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This is a complete Episode Guide for all the animation produced for One Piece (ワンピース Wanpīsu?) based on the manga authored by Eiichiro Oda. The series currently consists of 1017 Episodes (ongoing), 4 OVAs, 13 TV specials and 14 movies.

This episode list covers the original episode list for the series. Episodes 1-206 were made and broadcast in 4:3 fullscreen, while Episodes 207 onward were made and broadcast in 16:9 widescreen. The American localized version of One Piece by 4Kids Entertainment omitted and merged certain episodes due to editorial and censorship purposes. Funimation has licensed the series since and uncut DVD boxsets were first released on May 27, 2008, beginning with Episode 1. Funimation continues to maintain the English titles of the episodes as close as possible to its authentic Japanese meaning. The anime is still actively ongoing, and is subbed and dubbed by both official and unofficial sponsors. There are also many notable fansubs to the anime.


Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga
East Blue Saga Arabasta Saga Sky Island Saga Water 7 Saga Thriller Bark Saga Summit War Saga
Romance Dawn Arc (1-3) Reverse Mountain Arc (62-63) Goat Island Arc (136-138) Long Ring Long Land Arc (207-219) Ice Hunter Arc (326-336) Sabaody Archipelago Arc (385-405)
Orange Town Arc (4-8) Whisky Peak Arc (64-67) Ruluka Island Arc (139-143) Ocean's Dream Arc (220-224) Thriller Bark Arc (337-381) Amazon Lily Arc (408-421)
Syrup Village Arc (9-18) Koby and Helmeppo Arc (68-69) Jaya Arc (144-152) Foxy's Return Arc (225-226) Spa Island Arc (382-384) Impel Down Arc Part 1 (422-425)
Baratie Arc (19-30) Little Garden Arc (70-77) Skypiea Arc (153-195) Water 7 Arc (227-263) Little East Blue Arc (426-429)
Arlong Park Arc (31-45) Drum Island Arc (78-91) G-8 Arc (196-206) Enies Lobby Arc (264-312) Impel Down Arc Part 2 (430-456)
Buggy Side Story Arc (46-47) Arabasta Arc (92-130) Post-Enies Lobby Arc (313-325) Marineford Arc (457-489)
Loguetown Arc (48-53) Post-Arabasta Arc (131-135) Post-War Arc (490-516)
Warship Island Arc (54-61)
The Final Sea: The New World Saga
Fish-Man Island Saga Dressrosa Saga Four Emperors Saga
Return to Sabaody Arc (517-522) Z's Ambition Arc (575-578) Silver Mine Arc (747-750)
Fish-Man Island Arc (523-574) Punk Hazard Arc (579-625) Zou Arc (751-779)
Caesar Retrieval Arc (626-628) Marine Rookie Arc (780-782)
Dressrosa Arc (629-746) Whole Cake Island Arc (783-877)
Levely Arc (878-889)
Wano Country Arc Part 1 (890-894)
Cidre Guild Arc (895-896)
Wano Country Arc Part 2 (897-)

Movies TV Specials OVA Smartphone Featurette
Movie 1 Movie 6 Movie 11 Recap 1 Episode of Nami Adventure of Nebulandia Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack Glorious Island Jango's Dance Carnival
Movie 2 Movie 7 Movie 12 TV Special 1 Episode of Luffy Heart of Gold Romance Dawn Story One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0 Dream Soccer King
Movie 3 Movie 8 Movie 13 TV Special 2 Episode of Merry Episode of East Blue One Piece Film Strong World Episode:0 Take Aim! The Pirate Baseball King
Movie 4 Movie 9 Movie 14 TV Special 3 3D2Y Episode of Sky Island Infiltrate!! Thousand Sunny ONE PIECE 3D! Trap Coaster
Movie 5 Movie 10 TV Special 4 Episode of Sabo

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