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"Enter Sabo! The Boy From Gray Terminal" is the 494th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Luffy discovers the end of the forest is a slum dumpster named Gray Terminal, a lawless area full of homeless people searching for valuables thrown out by the town's people. While Luffy searches for Ace, Ace attacks two men carrying treasure and robs them. Luffy then sees Ace running towards the forest to meet Sabo and follows after him. He ends up discovering their secret stash, much to the two older boys' panic. They end up tying Luffy to a tree and decide to kill him (though neither have killed before and do not know where to start). After listening to their conversation Luffy starts screaming, which gives up their location to Porchemy who was looking for the ones who stole his crew's loot. Ace, Sabo and Luffy hide behind the bushes, but Luffy is immediately captured. When Luffy is asked where the money and valuables are, he tries to lie unconvincingly. Porchemy plans to beat Luffy into telling him and they return to their hideout. Meanwhile Ace and Sabo move the treasure, as they believe Luffy will tell everything to Porchemy in time. But Luffy denies any knowledge and continues to be tortured by Porchemy. Soon Sabo figures out that Luffy will not ever tell Porchemy. And so he and Ace run to rescue Luffy.

Long Summary

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Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime Notes

  • The scene with Luffy exploring the Gray Terminal is extended, along with scenes showing its residents treasure hunting through trash.
  • Scenes with Ace robbing Bluejam's men is shown.
  • When one of Porchemy's subordinates begged him to have mercy on Luffy, instead of punching him with the spiked gloves like in the manga, Porchemy kicked him.

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