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"All-Star! Queen the Plague Appears!" is the 930th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

Luffy kicks Daifugo to defend Hyogoro and then fights the guards until Babanuki fires a cannonball at him. Raizo manages to steal some keys from the Prisoner Mines executive tower. As Queen arrives at the Prisoner Mines, Luffy attempts to escape with Hyogoro.

Long Summary[edit | edit source]

Raizo disguised as one of the members of the Beast Pirates enters the executive tower in the excavation labor camp in Udon and gives some fake sea prism handcuff keys to the guard to keep in the sea prism stone box.  While the guard opens the box, he raises suspicion about not seeing Raizo before, after which Raizo steals the real keys to the sea prism stone handcuffs. He knocks out many guards, one of whom has eaten a crab devil fruit and can only walk sideways, so Raizo using his Ninpo: Flower Shuriken technique pins his clothes to the wall and runs away.

Meanwhile in the prisoner mines, Daifugo beats up Hyogoro asking him who has given him so many tickets, but Hyogoro refuses to answer and provokes Daifugo. Luffy then kicks Daifugo to protect Hyogoro, which knocks him out. The guards proceed to cheer for Daifugo to kill Luffy. Solitaire learns about the stolen keys and gets angry at the guards, while Raizo continues to evade them on his way to Luffy. Later, Queen comes to Udon for his performance and hears noises from the guards' struggles inside.

Luffy begins to get exhausted because of sea prism stone handcuffs, and the prisoners express sympathy towards Luffy and Hyogoro.  Daifugo regains consciousness, and is surprised to see a weakened Luffy still taking out guards.  Babanuki then enters the scene, acknowledging Luffy's willpower to 'defy the laws of physics'.  Luffy directs his attacks at Babanuki, but Babanuki manages to hit Luffy with his cannon. Before the fight is able to continue, a guard enters to inform Babanuki that Queen has arrived for his performance.

Babanuki leaves Luffy and goes to see Queen's performance while Luffy is panting on the ground.  Queen is presently unaware of Komurasaki's death and is holding her photo, admiring her beauty, going so far as to say that she is too good for Orochi.  The distracted Queen then remembers about his performance and heads to the stage.  Before the show begins, two guards are seen debating whether or not to tell him about Komurasaki's death. Queen then does his performance.  In the meantime Luffy asks Hyogoro to climb on his back so that they can escape.  After Queen's performance he sits on his chair and asks Babanuki to rank the three things that are currently troubling him the most.  Babanuki tells him that the third most troubling thing is that Eustass Kid escaped, which makes Queen so surprised that his eyes pop out. The second most troubling thing is that the key to the sea prism stone handcuffs have been stolen, which illicits a similar response.   Finally, Babanuki's most troubling piece of news is that Luffy is on the run, which makes Queen extremely shocked and he orders his men to chase him.  While this is happening, Luffy is climbing the wall of the Udon prison mine attempting to escape with Hyogoro on his back. 

Characters in Order of Appearance[edit | edit source]

Anime Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The anime adds the following:
    • Raizo stealing the keys from the Prisoner Mines executive tower is shown.
    • When Luffy is kicking Daifugo, the latter tries to strike with the stinger on his helmet but misses, enabling Luffy to land the blow.
    • While evading his pursuers, Raizo throws spikes on the floor to slow them down.
    • Luffy fighting with the guards before Babanuki intervenes.
    • Luffy trying to climb out of the Prisoner Mines with Hyogoro.
  • When the crab Gifter was speaking to Solitaire in the manga, there were two other Beasts Pirates beside him. In the anime, the crab Gifter speaks to Solitaire alone.

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