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For other uses of this name, see East Blue (Disambiguation).

Episode of East Blue: Luffy and His Four Crewmates' Great Adventure is a TV Special of the One Piece anime.

It is an abridged retelling of the first five Straw Hat Pirates' development during East Blue Saga.

Short Summary[]

As the Straw Hat Pirates prepare to leave East Blue and enter the Grand Line, each of them reminisce about their journey to that point as they reaffirm their dreams.

Long Summary[]

At sea, during a storm, the Straw Hats spot the lighthouse signaling the way to the Grand Line. To celebrate, Sanji takes out a barrel as each of them take their place around it, and declare their vows and dreams.

Episode of Luffy[]

For other uses of this name, see Episode of Luffy (Disambiguation).

The story of Monkey D. Luffy starting from his childhood of Foosha Village, his friendship with Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates, the incident with Higuma, and the bestowing of the Straw Hat to the new era, until Luffy departure to start his adventure to become "The Pirate King".

Episode of Zoro[]

The story of Roronoa Zoro as he is imprisoned on the 153rd Branch by Helmeppo and Captain Morgan, including the oath he made to his friend and rival, his recruitment by Luffy to the Straw Hat Pirates, and his encounter and defeat by Dracule Mihawk prompting him to renew his oath to his Captain to become the "Greatest swordsman in the World".

Episode of Usopp[]

The story of Usopp as the prankster of Syrup Village and his friendship with Kaya, much to the chagrin of her butler Klahadore, his encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates, their attempt to stop the takeover by the Black Cat Pirates, and his recruitment to the Straw Hats in his journey to become a "Brave Warrior of the Sea".

Episode of Sanji[]

The story of Sanji the sous chef of the Baratie during the assault of the Krieg Pirates, the tale of his fateful encounter with Zeff, and his recruitment to the Straw Hats to fulfill his dream to find the "All Blue".

Episode of Nami[]

For the TV Special, see Episode of Nami.

The story of Nami the thief and her first encounter with Luffy in Orange Town, her leaving the Straw Hat Pirates on the Baratie, her past in Cocoyasi Village with her adoptive mother and sister, the arrival and her recruitment into the Arlong Pirates and their fall, freeing the island, and her official recruitment to the Straw Hats to achieve her quest to draw a "Map of the Entire World".


Returning to the beginning of the special, the Straw Hat Pirates break open the barrel as a narration of their adventures yet to came is heard. During the credits images of their future crewmates, and Luffy's brothers are shown:

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Anime Notes[]


Episode of Luffy[]

  • This is the third time the events of the Romance Dawn Arc was animated. The first was the anime adaptation and the second was the Episode of Luffy special.
    • This is however only the second time the origin of Luffy's scar was shown, as it was censored in the anime adaptation (prior to Episode 878 which was released two years after this special).
  • In the Funimation dub, the English version of We Are! was extended to add the end part of the Japanese version, taken from the final chorus part.

Episode of Zoro[]

Episode of Usopp[]

  • This special shows Mornin, the mayor of Syrup Village, for the first time since the manga.
  • Episode of Usopp is the only section in which the title character's childhood is not shown.

Episode of Sanji[]

  • Although not directly stated, Zeff is implied to have eaten his own leg as in the manga. In the anime adaptations of the flashback in Episode 26 and Episode 801, the events were censored so that Zeff cuts off his leg when it gets caught in wreckage while diving to save Sanji. However, in Episode of East Blue, these scenes are not shown nor recalled by Sanji. Instead, Sanji simply leaves his sentence incomplete when he sees that Zeff has lost a leg, rather than explicitly asking if he ate it.

Episode of Nami[]

  • This is the third time the events of the Arlong Park Arc was animated. The first was the anime adaptation and the second was the Episode of Nami special.
  • Nami's section shows a single scene from the Orange Town Arc, her first encounter with Luffy.
  • This is the first accurate anime portrayal of Bell-mère's death scene.
  • Nami stabbing her hand when pretending to kill Usopp was left out and as a result, she has no stab wound on her hand.
  • In this special, there is no flashback where Bell-mère decides to adopt Nami and Nojiko.


  • As part of the celebration for One Piece Film: Red returning to cinemas in Japan, Episode of East Blue became available to watch on August 31, 2023 for a limited time on the official One Piece Youtube channel.[1]


  1. Eiichiro_Staff on Twitter, the promotion is announced.

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