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"Another Strong Enemy Appears! Broadaxe-Wielding Sentomaru" is the 403rd episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

The Straw Hat Pirates combine their strongest attacks to defeat the Pacifista, but are exhausted after the battle. Sentomaru arrives with another Pacifista, and attacks the crew. Luffy attempts to escape, dividing the Straw Hat Pirates into three groups. Unfortunately, Sentomaru intercepts his group, the Pacifista cuts off Sanji's group, and Kizaru attacks Zoro's group, knocking Zoro down and preparing to finish him off.

Long Summary

A Pacifista identifies Kid and Law and they dodge a blast. Law then sets up a room, but the robot fires a laser, forcing him to dodge. Then more marines arrive, surrounding the pirates. Jean Bart orders Bepo to help him fight the robot resembling Kuma and they dodge a lightning blast. Killer cuts the cyborg's leg. Kid then gathers metal objects and blocks a large blast then repels them, stopping the blast. Law then realizes something off about "Kuma".

Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates are at a disadvantage unable to scratch the cyborg resembling Kuma. Zoro moves forward and attempts an attack, but then, Chopper bombards a Blizzard Rose onto the robot. Franky then uses a Strong Hammer to deflect a blast and punches with Franky Boxing before being knocked back. Robin then uses a Spider Not to catch her friend. Brook climbs a tree and attempts to drop a Swallow Bond en Avant on the robot with no effect. Usopp then shoots an Atlas Comet, stunning the robot and the groups run off.

Suddenly, the robot falls down as explosives seem to have effect. Franky realizes the robot is modified, Nami tries to run but is marked until Robin uses a Shock to pound the robot. The navigator then charges and fired a Thunder Lance Tempo. It only makes the robot fire wildly.

Sanji then uses Diable Jambe and kicks a Flambe Shot, sending the robot towards Zoro who uses the Asura Nine Lightning Strikes. Luffy then uses Third Gear and the Gum-Gum Giant Rifle to give a final blow. The robot then shuts down.

Luffy shrinks from his usage of Third Gear yet again and the crew rests. Nami hopes the robot will not wake up. Robin insists on taking the marines one after another. Franky seems to think the Kuma-life robot was made with living tissue. Sanji wants to find a place to hide, but then, a voice calls out that they had some nerve.

Just then, Sentomaru jumps down with another Kuma-like figure. He then reveals the Kuma-like robots are Pacifistas and will likely be on report to Vegapunk. Sentomaru introduces himself as the strongest guard in the world who won't give out secrets.

PX-1 then releases a powerful explosive from its palms. Zoro wants to fight again but is too injured to do so. Luffy insists on splitting the crew up as there is no chance of victory.

Nami flees with Sanji following her along with Franky. The Pacifista then begins to fire on Usopp who latches onto Zoro. Brook also follows admiring the swordsman's selflessness. Luffy insists on a rendesvous in three days at the Thousand Sunny while Usopp shoots a smokescreen. The Pacifista breaks a bridge and corner's Nami's group.

Sentomuar faces Luffy and pushes him back easily. He then uses an Ashigara Dokkoi to blast him back hurting him badly. As Zoro's party flees, Kizaru intercepts and fires intense light at him. The admiral then stands above the exhausted Zoro holding him at his mercy declaring he would rest forever and prepares a powerful light on his leg.

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Anime Notes

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