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Fata is a young boy who wrote a love letter to Princess Vivi. He is a central character in One Piece novel HEROINES, Chapter 3.[1]


Fata is a short, slim boy with short, dark-colored hair. He wears a light-colored turban, a light-colored shirt, a dark-colored vest, a sash around his waist, and shorts. He also wears light-colored sandals[1]


Fata is a confident kid, speaking clearly to Koza without being intimidated. He is mischievous and likes to tease his father's bar's guests, which his dad punches him for.[1]



Fata developed a crush on Vivi and decided to write a love letter to her. He was embarrassed when it was found, and when Vivi learned about it, she was sad to cause one of her subjects pain unintentionally.[1]


Fata was confident around Koza and got his help writing a love letter to Vivi. When the letter was found by some locals, Koza diverted attention away from Fata by claiming that it was his, hoping to protect the young boy from embarrassment.[1]



Fata grew up watching adults in his father's bar and developed a confident personality.[1]

One Piece novel HEROINES

Fata and Koza write the former's love letter to Vivi.

Fata decided to write a love letter to Vivi, and after he met Koza, he asked the princess' old friend for help writing it. After they wrote the letter, they accidentally dropped it off of a balcony, and it fell into the hands of some locals. The local gossip, Aunt Mari, read it, and when she confronted the pair about who wrote it, Koza took the blame to save Fata from embarrassment. King Cobra, Pell, and Chaka arrived to speak to Koza about Levely in the middle of the affair, and Fata watched as Mari shared the letter with them. Cobra did not believe it was from Koza, but soon Vivi herself and Karoo arrived. Koza gave the letter to Vivi, to Fata's surprise, and after she read it, she returned to her palace. Fata, Koza, Pell, and Chaka went to Fata's father's bar, and Fata seemed unsatisfied with what happened, exclaiming about how difficult love was.[1]


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