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"Luffy Revives! Iva-san's Jailbreak Plan Begins!!" is the 441st episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

As Luffy is finally revived, he is informed by Emporio Ivankov about Iva's background. It is also stated that Ivankov is a leader of the Revolutionary Army with Luffy's father, Monkey D. Dragon. Meanwhile, Inazuma makes clothes for Luffy, and gives back his Straw hat. Meanwhile, at Level 6, Ace is taken into custody to be sent to Marineford, where his execution shall be. Back at Level 5.5, Luffy, Ivankov and Inazuma leave and enter level 5. While they fight back the Wolf Unit attacking them, they make their way to the entrance to level 6. As they run down the stairs, they are attacked by guards and traps.

Long Summary

While Luffy is being cheered on by the crowd, Mr. 2 faints. The reason why is not because of his wounds but the way he cheered Luffy on while he was screaming. Later on, Emporio Ivankov discovers that Bon Kurei came to rescue him, but declares it is not the proper time to break out yet since the Revolutionary, Monkey D. Dragon, has not made his move yet.

Luffy tells Iva-chan that Dragon is his father. After Ivankov give his speech, he finally realizes that Luffy just said that he is the son of the Revolutionary. He is thrown back by surprise. Then he asks where Luffy is from. Luffy replies by saying that he is from East Blue. Ivankov gasps and remembers how Dragon always used to face the east direction wherever they were. He then infers that if Luffy is Dragon's son then so is Portgas D. Ace.

Ivankov then declares that he is a friend of Dragon and that is the reason why he was arrested. He will support Luffy whether he likes it or not because he cannot see his friend's own son die in front of him. After Luffy faints, Ivankov injects Energy Hormones into Luffy with his Horu Horu no Mi ability. Later on, Luffy, Ivankov and Inazuma are seen running across level 5 and entering level 6.

Meanwhile, Magellan takes Ace to Marineford, where his execution shall be held. Also, outside Impel Down the Marine Vice Admiral Onigumo is waiting outside for Ace and Magellan. At the end it is declared that only 6 hours are left until Ace's execution.

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