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Saint Figarland Garling is a World Noble of the Figarland Family and the Supreme Commander (最高司令官, Saikō Shireikan?) of the God's Knights, of whom he is the first to be introduced. He was formerly active as a "champion" on God Valley.[1]


Figarland Garling 38 Years Ago

Garling's appearance from 38 years ago.

Garling is a tall man of advanced age, with a visibly wrinkled face and a sharp, aquiline nose. His long, light-colored hair is styled into a pair of unbent, side-facing spikes left and right on his head, alongside one extremely tall, forward-bent spike on top. Garling's facial hair consists of a mustache with a large beard linked to his sideburns (also forming spikes), which culminates in a large forward spike below his chin and makes it so that his hair-and-beard combo resembles a forward-facing crescent moon. Garling's eyes are covered by circle-frame sunglasses.[1]

For clothes, Garling dons what seems to be a variant of the typical World Noble suit, light in color with a thick, standing collar, and over that an ankle-length, hooded, dark-colored coat adorned with light, medal-like knobs (bearing the World Government's five-circle insignia) on the upper arms. His footwear consists on plain dark dress boots.[1]

Thirty-eight years ago, a much younger Garling had a similar appearance to now, his head hair already matching its present-day size and shape (with two strands loose on either side of his face), though his facial hair was still absent beyond minor chin stubble; Garling was apparently considered quite attractive given that he had female fans swooning over him. For attire, he notably eschewed wearing a bubble around his head like his Noble compatriots. Similar to his current cloak, Garling wore a dark cape with light fur trim particularly thick around the collar, and below a three-button shirt of dark color: high-collared, adorned on the left by two disc brooches with the government symbol, and cut off above his abdomen like a half-shirt, transitioning into a light-colored lower half that went past his waistline, was thickly and vertically striated next to each front hem, and held closed by a light-colored belt with two buckles (the government symbol on each). In addition, Garling donned dark gloves and plate-armor components, namely two light-colored vambraces and pauldrons (the latter made of a circular cop and one lame each). Garling's lower wear consisted of dark pants with light greaves and dark, ankle-high boots.[2]


Those who protect trash... will sink even lower...!!!
— Garling's opinion on Celestial Dragons who protect those of lower status.[1]

Garling's moralities align with how most Celestial Dragons think, as he sees all those beneath his own station as "trash". He is ruthless in his administration of punishment to those who break World Noble rules and customs, believing in particular that those Nobles who protect people of lower status debase themselves into being even lower trash; Garling was willing to execute Saint Mjosgard for that very crime (namely defending the Neptune Royal Family and/or the pirates who, in turn, protected them).[1] Indeed, much like other Celestial Dragons, Garling is exceedingly cruel without the slightest regard for the lives of commoners, deeming them so worthless that the slaughter of an entire island's native population (and partaking therein) means little more to him than sport. Hence, he was an eager participant in the Native Hunting Competition on God Valley 38 years ago, where he slayed the country's king the very instant he started protesting about having his own subjects hunted to death.[2]

A younger Garling showed himself to be very confident in his own abilities, claiming that his incurrence of a 10,000-point penalty during the aforesaid hunting contest (for starting early) was a good handicap to make things competitive. When the Rocks and Roger Pirates made landfall on God Valley, Garling was unperturbed and ready to take on the pirates despite both crews being the strongest of their time, again highlighting his aplomb disposition.[2][3]

Abilities and Powers[]

As Supreme Commander of the God's Knights, Garling holds authority over the rest of the group and can pass judgment upon even his fellow World Nobles for behavior deemed intolerable.[4][1] Otherwise, he can be assumed to enjoy all the common rights and privileges of a World Noble, and to likely own enormous wealth.

Little is currently known about Garling's combat prowess. However, his leadership of the God's Knights, whom Monkey D. Dragon (head of the Revolutionary Army) is wary of,[5] suggests that Garling is quite dangerous, at least by World Noble standards.

Garling is said to have been a "champion" of God Valley.[1] On said island 38 years ago, he was the World Nobles' favorite to win their Native Hunting Competition in which, despite starting with a negative 10,000 points,[2] Garling successfully took the lead prior to the contest's interruption.[6] When both the Rocks and Roger Pirates (two of the strongest pirate crews of that era) arrived on God Valley, Garling was ready to take on the enemy with his fellow God's Knights;[7] apart from his survival, what involvement Garling ultimately had in the God Valley Incident is still unknown.

During the Native Hunting Competition, Garling was seen riding some sort of oversized bird wearing an aviator cap.[6]


Garling Kills God Valley King

Garling using his saber to kill the King of God Valley.

Garling's trademark weapon is a large saber with a rounded knuckle-bow guard, entirely light-colored from its hilt to its sheath.[1] He already possessed it 38 years ago on God Valley.[2]



Garling Hunting

Garling indiscriminately hunting down God Valley's natives.

Thirty-eight years ago, Garling (already part of the God's Knights) took part in the Native Hunting Competition hosted on God Valley, where he executed the former king of the island for protesting the game and having his own countrymen culled for sport. This action led to Garling receiving a 10,000-point demerit for killing before the timer started, but Garling did not care and saw it as a suitable "handicap" to improve competition.[2] Following an announcement about how many points the different hunting targets ("Rabbits") awarded and the prizes awaiting the winners, Garling was quick to enter the contest and amass 100,000 points by going for the high-value Rabbits. Once both the Rocks and Roger Pirates had made landfall on God Valley in a surprise assault, an irritated Garling issued the order to pull back the Marines and have them guard the Celestial Dragons instead, noting that the God's Knights were to handle the pirates instead.[3]

Though details on his involvement in the God Valley Incident remain unknown, Garling was eventually declared a "champion" of God Valley.[1]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

Following the most recent Levely, Garling acted as a judge against Saint Donquixote Mjosgard, who was accused of abetting the escape of the pirates suspected of Saint Charlos's attempted murder. He chose to execute Mjosgard for protecting "trash" and was subsequently seen lounging in a chair at the execution site in Mary Geoise, with cheering Celestial Dragons around.[4][1]

Translation and Dub Issues[]

While called "the ruler" of God Valley in Chapter 1086's initial VIZ translation, Garling's ōja (王者?) designation is a term that does not typically refer to a country's king but, rather, to a kingly figure or "champion". He is also said to "have participated/been active" (活躍した, katsuyaku shita?) on God Valley. This was later revised in the VIZ translation to instead call Garling a "dominating figure" who "distinguished himself" at God Valley, which is more in line with the actual circumstances revealed 9 chapters later.


SBS108 Garling

Garling's hair forming a full circle.

  • According to Oda, if Garling were to grow out his head and beard hair more, it would join together and form a full circle.[8]


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