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"The Capital in an Uproar! Another Assassin Targets Sanji" is the 924th episode of the One Piece anime

Short Summary

As the Big Mom Pirates approach Wano Country, Kaidou's subordinates try to get rid of them. Meanwhile, in the Flower Capital, another member of the Beasts Pirates, Page One, attacks every soba restaurant in the city in search for Sanji.

Long Summary

The episode starts out in Orochi's palace as he announces the Fire Festival. Meanwhile, Onigashima guns shoot at Big Mom's ships, unable to hit them.

Kaidou announces that he would kill Big Mom.

Meanwhile, Queen's advisors are surprised that Big Mom had broken through the 3rd defense line.

The episode later alternates between the scenes of Orochi, Big Mom, Kaidou, and Queen.

Luffy lies on the floor of his prison cell in the Udon Mines, having flashbacks with his fight with Kaidou. Raizo appears and announces that Otama is recovering. Luffy is delighted to hear the news. Then, a prison guard walks by. Upon knowing this, Raizo promises to Luffy that he will be back.

Big Mom and her children has broken through the 7th defense line. Queen tells his men to defeat Big Mom at all cost. Big Mom fires an Ikokku sovereignty and destroys Queen's camera. Queen opens another camera and is shocked that Big Mom had reached the final defense line and is climbing up the Onigashima Falls. Queen is enraged at his subordinate's performance and demands to send more men to the top of the falls to stop Big Mom. Queen's advisors say that Big Mom's forces are too powerful. Then, Kaidou tells everyone not to panic. He later curses about Big Mom and plans to go on full out war on her. King is sent to stop Big Mom at the falls. When Big Mom almost reaches the top of the falls, King dives towards Big Mom. Big Mom recognizes him. Perospero commands Galette to fire machine gun bullets at him. King is overwhelmed by the bullets and retreats. Perospero recounts how pathetic he is. Big Mom finally reaches the top of the waterfall and announce that she will kill Luffy. Suddenly, King attacks again and smashes Big Mom's ship into the water. Big Mom and her children all fall into the water. While the soldiers cheered King for his actions, Queen rants about how King is just flying around looking for attention.

A soba store owner in the Flower Capital is cleaning his table. He later feels and hears shockwaves from a monster nearby. Later, the monster turned out to be Page One as he destroys the soba store. Page One asks the store owner for Sangoro's location. The store owner tells Page One that he doesn't know about Sangoro. Page One tells him to call for Sangoro.

Meanwhile, Franky and Usopp are running in an alley. Usopp tells Franky to run more quickly to which Franky replies that there's no need to since Page One is only targeting Sangoro. Usopp tells Franky that he also attacked a Kyoshiro family member alongside Sanji, to which Franky replies that he couldn't help it. Usopp also tells Franky that the Kyoshiro family is linked to Orochi. Usopp later sees a silhouette of two men and is frightened, thinking they are enemies. They turn out to be Law and Sanji. Law tells Usopp, Franky, and Sanji to get out of the Flower Capital. Law recounts on the severity of the situation. He tells the group that if one member gets caught, the identities of all the members in the plan will be revealed. Sanji is then scared that Nami and Robin are going to be captured. Law tells the group that if one of the members get caught, that they should sacrifice their lives instead of spoiling the whole plan. Usopp later criticizes Law for being cruel and that Luffy would never do such a thing, to which Law replies that he is more practical. Franky later presses his nose to cover his face with hair, making him facially unrecognizable. Law tells the group to avoid action. Usopp yells at Law, telling him to stop acting like his captain. He later says that if he gets caught, he will spill all the secrets to get away. Sanji yells at Usopp and tells him that if he gets caught, he will save him. The group later sights Page One a few blocks away destroying a soba store. Page One casually eats soba from a pot. Two store owner couples tell Page One that while they serve soba, they have no connections to Sangoro. The female store owner tells Page One that they couldn't survive without their soba store. Page One tells him that this is all the fault of Sangoro. Page One tells the couple to call for Sangoro's name or else he will eat them. They did as he demanded. Sanji later hears the sounds of a woman crying and stops. Law tells Sanji to escape, but Sanji had different intentions as he ran to confront Page One. Page One is seen asking another female soba store owner about where Sangoro is. Sanji later runs and kicks Page One, knocking him down. Page One sends messages for allies. Law tells Sanji that if Hawkins and Drake arrive, they would be doomed. Sanji casually says he knows. Sanji later pulls out a raid suit can.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime Notes

The sparkling "To Be Continued" end screen.

  • This episode's "To Be Continued" end screen sparkles and vanishes.
  • The anime adds the following:
    • Luffy learning from Raizo that Tama is alright.
    • Scenes of the Big Mom Pirates breaching the Beasts Pirates' defense lines.
    • Queen watching the Big Mom Pirates on a monitor and issuing orders.
    • King leaving Onigashima to deal with the Big Mom Pirates and transforming into his Zoan form are shown.
    • The Big Mom Pirates notice King before reaching the top of the waterfall and Galette tries to shoot him down.
    • When King intervened, it is shown that Big Mom was standing on one of the giant carp before she slipped and fell into the whirlpool.
    • A scene of Usopp and Franky running into Sanji and Law.
    • Franky donning a new hairstyle to hide his face.
    • Page One smashes a hole through a soba shop and peers through looking for Sanji.
  • In the manga, Kaidou asks about Big Mom's crew and lashes out at his subordinates about the threat of an all-out war. In the anime, he remains more composed and seems prepared for war. His remark about war is also met with cheers from his subordinates.
  • The anime shows that Sanji uses Diable Jamble to kick Page One down, while he used a normal kick in the manga.

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