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Figuarts ZERO is a series of unarticulated figures produced by Bandai. Although the series name is clearly geared to show its link to the well known S.H. Figuarts articulated figure series, the second part of the name suggests a series with a count of zero articulation, i.e. without any articulation.

The figures are most frequently part of Bandai's standard collection, while some are limited to special web or physical releases. Bandai partnered with artist Toshio Asakuma for a figure collection called Figuarts ZERO Artist Special, but the partnership ended in 2014 before all of the figures could be released. Bandai's most recent collection, EXTRA BATTLE (超激戦-EXTRA BATTLE- Chō gekisen - ekisutora BATTLE -?), uses the company's cool modeling technology, called "COOL STYLE", to replicate characters' battle scenes with dynamic effects.[1]


  1., EXTRA BATTLE is explained.

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