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"The Extermination Operation Begins - The Might of the Pacifista Army" is the 471st episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

The Pacifista enter Marineford as part of Sengoku's plan to win the war against Whitebeard. It appears that part of Sengoku's plan failed as all the pirates were to be inside the bay but Sengoku gives the order to attack all the pirates allied with Whitebeard outside the bay first. The Pacifista are then activated and destroy most of the allied pirates. Sengoku then goes on to say that the encircling walls should be activated once all video feeds are cut. However, the prisoners of Impel Down have captured one of the Den Den Mushi so that they could advertise their 'savior' captain Buggy. Mihawk's battle with Vista is coming to a hasty conclusion and Luffy briefly encounters an admiral. Izou, Whitebeard Pirates' 16th Division captain, saves a seemingly doomed Luffy from an attacking Marine and urges him forward. The episode ends as captain Squard, of an allied crew, betrays Whitebeard and stabs him in the chest with a sword.

Long Summary

Sengoku orders the Pacifistas just to attack Whitebeard's allies. The battle had been postponed so that they will not be trapped in the Encirclement Operation of Pacifistas.

Luffy is charging toward Ace but was intercepted by Admiral Kizaru. He then tells Luffy about the World Nobles wishing for Luffy's death and then he kicks him with a lightspeed kick. Luffy was caught by Jinbe. Thanks to the Whitebeard commander's support, Luffy was able to move forward.

Sengoku orders that all video being broadcast to Sabaody Archipelago be cut off, but the last Visual Den Den Mushi cannot be found. It turns out that it is held by Buggy and many Impel Down prisoners. They are trying to make Buggy famous. Squard was seen with Whitebeard. He tells him that the Pacifistas are overpowering his allies. Then Whitebeard tells him that he knows Sengoku for a long time. Squard gets angry and tells him that they are all part of Whitebeard's family. He then stabbed Whitebeard in his chest.

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Anime Notes

  • Vista did not name any of his attacks during his fight with Mihawk in the manga, but in this episode he uses one named attack.

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