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  • Air Date: 2009-10-04 (Funimation DVD:)
  • Opening: Share the World! (11th Opening)
  • TV Ranking, Rating:(???)
  • Manga Chapters: 524 pages 2, 3, 6 and 7.
  • FUNimation Title:The Nakama's Whereabouts
    Bridging the Islands and Vicious Vegetations!

Short Summary

This episode shows the whereabouts of Robin and Ussop. Robin is found unconscious in the snow by Soran and being hidden for the officers of her island, Tequila Wolf. Ussop is screaming if there is anybody on the island, which is alarming a beetle to where he is and chase him. Ussop is then saved from the beetle by a man with the name Heracles.

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