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An explosive is a type of weapon that detonates after a set amount of time, an impact, a trigger, or a remote detonation. It releases a substance to inflict damage or serve as a distraction.


Explosives are commonly used as projectile weapons in order to ensure the user's safety or for an offense. The Marines and several pirate crews use cannonballs that contain explosive materials that detonate upon impact or when damaged.

Some explosives contain a substance that provides a way to escape like smoke bombs.

Normal Bomb Types


The time bomb set up by Crocodile.

Bombs (爆弾 Bakudan?) are one of the most common explosives. They can be triggered by impact or after a set time has passed.

Several bombs have been seen in the series, varying in size and containing the substance. Most bombs are named after their contained substance.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bomb (煙玉 Kemuridama?), as the name suggests, is a type of bomb that upon impact create a smokescreen, allowing its user to escape or attack their opponents unnoticed. Higuma used a smoke bomb to escape the Red Hair Pirates with Monkey D. Luffy as a hostage.[1]

Poison Gas Bombs

Further information: Poison

Poison Gas Bombs (猛毒ガス弾 Mōdoku Gasu Dan?) are a type of bomb that upon detonation release a poisonous substance. Krieg utilized the "Poison Gas Bomb MH5", which releases a very potent poison gas, enough to wipe out an entire village.[2] Magellan can create a poisonous gas bomb, dubbed the "Chloroball", with his Doku Doku no Mi powers, releasing a tear gas effect upon detonation.[3] Caesar Clown has developed the KX Launcher, which fires an explosive rocket packed with tremendous lethal poison, reportedly enough to kill Big Mom if it could enter her body.[4]

Flash Bombs

The Flash Barrel Moria set up for his trap.

Flash Bomb (光玉 Hikaridama?) is a type of bomb that upon detonation release a strong flash of light to blind the user's target and allowing its user to escape or attack their opponent unnoticed.

Flash bombs were disguised as "Flash Barrels" by Gecko Moria and were used to fool nearby travelers to give away their location inside the Florian Triangle.[5]

Bomb Collar

Devil Dias' collar explodes.

This collar (首輪 kubirin?) is a device used by slave sellers and the World Nobles, and are strapped around the neck of slaves. They are connected to a chain, which if broken, will cause the collar to explode.[6] A person with advanced Busoshoku Haki can remove the collar without the key, but the risks are high as they must do so before the timer reaches zero.[7][8]

The Big Mom Pirates possess a variant of such collars in the form of wrist shackles. Similarly, they detonate if they exit Whole Cake Island's range, and gives off a warning beep if tampered with. Charlotte Linlin uses these to ensure her "guests" would not leave against her will, as only her crew has the keys. Sanji was locked with such devices by his sister, though she later revealed that she swapped them with fakes.[9] Kaidou also cuffed arm bands on Yamato but more powerful than ordinary explosive cuffs.


Tashigi deflects a cannonball before it explodes.

Cannonballs (砲弾 Hōdan?) are one of the most common explosives shown in the series, being the default ammo for cannons. The Marines and several pirate crews use cannonballs that contain an explosive material that detonate upon impact or when damaged. Mr. 4 of Baroque Works used his gun to launch small cannonballs that explode after a set amount of time.

Buggy and Muggy Balls

Buggy Balls are a special type of bomb, created and used exclusively by Buggy and his crew. They contain tremendous explosive powers, leveling a good portion of Orange Town when fired.[10]

The Muggy Ball is a smaller version of the Buggy Ball, yet no less powerful. Buggy hides these under his shoes, launching them like grenades with a kicking motion, and the explosion is strong enough to injure Minotaurus.[11]

Cannonball Homies

The Totto Land Grand Fleet has access to living cannonballs that were granted sentience by Big Mom's Soru Soru no Mi. Those cannonballs exhibit various personalities and are capable of changing their own trajectory at will after being fired. However, if Big Mom finds herself in an unhealthy state of mind, the cannonballs themselves will reflect that by acting confused and volatile, to the point one could easily deceive them about where to target.[12]


The Chopperphage Cannonball.

During the Raid on Onigashima, Tony Tony Chopper developed an antivirus to Queen's Ice Oni which he called Chopperphage (チョパファージ Chopafāji?). The way to distribute it to those infected in the Live Stage in via a cannonball that when explodes, create a cloud of the antivirus. The cannonball itself appeared only in the anime.[13]


Pedro's stick of dynamite.

Dynamite (ダイナマイト Dainamaito?), also known as TNT, is a type of explosive that is detonated by heat. It is usually shaped like a cylinder with a fuse at its end, called a "stick of dynamite". The cylinder contains the explosive material, and the fuse is then ignited. When a cinder reaches the explosive material, it creates an explosion.

Dalton was shown with several sticks of dynamite strapped to his body.[14] A soldier of the Ammo Knights used a string of dynamites in an attempt to take down Hody Jones, who fired a shot of water to neutralize the attempt.[15] When Wanda attacked the Curly Hat Pirates, mistaking them as Jack's subordinates, she attempted to take them down with a dynamite when Nami pinned her down, but disengaged it when her comrades told her otherwise.[16] Pedro carried a large amount of dynamites, which he used as part of his hit-and-run tactics against the Big Mom Pirates,[17] and then later setting a huge amount off to act as a smokescreen to escape from Tamago;[18] he set off the remainder of the dynamite when Charlotte Perospero had him cornered, causing the enemy grievous injuries and loss of an arm, seemingly at the cost of Pedro's own life.[19] Kurozumi Kanjuro created a painted copy of Kozuki Oden that was strapped with a band of dynamite on its chest, which were strong enough to leave Ashura Doji burned and unmoving.[20]

Land Mines

A Land mine (地雷 Jirai?) is an explosive device concealed under or on the ground and designed to destroy or disable enemy targets, ranging from combatants to vehicles, as they pass over or near it.

Spandam used one at the top of the stairs on the Bridge of Hesitation's first support[21] and was tripped by Franky.[22]


Rockets used by Franky.

A Rocket (ロケット Roketto?), sometimes known as a missile, is a guided explosive capable of self-propelled flight, usually through a jet engine, and detonation either from contact or proximity to a target.

Franky is armed with several rockets inside his shoulder compartments, which he is capable of firing at will. The KX Launcher also utilizes rocket-propelling technology for its ammo.


A grenade (手榴弾 Shuryūdan?) is a kind of explosive that detonates after a short amount of time after a pin trigger is pulled from it. Similar to bombs, grenades can contain several materials that the grenade is named after, like flash or poison.

As a child, Trafalgar D. Water Law strapped himself with several grenades in a suicidal attempt to join the Donquixote Pirates.[23]


Torpedoes (魚雷 Gyorai?) are a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead, launched above or below the water surface, propelled underwater towards a target, and designed to detonate either on contact with its target or in proximity to it.

An unnamed pirate crew attempted to use a torpedo to sink the ship of the Dressrosa and Prodence Kingdom's processions on their way to the Levely, but Marine captain Koby was able to redirect the projectile with his own strength before it could hit its intended target.[24]

Devil Fruit Based Explosives


Bomu Bomu no Mi

Gem flicks his dried nasal mucus at Zoro, which explodes after being cut.

The user of the Bomu Bomu no Mi can turn any part of their body into a bomb. The most recent user, Mr.5, typically applies this to his mucus, flicking them as exploding bullets, imbuing his breath into his rapid-fire revolver as explosive and invisible rounds, or detonating his body parts while attacking to cause incendiary injury to his targets. At the same time, the user is granted immunity from all explosives and can even grade their quality via ingestion.[25]

Horo Horo no Mi

Perona creating her explosive "Mini Hollows".

The Horo Horo no Mi allows the user to create spectral doppelgangers, having various effects depending on the type created. The current user, Perona, has demonstrated that she can create "Mini Hollow" that can explode with enough force to sizable crater in stone wall,[26] or a large variant "Toku Hollow", which can create a much bigger explosion.[27]

Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

Ursus Shock.

The Nikyu Nikyu no Mi operates by launching anything at high speed via the marks on the user's palms. The currents user, Bartholomew Kuma, uses these palms to gather air in the atmosphere, compressing it under high pressure and then releasing it, which causes it to decompress at such a rate that it can create a devastating explosion enough to encompass an entire island or gravely injure Little Oars Jr..[28]

Pika Pika no Mi

Borsalino attacks Basil Hawkins with an exploding beam.

While the Pika Pika no Mi's main power is light, its user can send a beam that can cause an explosion upon impact. The current user, Borsalino, has a tendency to fire extremely powerful explosive beams as part of his combat style. This explosive photon beam has been replicated to a certain extent by Dr. Vegapunk, into the Pacifista units, whom can fire the same beams through their mouth and palms. These beams are strong enough to melt steel.[29] Franky later managed to incorporate this very same technology into his "Armored Me" design.[30] Queen also had installed this device into his mouth, which he can utilize in his full brachiosaurus form.[31]

Gasu Gasu no Mi

Caesar about to ignite his explosive gases.

The Gasu Gasu no Mi allows the user to generate various types of gases, some of which can be explosive if ignited. That being said, the current user, Caesar Clown, must ignite these flammable gases with external devices.[32][33] He can also fire his gas in the form of a concentrated beam, creating a powerful explosion that can melt steel.[34]

Buki Buki no Mi

Baby 5 turning into her "Missile Girl" form.

The Buki Buki no Mi allows the user to transform and generate various weapons, some of which can be outright explosives. The current user, Baby 5, has shown to transform her entire body into a missile[35] and cannons that fire explosive rounds.[36] If she blows herself apart via her transformation into an explosive weapon, she can reform her body from the pieces without any harm on herself.[37]

Pamu Pamu no Mi

Gladius using his Pamu Pamu no Mi.

The Pamu Pamu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to cause their own body or any inorganic object they touch to rupture and explode. The current user, Gladius, can apply this onto the headgear he wears to create a shrapnel effect, or detonate any toys due to them losing their status as organic beings while transformed.[38] He can also imbue his projectile weapons with this power, creating explosive rounds,[39] onto the battlefield to create a landmine effect,[40] or onto various parts of his own body to cause explosions without harming himself.

Beta Beta no Mi

Trebol's mucus exploding from fire.

The Beta Beta no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to generate and control mucus that is also flammable. When ignited, it causes a large explosion. It was eaten by Trebol, who carries matches and a lighter to ignite it if necessary. However, he is not immune to the explosions caused by the fruit's power if he ignites it within his own range.[41]


Kyubu Kyubu no Mi

Gairam using "Air Cube".

The Kyubu Kyubu no Mi allows the user to compress anything into cubes. Similar to the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi's Ursus Shock technique, the current user Gairam can compress air into cubes and launch them forward for rapid decompression explosive effects, though much less powerful than the Ursus Shock.[42]

Goru Goru no Mi

Tesoro using "Gon Bomba".

The Goru Goru no Mi allows the user to control any preexisting gold that have they came into physical contact with. The current user, Gild Tesoro, possesses such mastery of his powers that he can cause the gold to explode, creating a gauntlet out of gold that detonates upon impact. He can also concentrate light from his gold into a beam of tremendous explosive power.[43]

Nito Nito no Mi

The Nito Nito no Mi allows the user to generate nitroglycerin, which explodes upon impact. The current user Bürst can cause explosions by clapping his hands.[44]

Basu Basu no Mi

The Basu Basu no Mi allows the user to turn anything they touch into a bomb.[45]

Other Explosives

Krieg's Arsenal

Krieg used many explosive devices among his arsenal of hidden weapons:

  • Sakuretsu Shuriken (炸裂手裏剣 Sakuretsu Shuriken?, literally meaning "Shuriken Bomb"): This bomb, fired from his shoulder-plates, detonates and sends shuriken in every direction, slicing the opponent.[46]
  • Bakudan (爆弾 Bakudan?, literally meaning "Bombs"): Tiny bombs that explode on contact with anything (even water), usually thrown en mass to accumulate damage.[47]
  • Modoku Gas Dan MH5 (猛毒ガス弾 M・H・5 Mōdoku Gasu Dan MH5?, literally meaning "Deadly Poison Gas Bomb: MH5"): A bomb containing an extremely potent deadly poison gas fired from Krieg's shoulder-plates, creating a very large cloud of poison upon impact, and the gas is usually fatal to those without a gas mask, strong enough to wipe out an entire village.[48]
  • Daisenso (大戦槍 Daisensō?, literally meaning "Great Battle Spear"): A spear formed when Krieg puts his shoulder plates together that explodes when it hits an opponent. It is supposed to weigh 1 ton, and the more force that is put in the swing, the bigger the explosion. The spear will still explode on impact even if its tip is broken off making it a giant "bomb on a stick" when Luffy broke the tip. This is considered to be Krieg's most powerful weapon.[49]

Usopp's Arsenal

Further information: Usopp's Arsenal

Usopp using Skull Exploding Grass.

Usopp used several explosive pallets in his arsenal, containing substances ranging from spices, spikes, and small explosives. Although his explosives are powerful, Gem noted that Usopp used low-quality gunpowder.[50]


Further information: Dials

Several dials were shown to have a similar effect as some explosives or infused with weapons to give said weapon explosive properties.


Smiley exploding upon contact with flames.

Shinokuni was a chemical weapon created by Caesar Clown from the previous chemical weapon detonated on Punk Hazard.[51] The previous gelatinous form was also explosive when in contact with fire, strong enough to destroy a battleship.[52]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.



Fireworks (花火 Hanabi?) are a class of low explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes.

The port-town Fireworks held its namesake festival once a year, and the family of Kodama there have been making fireworks for 400 years.[53] Fireworks have been seen as part of ceremonies like the Davy Back Fight.[54]

Dyna Stone

Further information: Dyna Stone

A Dyna Stone.

The Dyna Stones are weapons which are said to be equal to the Ancient Weapons. Z used the Dyna Stones in his Grand Reboot plan.[55] Naomi Drunk used small Dyna Stones as arrow heads to create arrows that explode on impact.[56]

Concludes non-canon section.


Ideo generates an explosion with his attacks.

  • Some characters were shown to be able to cause a spontaneous explosion during an attack, despite not having a Devil Fruit power that connects to such power. Notable examples:
    • Ideo, who compresses his double-jointed arms past his shoulders to create explosive force when he punches forward.
    • Vinsmoke Ichiji, whose Modified Humans ability allows him to generate explosions with his punches, which in turn grant him the epithet "Sparking Red".
  • The Tamatebako, a national treasure of the Ryugu Kingdom, was planted a bomb that detonated upon opening, which the Minister of the Right intended to prevent a repeated theft of the contents. The explosion was powerful enough to destroy the entire base of Whole Cake Chateau, causing the 10-stories building to topple over.
  • Vergo's bamboo staff doubles as a blowgun, in which he can fire off explosive darts (bullets in the anime).[57]

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