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The Fanged Toad Pirates were a crew of pirates the Straw Hats met when they touched down from the blue seas again after leaving Skypiea. Their ship had no flag, helmsman, navigator or even a captain and met their fate against the Sea Monkeys.[1]

Later it was revealed the reason why they were in such a state when the Straw Hats saw them was because they lost five matches against Foxy and his crew in the Davy Back Fight. All the essential crew members were taken and made part of Foxy's crew.[2] Note that not only do the members wear the eye-masks that all Foxy Pirates wear, but the captain has crossed out the Jolly Roger on his hat, further signifying his defection from his old crew.

Later, in an anime filler, Kiba, the former captain of the Fanged Toad Pirates took over the Foxy Pirates after Foxy lost the last event of the Davy Back Fight, and refused to allow Foxy back. After a fight against him, and the Straw Hat Pirates, they were accepted back into the crew.


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