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"To the East Blue - Sanji's Resolute Departure" is the 804th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

The terrible history of Sanji's family continues to unfold. With Reiju's help, he is able to escape. His father discovers him outside of his cell but allows him to leave. Sanji goes to the Orbit, leaving the Germa Kingdom behind.

Long Summary

Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reijiu continues their training by combat against Germa 66 soliders. A scientist along with Vinsmoke Judge says that they are developing very fast, describing them as real superhumans. As the Vinsmoke siblings took down the appointed soldiers for training, Judge called them and congratulated them for doing well.

Meanwhile, Sanji has been imprisoned by six months. The cooks there have been wondering since they were making fancy meals every day, but had no idea where it goes to and was reprimanded by an old cook not to be nosy about it.

A Germa guard delivered food to Sanji and loosens his iron mask for him to be able to eat. As he was eating, a rat came and seems to be hungry and Sanji offers him a portion of a beef steak. The rat expresses excitement as it eats but then Sanji remembers his father scolding him about a royalty mustn't serve anyone and not to follow her mother's legacy as she is dead.

Sanji recalls when he was in the kitchen and got his fingers cut and spill a bit of blood. The old cook there asks him if he was alright and says to him that they were told by the King not to allow him go to to the kitchen. Sanji begs the old cook to let him stay.

As he finishes organizing the food, he went outside even with the rainy weather. As he was walking, a Germa guard ask him that why is he going by himself, and answers him that he'll go see his mom. However, the Germa guard replies that the weather is bad and the medical ward is too far, but Sanji in return says that he can make it. Just when Sanji continued walking, he noted that to don't tell it to his father as he slips because of the slippery floor.

In the middle of his walk through the medical ward, a dog blocks his way and seems to aim for the Sanji's food. He manages to drive it away and makes it to the medical ward as she was seen by a maid through the window. Sanji paused the maid goes out and brings him in.

There, Sanji presented the food to the maid and seems to be already too damaged because of the incidents earlier. The maid says that they don't want to let the queen have stomach trouble. Even so, the maid halfheartedly says that maybe it tastes good and gives it an attempt, only to shriek in disgust.

Sanji came into his mother's room along with the maid delivering food, saying that it's from Sanji. Sanji's mother asks him if he made it for her and agrees but with his fingers fidgeting. The queen exclaims at Eponi, saying not to be presumptuous and bring what Sanji really made for her. Eponi replies that she already threw it into a trash can because it was damaged on his way to the medical ward but the queen retorts as it was obviously a lie. The maid delivers it and Sanji apologizes to his mother saying that he tripped on his way and got it wet in the rain. His mother gives it a try and says it was good. She asks if he can cook again for her and Sanji agrees in joy. However, she passed away.

Back in his cell, Sanji requested a cookbook and some cooking utensils, and while he practiced cooking, he read something in his book about the All Blue. Later, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji discovered Sanji and entered his cage to beat him up, and Reiju stood nearby. After their brothers had left, she tended to Sanji's wounds, though she said she was not on his side as she did not want to be targeted as well. Reiju said that the modifications made to their bodies had made her brothers incapable of empathy, though they had not affected her in the same way. She then revealed to Sanji that they were about to traverse the Red Line to go to the East Blue and fight some wars there. Sanji was thrown into the wall as the ships comprising the Germa Kingdom split apart and climbed up the Red Line, and as his brothers laid in wait, Sanji revealed to Reiju that he wanted to become a chef, and a shocked Reiju told him to stop telling her things like that.

In the East Blue, the people of Cozia noticed Germa 66's presence and attacked them as Judge continued his troops' onslaught. Sanji asked Reiju if he would have to be around his father if he ran away into the East Blue, and Reiju told him to stand back as she bent the bars of his cell. She then ran off, reminding Sanji that he would get only one chance to escape. As Germa 66 began their invasion of Cozia, Sanji looked for the key to free him from his iron mask, but he was caught by Judge. Sanji pulled out a dagger as he told his father that no one would stop him from leaving. Judge expressed his disappointment at Sanji's insubordinate behavior and told him that since he was now a commoner, he would be sure to die out in the world. However, Judge then stated that he was happy to hear this, since his humanity had prevented him from killing Sanji but Sanji leaving now would fulfill his wish to eliminate his weak son. Judge then requested to Sanji that he should never identify himself as his offspring, since he was the one thing he was ashamed of. This caused Sanji to start bawling. Outside, the Germa 66 soldiers turned their attention to a cruise ship at the port, but left it alone due to it not being related to their mission. Having removed his iron mask, Sanji and Reiju stand outside, with Reiju telling Sanji to get on a ship and abandon his old life, saying that one day he would meet people who would treat him the way he deserved to be treated. She finally told him to not look back as he ran toward the ship in tears.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime Notes

  • The anime adds the following:
    • Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju are all shown sparring with Germa Soldiers. In the manga, only Ichiji was shown fighting one Germa grunt.
    • While eating his meal in the dungeon, Sanji is visited by a rat, which Sanji gives some of his food to.
    • A scene of Sanji sitting in front of his mother's grave, mourning her death.
    • A scene of the Germa Kingdom descending the Red Line when reaching the East Blue is also added.
    • More scenes of Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji bullying Sanji in the dungeon.
    • After Reiju frees Sanji from his cell, the two are shown running out of the dungeon together and Reiju informs Sanji where to find the key to his mask.
    • The beating Sanji receives from his brothers in the Germa soldier depot is shown.
  • In the manga, Sanji was shown eating a meal while his siblings were having their sparring session. In the anime, Sanji eats his meal after the sparring session ends.
  • While the chefs are wondering where a Germa soldier is carrying a fancy meal to, their conversation is not as long as in the manga.
  • Sora's grave appears differently in the anime.
  • There is no "Introduction" by the narrator in this episode. After the opening, the recap starts immediately.

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