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"We Will Definitely Meet Again!! Brook and the Cape of the Promise " is the 354th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, and Zoro tell the rest of the crew how they got to meet Laboon as they started their new journey, while Brook reflects on his promise to return to Laboon amidst his duel with Ryuma. Luffy declares his intention to make Brook a part of their crew, and the Straw Hat Pirates prepare to counterattack the forces of Thriller Bark in order to reclaim what was stolen from them.

Long Summary

Franky hears of Luffy's meeting with Laboon and Sanji explains the events.

Chopper is quite surprised about how the whale swallowed the Straw Hats and the same Laboon that Brook is interested in. The group tells Chopper and the rest of how they also met Crocus inside the whale and the time Laboon waited for his friends to come back to him.

After Luffy's fight with Laboon and the departure for Whisky Peak, Sanji informs the rest of how Laboon is still waiting for his friends. Zoro learns that one of Laboon's old friends is Brook.

Meanwhile, Brook is trying to hold his own against Ryuma who has the same abilities as he does. Ryuma cuts the Humming Swordsman's afro and laughs. Brook stands up and tries to counterattack while thinking about Laboon. He felt he was not strong enough to face the Grand Line and all of Laboon's old friends would be dead by that time. Brook fears for Laboon's reaction to his skeletal appearance.

Brook also thinks back to when he met the baby Laboon out at sea and performed for him. Even at a disadvantage, Brook vows to meet Laboon again.

Back at the Thousand Sunny, Franky cries over the Laboon story. Luffy then becomes interested in Brook and seeks to get him into his crew as the musician. Sanji then becomes determined to stop Nami's marriage to Absalom and the crew prepares for the battle to take back their shadows.

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Anime Notes

  • A large portion of this episode is comprised of archive footage from Episode 62.
  • A pop-up gag appears during the "TO BE CONTINUED" screen. Usopp tries to chicken out of leaving the ship to go fight zombies again, but Sanji (in a mad furor to stop Absalom's shotgun wedding to Nami) angrily barks at him to follow the group.

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