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Fang is a scientist and the main antagonist of the Wonderswan Color game, Chopper's Big Adventure.[1]


Fang is a tall creature with light-brown fur, long arms, and large claws. He has a square jaw, a thick neck, and a rounded, dark-brown nose. He has blueish-silver hair with long bangs that frame his face. He also has mammalian ears which protrude from his hair, are covered with blueish-silver hair, and are pink on the inside.

Fang wears a long-sleeved white buttoned-up shirt with black buttons and the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. He also wears a teal scarf, long purple pants, and brownish-green shoes that have furry stitching. Fang wears a black and red cape over his shoulders that a large collar and furry edging at the bottom. He also wears the skin of a white wolf, with the skin's limbs wrapped around the sleeves of his coat.


Fang wants to get revenge against humans for trying to exploit his island's natural resources.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Fang is somehow able to turn people into animals.


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  • Fang and Rakaen's race are unknown. They share many similarities with the Mink, such as mammalian facial features and fur; however, they were created far before Minks were introduced in the manga.


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