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"Its Name is Enma! Oden's Great Swords!" is the 954th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Hiyori meets up with Kawamatsu and asks him about where he had been. He reveals the tradition of 'Eternal Graves' and that from 13 years ago, he had been stealing weapons from these graves, with Onimaru, for the war against Beasts Pirates when he builds the reputation of Gyukimaru. In the process of stealing food in that same year, he gets captured. Both catch up to Zoro, finding more than anticipated number of weapons. Hiyori offers Zoro the famed blade Enma, so that he could give back the sword Shusui to Wano

Long Summary

Hiyori is glad to see Kawamatsu alive. Kawamatsu is grateful that Hiyori still cares about him. Six members of the Beasts Pirates arrive on the scene. Kawamatsu tells Hiyori to step back. Kawamatsu says that Kaidou is still hunting for the remnants of Kozuki Family. Beast Pirates notice their comrades to be beaten and try to attack Kawamatsu and Hiyori with guns. Kawamatsu uses Kappa-ryu: Yorikiri to defeat all of the enemies. Hiyori worries if he got hurt in the process to which he laughs and says that he's all right. Since more of the enemies might come there, he proposes to get away from this place. Kawamatsu, then, offers her a back ride as it is hard to walk around there. She replies, while pouting, that she isn't a child anymore to which he says that adults do not get pouty.

As they are walking away, they talk about their memories. Hiyori asks Kawamatsu why is he here. Kawamtsu starts answering by saying, after she had disappeared, he made his way there on mundane business. Just like the neighboring region Hakumai, the northern region of Ringo was governed by the [[Shimotsuki Family]|Shimotsuki Clan] that was famous for their toughness. The Diamyo's name was Shimotsuki Ushimaru. He was a master swordsman who was always seen with a company of a fox. However, as with the fate of other regions, Ringo was destroyed by Kaidou.

Kawamatsu then asks Hiyori if she knows about Ringo's tradition of 'Eternal Graves'. She knows that corpses are placed in caskets and they don't decompose for centuries due to the cold. Kawamatsu remarks that she is right and adds that the grave markers are supposed to be swords. People in Ringo are given swords when they are born, which they will keep till their death. When they die, their swords become grave markers such that they will be with their swords for eternity. This is the reason why they are called Eternal Graves. But because some of them are known as great swords, the threat of grave robbing is a problem. This is the condition of Ringo.

Thirteen years ago, Kawamatsu was determined to die in this region by cutting open his belly. But just as he is about to thrust his sword into him, he hears some noise, which was produced by the fox comapanion of late Shimotsuki Ushimaru, named Onimaru, as he was defending weapons from Beast Pirates. Onimaru had been fighting by himself against grave robbers who wanted to steal from the graves for more than 5 years. Kawamatsu finds him to be injured and then he falls unconscious. Kawamtsu offers him some some fried tofu, as it is said that foxes like them. But, Onimaru finds that Kawamatsu is also hungry, which Kawamatsu denies, and finally Onimaru eats the food.

Later on, as Kawamatsu is digging some graves to collect weapons, Onimaru arrives on the scene. Onimaru is furious and bites Kawamatsu on his hand. Kawamatsu, while still being bitten, claims that he doesn't want to disturb the sleep of the dead, but he has to collect maximum number of weapons that are needed for the upcoming war and hide them from Beast Pirates. His initial duty was to protect Hiyori, but after losing her, he declares this to be his only role. He even offers Onimaru his hand if he is hungry, but he will rob the graves at any cost. Onimaru finally understand Kawamatsu and starts licking the wounds. Together, they started protecting graves and collecting swords. Kawamatsu stayed mostly hungry while feeding Onimaru by stealing food from the Flower Capital. While defending the graves from Bingo, Bongo, and Bungo, they pronounce themselves as Bandit's Bridge's Gyukimaru, which is also the name of the warrior monk. And as usual, he went to steal food in the Flower Capital, he was captured and sent to Udon's Prisoner Mine and was held captive for 13 years.

Kawamatsu is sure that the fox must have given up on him after 13 years. He and Hiyori catch up to Zoro. All of them get to know that Gyukimaru opened the door and left the place, to which Kawamtsu remarks to be the same place where he hid all of the weapons. Kawamatsu and Kin'emon get in contact with each other. Kawamatsu briefly explains everything and says that there are as many weapons here as they are needed. The weapons are arranged in such a way that only human could do it. Gyukimaru says to himself that he fulfilled his duty, and wishes good luck, after which he transforms into Onimaru and walks away. Hiyori says that if Shusui is Zoro's sword, then he should return it to the Land of Wano. She offers a replacement, a sword passed down to her from her father: Enma the famed blade, the only weapon that ever injured Kaidou.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime Notes

  • The anime adds the following:
    • Zoro seeing Gyukimaru opening the entrance to the secret place where a stash of weapons is stored.
    • Kawamatsu defeating another group of Beasts Pirates after Zoro ran after Gyukimaru.
    • In the flashback, a scene shows Kawamatsu preparing to end his own life until he heard Onimaru fighting a group of Beasts Pirates.
    • A scene of Kawamatsu building the cave where he kept the swords.
    • Kawamatsu arrested by Orochi's enforcers is shown.
      • In the manga, Kawamatsu was caught by a mob of people. In the anime, Kawamatsu is caught in a net trap.
  • Who's Who, Sasaki, and Page One in his human form are shown in silhouette.
    • However, the appearance of Who's Who in Kawamatsu's flashback is non-canon, as the manga would later reveal in Chapter 1017 that he was not affiliated with Kaidou 13 years ago, which was due to having been part of CP9 at the time.
  • The scene of Kawamatsu and Onimaru fending off Bingo, Bongo, and Bungo is extended.
  • The scene of Oden wounding Kaidou is shown later in the manga.

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