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"Movie-connected Special - The Amigo Pirate Crew's Vicious Assault" is the 428th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Largo uses his devil fruit power to create nets from his body and trap Zoro and SanjiBoss starts to molt and frees Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji from their nets. He then tries to turn himself in to protect the villagers but Luffy would not allow him to and he, along with Zoro and Sanji, prepared to do battle.

Long Summary

Largo reveals that he has eaten the Ami Ami no Mi, which gives him the ability to create nets from his body. Zoro and Sanji try to attack Largo, however, he manages to capture both of them with his powers, leaving the three main fighters of the Straw Hats trapped. Yoko desperately dashes towards Corto to attack him with a bamboo sword, and suddenly Boss appears and starts attacking the Amigo Pirates. Largo then eats a torch and creates a flaming net that stops the giant beetle in midair, meanwhile the other Amigo Pirates all shoot him with their guns, leaving him on the floor. Yoko approaches him and asks him he if his okay. He starts to get up again and flies towards the Amigo Pirates in order to let them take him, so the village would be spared. Various flashbacks of Boss and Yoko play. Largo creates a large iron net for Boss and he prepares to go into it, however Luffy punches him away, and says that he will not let him go with the Amigo Pirates, and that they have not yet had their battle. The villagers then realize that permitting Boss to sacrifice himself for the village was wrong and gather to start battling the Amigo Pirates. Boss's skin suddenly starts to shed, and he gets up with a new color and size. He then emits fire to free Luffy, Zoro and Sanji from the nets, however he starts to fall, since it was too soon for his skin to shed and for his transformation. Largo keeps him from falling using his nets and says he feels bad for the failed transformation and for the outcome of the situation, however Luffy says that it is not over yet and that they will not let the beetle's last breath be in vain, while they prepare for battle.

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