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"The Holy Land in Tumult - The Targeted Princess Shirahoshi!" is the 886th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

After seeing the Empty Throne, Sterry desires to sit on it.

Meanwhile, Charlos attempts to take Shirahoshi by force with CP0 protecting him. Neptune prepares to attack Charlos until Donquixote Mjosgard intervenes and knocks out Charlos.

Long Summary

The episode starts with the Neptune Family arriving at Mariejois on the wishes of late queen Otohime.

Another scene shows King Sterry of the Goa Kingdom coming into the Pangaea Castle. He was enamored by the grandiosity of the Empty Throne and wishes to sit on it but his efforts were thwarted by a priest who explains the significance of the throne. This does not stop Sterry's desire to sit on the throne.

In another scene, Shirahoshi was being captured by a slave orders of World Noble Charlos. Fukaboshi attempts to intervened but was stopped by King Neptune who views it too risky to counter the actions of the world nobles. Vivi decides to intervened but was held back by others. Rebecca does the same but was also held back by Sai who tells her that it's too risky to attack a World Noble. Charlos' slave smashed Shirahoshi on the ground in an attempt to subdue her, only to have the spectators more horrified. After subduing Shirahoshi, Charlos announced that he will make Shirahoshi his pet. Leo rushes out to save Shirahoshi while Sai attempts to stop him. With all his efforts lost, he decided to join Leo on the attack, only for both to be stopped by Rob Lucci. Lucci and Kaku tells both of them at countless nations were saved by the wrath of the world nobles due to their efforts.

In another scene, Wapol was seen appreciating the World Government while insulting all the pirates that exist. A flashback of the Straw Hats fighting at Enies Lobby to rescue Robin was played.

Rob Lucci starts talking about how the world nobles are sacred like gods due to their impact on the world, thus having more rights. He adds on that if a god wants something, one must give it to them. Vivi protests that this isn't fair and makes no sense, only to be told that not everything has to make sense. Vivi later goes to grab Lucci. This move inspired Neptune to attack the world nobles. Vivi runs and protects Charlos as she knew the consequences of attacking the world nobles. Neptune says sorry to Otohime's words and decides to provoke war with humans. Suddenly, Mjosgard appears and strucks Charlos with a spiked club. Mjosgard announces to everyone that he was ashamed by the actions of his fellow world nobles and asks for forgiveness. Wapol questions if Mjosgard is a world noble. Mjosgard tells Charlos' slave to leave Shirahoshi alone. He kneels down towards Neptune and tells him about how he was indebted to the Ryugu Kingdom. He recounts the story of when he was trapped him the Ryugu kingdom. When he provoked the Fish-men to return him back to Mariejois, the fish-men fired upon him to shoot him. Otohime rushed and blocked the bullets from hitting him. Otohime tells the fish-men to drop their guns. The fish-men question her actions but she explains that while she knows their resentment towards humans, being resentful towards humans does no good. Otohime wishes to establish better relationships with humans. After telling the story, Mjosgard says that he decided to be a decent human due to this action and was willing to protect anyone in danger. He tells Lucci, Kaku, Stussy, and the other Cipher Pol personnel to leave. Mjosgard tells Neptune that he is admired to meet him.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime Notes

  • The anime adds the following:
  • In the manga, Mansherry rushed to Leo's side after Lucci threw him to the ground. In the anime, it is Kabu instead.
  • In the manga, Charlos did notice Mjosgard before the latter struck him in the face. This however is not shown in the anime.
  • This episode gives a recap of CP9 and the Straw Hats' declaration of war against the World Government at Enies Lobby and also recaps some of the events of the fish-men's past from the Fish-Man Island Arc.
  • In the manga, the club Mjosgard used on Charlos had sharp spikes. In the anime, they became flat, round spikes.

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