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Luffy Falls! Adventure in the Uncharted Ocean's Navel is the first TV Special of the One Piece anime. It was aired after Episode 52 of the anime.

It is called Luffy's Adventure at the Bottom of the Ocean by Toei Animation USA[1] and Luffy Falls! Adventure in the Navel of the Sea by VIZ Media.[2]

Short Summary[]

The Straw Hat Pirates stumble upon an enormous hole in the ocean, at the bottom of which lies a mysterious island known as the "Ocean's Navel". The Straw Hat Pirates resolve to find the island's treasure, which can supposedly grant any wish, but the island's inhabitants possess agendas of their own for their new guests...

Long Summary[]

It is another peaceful day on board the Going Merry. Nami yells at Luffy for urinating in the ocean, as it'll just contaminate the fish that are swimming. Luffy is on fishing duty, but he is using sponges for bait because he believes that they look like hamburgers. Nami cannot believe how naïve Luffy is until he catches something big and it drags the ship backwards instead of forwards. The fishing line ends up at a rocky crater with a chest chained to it.

Luffy is disappointed that it wasn't something to eat, but Nami is more interested in finding out what's inside the chest. She opens it only to find a skull inside. Usopp reads the back of the skull, which has an engraving about a treasure that can make anyone's dream come true. It lies deep in the ocean's naval. Then a large hole begins to form near the crater they crashed into, so Usopp, Nami, and Sanji prepare themselves in a diving barrel to explore the cavity in the sea. Luffy is put in charge of the rope crank.

It is a smooth ride for the trio in the barrel until Luffy gets side tracked and finds a flying message in the bottle, causing him to become disappointed that it wasn't a drink. Then the diving barrel begins to fall faster into the naval. Usopp uses the hose communicator to warn Luffy that they're in danger.

Luffy manages to get hold of the rope, and the barrel barely crashes into the surface of the naval. Usopp, Nami, and Sanji find themselves in a ship graveyard, and are greeted by a laughing bat who says he will guide them to the treasure, which Captain Joke tried to steal one decade ago. Nami and Usopp realize that a huge monster is after them, which terrifies them. Fortunately, Sanji starts fighting the monster, but doesn't manage to kill it. The monster is finally killed when the Going Merry falls on it. Afterward, Nami and Usopp decide to try to find the treasure while Sanji stays behind because he is unable to move due to his fight with the monster.

Elsewhere, the child Hamu is sending letters in bottles but is told to stop by Meroie, because even if somebody received a letter, they wouldn't go down there to save them. Despite this, Hamu refuses to stop because he needs friends in order to save his village. Suddenly, their bell rings, and when they open the door they see Zoro trying to save Luffy, who had already fainted due to his weakness to water. They are about to welcome the men but a monster attacks them. Zoro gathers all of his strength and stops the monster with a polearm.

Hamu and Meroie give them food, and Hamu asks them about his letters and the reason why they are there. Luffy replies that he can't read the letter and explains that they are there because they fell while looking for a treasure, admitting that they are pirates. This makes Hamu angry and disappointed because he thought that they were the friends he was waiting for. Then Hamu leaves the house and visits his mother's tomb while Luffy and Zoro ask Meroie about the village's past. She explains that captain Joke and his crew came there ten years ago and destroyed the entire village untill they finally decided to go to the Mountain of God, where all their wishes would come true. She also explains that Hamu's mother was killed by Joke when she tried to stop them all by herself. After her death, Meroie looks after Hamu.

She asks the men if, even though they are pirates, they will help Hamu avenge his mother and protect his village. The straw Hats reply that they will and decide to go to the mountain. As soon as they reach the end of the village, the monster they encountered before attacks them. Zoro immediately starts fighting the monster and tells Luffy to go find Nami and Usopp. Meroie stays with Zoro while Hamu runs towards Luffy's location. Zoro keeps fighting the monsters with rusty swords that were provided by Meroie until Sanji shows up and delivers the finishing blow. Zoro is glad that Sanji is there but annoyed at Sanji's behavior towards Meroie.

Luffy finally reaches the top of the mountain realizes Hamu was following him. Nami and Usopp ask him to help them and Luffy used his Gomu Gomu no Mi techniques to hold the monster until the Straw Hats leave the cave. However, Hamu cannot move and Luffy explains to him that if he wants friends, he must show them his strength. Hamu then realizes that they were his friends and he was not alone anymore. Luffy then starts breaking the monster's legs until it dies.

In the room where Joke's body is, Joke is very pleased that his body is coming back and despises his former crew members that are dead in front of him. The Straw Hats and Hamu then arrive, but Luffy is too tired to fight Joke. Nami, Hamu, and Usopp fight instead but are easily defeated. Despite this, Hamu keeps fighting back and Joke mocks him. Then Joke realizes who Hamu's mother was and he shows him her death at the hands of Joke's crew. Joke tells him that he is weak like his mother and they should end their fight. Hamu declares that he was not alone anymore and suddenly gains his mother's spirit and willpower before attacking Joke, whose hands and legs cannot move since the Straw Hats are holding them. While Joke is dying, he says that he wishes he had so trustworthy friends.

When the Straw Hats leave the island, Hamu tells Meroie that he hadn't asked their names, but she states that it doesn't matter since they are just a bunch of pirates, to which Hamu agrees. He looks at the Straw Hats' ship and smiles.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Anime Notes[]

  • The events of this TV Special can be viewed as taking place after either the Arlong Park Arc or the Loguetown Arc.
    • Nami and Sanji are both part of the Straw Hat Pirates, placing it sometime after the battle at Arlong Park.
    • At one point, Luffy makes a joking reference to a "Namu-Hamu-Melon", a dish that he first heard of in Episode 44, strengthening the idea that this story takes place after the end of the Arlong arc.
    • Zoro is not seen with any of his swords, the Wado Ichimonji nor the two blades he had received at Loguetown (Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri). During his fight he uses the spare weapons that are found lying around the ground.
    • Usopp is seen using the goggles he received from Carol in Loguetown.


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