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Cowardly Eric is a child who lives in Steel City on Jail Island with his father Albert. He appears in the video game One Piece: World Seeker.[1]


Eric is a small boy with short dark blue hair and a pig-like nose resembling his father's. He wears a cream-colored shirt with a green vest over it and a purple kerchief around his neck, dark blue shoes, and brown boots. He also wears a tall light green top hat with thin vertical stripes and purple and blue bands at the base.[1]


Eric does not care about the Pro-Marine and Anti-Marine conflict and just wants to play with his friend Doni, leading to him running away from home with Doni when their two ideologically opposed fathers told them to stop playing together.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

Eric wanted to play with Doni, but their fathers Albert and Damian prevented them from hanging out due to the former being Pro-Marine while the latter was Anti-Marine. In response, Eric and Doni ran away together. They were in Konko Plaza when Jeanne came to get them to go back home, which they refused to do. When she said their families would be worried, they gave her and her companion Monkey D. Luffy a letter to inform their parents of their whereabouts. They then went to Battery Island, a place they had heard their fathers talk about playing together, in hopes of getting Albert and Damian to come there and reconcile. Eric and Doni went out to the beach on the cape, where they and Jeanne were confronted by the pirate Don Axe and his crew. However, Luffy then arrived and beat Don Axe, and when Axe's subordinates tried to go after the two boys, Albert and Damian arrived and knocked them out. Eric and Doni explained to their fathers why they came out here, and Albert and Damian resolved to discuss their differences civilly, allowing the two boys to play together so long as they only went to safe places.[1]


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