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"Paradise in Hell - Impel Down Level 5.5" is the 438th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Mr. 2 apologizes for abandoning Luffy and searches for Ivankov. Along the way, he is attacked by Army Wolves, but Luffy disables them with his Haki and a mysterious stranger named Inazuma saves the two of them. Elsewhere, Buggy and Mr. 3 attempt to escape from Level 5, Saldeath suppresses the riot on Level 2, Sadi searches for Mr. 2 on Level 3, Warden Magellan is in the bathroom with diarrhea, and Hannyabal is tied up in a storage room, having been tricked and taken by surprise by Mr. 2. Mr. 2 wakes up in "Level 5.5", a crossdressers' paradise where all the prisoners who have been "demoned away" and Emporio Ivankov are.

Long Summary

Bentham frees Luffy from his cell on Level 5 and together they set off in search of Emporio Ivankov, the miracle worker whom Bentham believes can cure Luffy's poisoning. Meanwhile, Buggy and Galdino attempt to escape from the wolves by enclosing themselves in a wax bunker, however the wolves prove too cunning for them and continue to hound the pair. After gaining dubious advice on Ivankov's location from another prisoner, Bentham heads into the forest dragging the unconscious Luffy behind him in a cart. They are then attacked by a pack of Wolves. Bon Kurei attempts to fight but is quickly overwhelmed. An angry outburst of Haki from Luffy takes down the wolves, but the two collapse unconscious in the snow. They are then approached by a mysterious man, clothed in bright orange and white.

Back on Level 4, Hannyabal regrets being tricked by Bentham who had assumed Nami's form, as he dangles bound and gagged helplessly from the ceiling of a nearby storeroom.

Bentham awakes to find himself not in a frozen wasteland, but at a lively party populated by a variety of colorful okamas. Bewildered, he is approached by a woman dressed in the same orange and white as the man who saved them from the cold. The woman introduces herself as Inazuma and tells Bentham that all his questions will be shortly answered. Suddenly a show starts, on the nearby stage a large man dressed in skimpy feminine clothes and sporting a large purple afro welcomes Bentham to the paradise of Level 5.5, The New Kama Land. He reveals that they are in a sanctuary for escaped prisoners, unknown to the prison staff. As the show livens up, Bentham realizes that this man is none other than the former Queen of the Kamabakka Kingdom, the miracle worker he had been searching for, Emporio Ivankov.

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