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"Magellan's Strength! Bon Kurei Flees Before His Enemy" is the 435th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Luffy begins fighting Magellan despite Bentham's warnings to flee, and finds that he is unable to go on the offensive because of Magellan's poisonous body and long-range poison attacks. Bentham considers helping him, but knows he would die if he even attempted to do so, and is unable to help, runs away from the battle. Mr. 3 and Buggy try to escape to higher levels, and while Hannyabal is willing to let them past to get Magellan in trouble, they do not believe him thinking its a trap, and attack him and his guards. Luffy decides to attack even if it means sacrificing himself to attack Magellan. Luffy enters Gear Second and uses Jet Bazooka on him, injuring Magellan and getting poisoned in the process.

Long Summary

Magellan begins to attack Luffy and Bentham. Luffy tries to fight back but Bentham does everything he can to make Luffy run away. Magellan then informs the two that they have blockaded the staircases to Level 5 and Level 3. The 3 remaining Jailer Beasts and Sadi guard the Level 5 entrance. Hannyabal and a group of guards guard Level 3's entrance. Magellan then uses his Hydra attack and sends Luffy and Bentham on the run (which Bentham insists on distracting the Warden disguised as Luffy, so the real Luffy could get away). The two split up and Magellan starts to pursue Luffy who has already breathed in some of the poison from Magellan's attack. Bentham starts to worry and begins to think of ways to help only to realize that he himself would get harmed. Magellan also tries to interrogate Luffy on how he snuck into the prison but Luffy refuses to say anything.

Meanwhile, Buggy and Galdino plot to go back to Level 3 since the Warden is busy with Luffy. They reach the gate and prepare to fight when Hannyabal offers the two to go to Level 3. This is only so he can use it to get Magellan fired as Warden and take his job. Both Buggy and Galdino believe it to be a trick and Buggy unleashes a Muggy Ball and Galdino uses his devil fruit powers to take down the guards and anger Hannyabal. The fight between Magellan and Luffy begins to favor towards Magellan which makes Luffy go into Gear Second and deliver a Jet Bazooka into Magellan's gut while being inflicted with his poison.

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Anime Notes

  • During the confrontation against Magellan, Bon Kurei tried to distract the warden by disguising himself as Luffy.

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