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"The Strongest Man - Shutenmaru, the Bandits Brigade Chief!" is the 912th episode of the One Piece anime

Short Summary

While Usopp is looking for allies in Wano Country, Shutenmaru and the Mt. Atama Thieves plunder Okobore Town. Jack suddenly arrives at Okobore Town and confronts Shutenmaru. Shutenmaru and Jack quickly get into a fight, but are interrupted when Kaidou flies in his dragon form.

Long Summary

The episode begins in the Flower Capital, where Usopp is walking down the street, and recognizes the marking of the moon on a man’s ankle, symbolizing the rebellion movement to take down Kaidou and Kurozumi Ochi. He gives the man a paper with the symbol of two birds on fire, a pit viper, and a reversed crescent moon,representing the time of the staged rebellion and rendezvous point: “On the night of the Fire Festival. Twilight- the second hour of the bird. At Habu Port.” It was revealed in the previous episode(911) that the second hour of the bird means 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM on clocks oversee. Usopp does this while pretending to be the man’s friend to deflect suspicion. The next scene is Usopp meeting with all the other straw hats who are undercover in Wano. Robin reveals that she may soon be summoned to preform in front of Orochi if things continue to go well. Franky says that he has yet to get the blueprints for Kaidou’s mansion because the master carpenter is tricky. Usopp informs the others that he gave a flyer to a man with the mark of the inverse moon. He also reveals that he has good news: the name of the said to be the strongest man in the world alive today: The chief of the Atamayama Thieves Brigade: Shutenmaru. Meanwhile, the other straw hats along with Law, and samurai, Sanji asks Kin’e mon, Why do they seek Ashura Doji(the chief of the Atamayama Thieves Brigade as their ally if Oden brought him down). Kin’e mon reveals that Ashura Doji mended his ways after being defeated, and pledge loyalty to Oden. However, the samurai have recently learned that he is now under the name of Shutenmaru, and became chief of the Atamayama Thieves Brigade, and is doing wrong once more. When Luffy asks the samurai if Shutenmaru is strong, they admit that he is the strongest of all samurai, and as an ally, there is no one better than him. Luff than stands up from his seat and agrees. Meanwhile, at Okobre town, where Luffy and Zoro recently left the treasure ship, containing food from the flower capital meant for the beast pirates, the villagers are celebrating the food and supplies, when the Atamayama Thieves Brigade show up, along with Shentenmaru. The brigade then steals all the food from the villagers. Shentenmaru asks the villagers where they got the food, and raves on about how there is no future for the land of Wano, all while an old lady sits in the middle of the village continuing to pray, even when Shentenmaru points his sword at her and other villagers cry’s for her to round. The lady finally says that she believes in Otoki’s words and is sure the nine samurai will fulfill Odens’s wish, all as Shetenmaru refutes her claims. Then, out of nowhere, Jack the Drought enters, killing most of the Brigade. Jack seeks to hear about the whereabouts of the Straw hat pirates, and claims that the only reason Shetenmaru is alive is because Kaidou wants him as a subordinate. Shetenmaru responds by attacking Jack.

After the break, we see Kaidou in his lair drinking. Kaidou’s subordinates express the worries that he has been drinking too much and fear what may soon occurs. Kaidou, raving about have everything occurring in Wano is unacceptable, then kills one of his subordinates and tells the other one to “bring them to him” before killing him. We then return to the fight where Shetenmaru was able to cut Jack’s blades in half with one cut, in addition to leaving a deep gash in Jacks chest. Shetenmaru tells Jack to not mess with samurais after the move, as Jack becomes even more enraged. The two then engage in an intense battle. The villagers and the subordinates both express great fear at the two fighting.We can see these fears proven as the village and people alike both get hurt. Jack is able to land two cuts on Shetenmaru pushing him onto the ground and unleashes a series of quick attacks on the helpless Shetenmaru. As he is being cut, Shetenmaru says that ever since Oden’s death, he been looking for a way to die. Shetenmaru suddenly stands up and cut’s through a huge slash attack by Jack and than cuts Jacks chest once more, and says he should have died. We then return to the Kaidou, surrounded by the corpses of his subordinates, and says living is a pain and begins to scream and starts to change into a blue dragon due to the powers of a yet-to-be-name devil fruit. We return once again to the fight between Jack and Shetenmaru. The sky above Wano suddenly becomes dark with black clouds and purple lighting. Kaidou’s subordinates express their fear, foreshadowing that Kaidou has come, in person, to the land of Wano. Wind and clouds begin to blow everywhere as the weather continues to worsen, and reveals a dragon within. Allies of the samurai pirate mink alliance express their worries. Kaidou then emerges from the clouds and tells Jack to bring the “brats” to him now. Law reveals to his allies that the dragon is indeed Kaidou. The episode ends with Kaidou turning his gaze in the direction of Luffy.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime Notes

  • The anime adds the following:
    • Usopp talking to a supporter of the Kozuki Family and pretending to be acquainted with him while delivering Kin'emon's secret message.
    • Usopp secretly meeting Robin and Franky and telling them about Shutenmaru.
    • Luffy's group standing outside Oden Castle paying respects to the Kozuki Family's graves and Shinobu trying to charm Sanji.
    • Sanji asking why Ashura is considered an ally if he and Oden fought before.
      • The anime shows that Kin'emon and Kiku had been aware of Ashura being Shutenmaru.
    • Kaidou transforming into his dragon form and leaving Onigashima is shown.
    • While fighting Jack, Ashura remembers the allies he had gathered going to Onigashima.
  • The fight between Shutenmaru and Jack is extended.
    • The anime shows that Jack gives Shutenmaru several wounds.
    • In the anime, Shutenmaru slices Jack twice while he only struck Jack once in the manga.
  • In the manga, Luffy's group were inside Oden Castle when Kaidou arrives at Kuri. In the anime, they are outside.

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