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Fabre is the mayor of Little East Blue.[1]


Fabre is a stout, older middle aged man. He has gray hair and a big mustache. He has fair skin, with a fairly wrinkled face. He wears a beige and burnt siena hat. He also wears a beige shirt, and he has a burnt siena vest over it. He is often seen with a small pipe.


Fabre is seen to be a nice man, since he let the Straw Hat Pirates on the island, even though pirates were the ones who killed the island's protector, Ryudo.


Fabre is shown to be a caring man, as he cares about his citizens safety. He also has deep caring for Boss, since he was conflicted whether or not to give him up and was willing to fight against the Amigo Pirates to protect him and the island.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Fabre is not seen to possess much strength, or weapon experience. He does, however, have great courage, because he stood up with the rest of the islanders to fight against the Amigo Pirates to protect Boss. When doing so, he held a hoe and, supposedly, would've fought with it.[3] His level of skill is left unknown.



At one point, Fabre moved to Little East Blue from the East Blue and became the island's mayor.[1]

When Boss crashed onto the island, he went to investigate and was accompanied by Yoko. Yoko managed to calm the beast down, which astonished Fabre.[3]

Little East Blue Arc

Fabre was seen welcoming the Straw Hat Pirates to Little East Blue, knowing they were pirates, despite their past with pirates. He even treated the crew to a feast in celebration of their arrive at the island, where Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji, the members of the crew who came from the East Blue, are praised.[2]

The Amigo Pirates arrive during the celebration and demand that Boss be handed over. After refusing, the pirates fight Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji.[2] When the three, as well as Boss, are defeated, the citizens of the town, led by Fabre, prepare to fight the pirates to save Boss and their island. Boss then molts his skin and is almost defeated when Luffy and the others become freed by Boss's fire-breath.[3] While Luffy fights Largo, the townspeople and the other Straw Hats help by fighting Corto and the rest of the Amigo Pirates.[4]

After the Amigo Pirates are defeated, Fabre puts them in a cage and oversees the townspeople as the Straw Hats leave the island.[4]

Major Battles


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