled in, and comments that the power is indeed strong. Blackbeard appears before him, being able to grab Ace’s shoulder and both of them realize what had just happened. Blackbeard punches Ace and sends him flying towards the rubble, commenting that it must have been a while since the last time he was hurt like that. Blackbeard finally states that his power can even absorb Devil Fruit powers, so long as he is in contact with the user.

Wiping blood off his mouth, Ace states then all he has to do is avoid contact. Blackbeard reminds him that gravity is stronger than he thinks, and he summons Black Vortex. As Ace is pulled in, he uses St. Elmo’s Fire, sending two pillars of fire through Blackbeard. Blackbeard manages to grab Ace anyways and punches him away, before dealing with his new damage again. His power absorbs the fire pillars away, and Ace realizes that Blackbeard’s power will be more difficult to manage than he expected. Ace fires Cross Fire at Blackbeard and the impact falls a giant rock named Banana Rock which the townspeople observe. The townspeople fear that the ongoing combat may destroy their island in its entirety. Meanwhile, Auger and the rest of the crew are watching from afar, as he comments that unlike other users in combat, Ace isn’t handicapped to only utilizing his Logia abilities.

After some moments, both Blackbeard and Ace are seen in exhaustion, with Ace on his knees while Blackbeard stands tall. Blackbeard once more asks Ace to join his crew, stating that it would be a waste to finish him here. Ace struggles but stands up, stating that if he joined, he can never call himself a man again. Ace says no matter what happens, he won’t submit and live a life of regrets. Blackbeard dismisses his morals, stating that they’re meaningless if he is dead. Blackbeard understands that Ace won’t change his mind, and summons a black pillar towards him. In response, Ace summons a giant fireball at the tip of his finger, the Great Flame Commandment Flame Emperor. Blackbeard remarks that this is the sun facing against darkness and that only one can win. Ace responds that he will make Whitebeard the King, or he will die trying. The two charge at each other with their massive attacks and from afar, the island is seen with their attacks colliding in the center, before the scene shines away into a view of Ace’s hat lying on the ground. The narrator concludes that this clash would set off a chain of events that would change the world.

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