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An explorer is a person who makes expeditions to unknown territories for various reasons, such as the discovery of their geographical configuration, the search for resources or the expansion of knowledge.


Explorers are individuals or groups of people who, whether under economic support or not, venture out to sea for the exploration of islands or territories. The main motive of many of them is the investigation of the unexplored territories and the study of their characteristics, like the flora in the case of the botanists. However, there are many explorers who are dedicated to the search of treasures or specific artifacts of great value.[1]


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In One PieceEdit

The first known explorers were the ones named in the supposedly fictional book Brag Men, which narrates the extravagant and intrepid explorations of several pioneers, known as the "Brag Men". One of them is Louis Arnote, who is said to have named the island Little Garden, because the geography of the island resembled a small garden. Another famous pioneer is Jew Wall, who named Mock Town as the "Town of Mockery."

Botanists are a specific type of explorers, since they make scientific expeditions to study the flora of a territory, such as Mont Blanc Noland, whose greatest achievement was the discovery of Shandora, known as the "City of Gold". Another well-known botanist is Heracles, who started an expedition at the age of 23 in the Boin Archipelago, which is still valid today.[2] An unnamed botanist from the South Blue was also responsible for finding a cure for the incredibly deadly Tree Fever, having discovered that one could extract a counteracting medicine from the bark of Kona Trees.[3]

Another prominent explorer was Fisher Tiger, who, financed by the Ryugu Kingdom, made expeditions all over the world, obtaining the epithet: "The Adventurer".[4] The Yonta Maria Grand Fleet was an important explorers fleet commanded by Admiral Orlumbus, who, funded by the Standing Kingdom, earned the nickname: "Made-Up Explorer",[5] although later he would abandon his position as an explorer.[6]

The Saruyama Alliance, formed by the union of the Masira Pirates, the Shoujou Pirates and commanded by the descendant of Noland, Mont Blanc Cricket, are a group of explorers and treasure hunters whose dream is to find Nakrowa, known as the "Island of Dreams".[7]

The Nox Expedition Party (later known as the Nox Pirates) were a group of minks commanded by Pedro, whose main objective was the search for poneglyphs. Such an adventure was considered a danger for the World Government, since they put Pedro a reward of Beli382,000,000 for his head.[8]


  • After the dissolution of the Nox Pirates, and the resignation of Orlumbus to continue being an explorer, the Saruyama Alliance is the only known group of active explorers.

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