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Template:Char box Ever is a character exclusive to the 10th One Piece Movie. She is Xiao's older sister, and a citizen who was forced to work as a waitress for Shiki's crew.[1]


Ever is a tall girl with red hair that is tied into a ponytail. She wears a pink sleeveless dress that has a long red stripe in the center. She wore an apron while serving as a waitress. In essence, Ever is an older looking version of Xiao. Like the rest of her villagers, she has feathers on her elbows.


Ever has feathers on her elbows due to them wishing to fly in the air one day. She also did not wish to serve Shiki, but was forced to for the safety of her family and villagers.


Ever has demonstrated the ability to fly or glide with the feathers on her elbows.


Ever was forced to serve as a waitress on board of Shiki's floating fortress, Merville, for the invited pirate allies. Ever was split up from her family as a result. She attacked Brook in a comedic fashion when he asked to see her panties. After Shiki's defeat, Xiao was reunited with her family and flew away from the falling islands to avoid danger.


  1. One Piece Movie 10, Ever is introduced.

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