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"Akainu's Tenacity! The Fist of Magma Attacks Luffy" is the 487th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Blackbeard expresses his desire to sink Marineford into the ocean after destroying the fortress, but Sengoku attacks him, saying that the island is a symbol of justice in the world. The Marines continue to pursue and kill the retreating Whitebeard Pirates, and Koby begins hearing the combatants' voices in his head. Akainu defeats Inazuma and Ivankov, then chases down Jinbe and punches through his chest, severely injuring both him and Luffy. The two fall to the ice below, but Crocodile attacks Akainu and launches Luffy into the air, where Buggy catches him. Crocodile and Whitebeard's division commanders fight Akainu to cover Luffy's escape. Just as Buggy desperately tries to escape, Trafalgar Law arrives in his submarine. Law says that Luffy will become his enemy one day, but as that is a worthwhile relationship, he will give him medical treatment.

Long Summary

Blackbeard declared he will destroy all of Marineford as the disheartened marines watched him, frightened and worried. When suddenly Sengoku blasted Blackbeard and his crew with a shock wave from his palm, and delivered a rousing speech to raise the marines' spirits again. The Marines attacked the Whitebeard pirates that were left behind, and Koby is confused about the Justice of killing pirates after the Marines have clearly won the war.

Meanwhile, Akainu relentlessly continued to pursue Luffy and Jinbe, harming both severely in the process. Before both are killed, Crocodile interfered, as did the other Whitebeard Commanders and pirates. Buggy caught the thrown Jinbe and Luffy unsure of where to go and what to do, when Trafalgar Law arrived at the scene saying to bring Luffy to him, as he is a doctor.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime Notes

  • When Aokiji was shown to have frozen the sea again, he did not apologize sarcastically to Jinbe as in the manga.
  • The following is filler to stretch one chapter into 20 minutes of animation:
    • Blackbeard taunted the Marines.
    • Sengoku's speech of justice was longer.
    • Kizaru appeared to attack some fleeing pirates.
    • Onigumo gave a speech of destroying evil to the other Marines.
    • Koby's tormenting Haki visions were longer.
    • The fight with Ivankov and Akainu from the last episode was extended.
    • The scene where Akainu attacked Jinbe and Luffy was extended along with exchange in dialogue.
    • The conversation between Akainu and the Whitebeard Commanders and Crocodile was extended.
    • A new scene of the Heart Pirates approaching Marineford was shown.
  • A sponsor is listed before the next time segment of this episode.

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