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For the song "Eternal Pose", see Eternal Pose (song).

An Eternal Pose is a special type of compass used in the Grand Line.

It is an hourglass-like device with only one orb in the middle of the device, and a needle hanging from a wire inside of the orb.

Like a Log Pose, it records the special magnetic waves of a certain island within the Grand Line, allowing the user to know which way to go to arrive at their destination. Unlike a Log Pose, which resets its recordings on new islands, an Eternal Pose always points to the same island, no matter how long it stays elsewhere. These are used heavily by those who have a home port on a specific island of the Grand Line, as well as by the Marines. The Marines in particular seem to have several of these on stock and ship commanders may request one for reaching a specific island, as well as getting them for missions.[1]

They appear to be available for purchase, though come at a high cost.[2]

Eternal Pose OwnersEdit

Many characters throughout the story own an Eternal Pose, as it is necessary if one wants to go to a specific island.



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