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A firearm is a tube-shaped weapon designed to launch projectiles at high speed through the ignition of an explosive powder. They are renowned not only for their destructive power, but for being markedly easier to use, carry, and conceal than most melee weapons.

In the world of One Piece, firearms are extremely popular weapons, second only to swords. Fighters who specialize in the use of firearms in combat are generally known as Gunmen.

Overview[edit | edit source]

You're putting your life on the line by pointing that at me... it's not safe to point guns.
— Shanks[3]

Diagram of a flintlock's mechanisms from the Volume 9 SBS.

At the world's current technological level, the typical firearm is a flintlock (フリントロック Furintorokku?), consisting of a single tube - commonly called the "barrel" - tapering into a wooden handle at one end. This tube is rigged with three external mechanisms:

  • A flashpan (or firegrate), which holds the powder that launches the projectile
  • A hammer, which holds a shard of flint that ignites the powder
  • A trigger, which allows a single pull of the finger to move the hammer into igniting position

Most often, flintlocks are loaded with round shot - solid spherical projectiles made of metals such as iron or lead. In normal circumstances, these can easily break flesh and bone, and cause immediate death if launched against a vital organ.[3] Additionally, more advanced models may utilize pointed (also known as "conical") or explosive shot for increased power.

However, these advantages are not absolute, and may be counteracted by any number of defenses, from armor[4] to Devil Fruit abilities[5] to simply well-honed reflexes.[6] In addition, particularly durable, determined, and/or lucky individuals have been known to survive even multiple shots at point-blank range without any of these measures.[7] Finally, flintlocks - like all projectile weapons - can only hold a limited number of shots at any given time, and are not easily reloaded.[8]

(It remains unknown whether flintlocks also become ineffective in the rain or otherwise damp conditions, as their real-life counterparts - even when users took measures to keep the flashpan dry - frequently did.)

Despite these drawbacks, flintlocks and firearms in general continue to be widely used by civilians, outlaws, and professional soldiers of every standing, and are heavily associated with power even by combatants who favor other (or no) weapons. Some - particularly Monkey D. Luffy - have been known to name their attacks after various makes and models.

Types[edit | edit source]

The basic technology behind firearms has been used to craft many distinct weapons, of widely varying size, power, and capabilities.

Pistols[edit | edit source]

A pistol (ピストル Pisutoru?), in the broadest sense, is any firearm designed to be held and operated in one hand. More technical definitions tend to identify them (in contrast to revolvers) with internal ammunition chambers, fully integrated with the firing barrel.

Pistols are the smallest, lightest, and simplest type of firearm, and correspondingly the type most often seen in civilian hands. However, they are far from unknown to seasoned combatants (who often wield specialized models, such as dual-barrels that fire two shots at once).

Named Pistols[edit | edit source]

  • Yellow Gun (黄色い銃 Kīroi Jū?): A pistol shaped like the number "7", and is designed to fire dice-shaped bullets that explode on impact. Used by Mr. 7.[9]
  • Gero Gero Gun (ゲロゲロ銃 Gerogero Gan?): A pistol with a muzzle shaped like a frog's head, and fires frog-shaped bullets that explode on impact. Used by Miss Father's Day.[9]
  • Flash Guns (閃光銃フラッシュガン Furasshu Gan?): Dual-barreled flintlocks with ornate design, and Flash Dials installed within to hide the shots with a flash. Braham uses two of them.[10]

Other Notable Pistols[edit | edit source]

Helmeppo Threatens Koby.png
Helmeppo threatening Koby with a standard pistol.
Yasopp with Flintlock.png
Yasopp holding a flintlock pistol, with a wide-flared muzzle.
Gin's Shotgun.png
Gin's shotgun-esque pistol.
Krieg revealing his two dual-barreled pistols, along with his armor's built-in guns.
Arlong's pistol.png
Arlong killing Bell-mère with an ordinary pistol.
Gero Gero Gun Infobox.png
Miss Father's Day's Gero Gero Gun.
Yellow Gun Infobox.png
Mr. 7's Yellow Gun.
Braham Wielding Flash Guns.png
Braham's Flash Guns.
Nero's Derringers.png
Nero's derringer guns.
St. Charlos Flintlock.png
Saint Charlos's gold-plated pistol.
Caesar's Flintlock.png
Caesar Clown's double-barreled pistol.
Doflamingo's Pistol.png
Donquixote Doflamingo's ornate flintlock pistol.

Revolvers[edit | edit source]

A revolver (リボルバー Riborubā?) closely resembles a pistol in size and shape, but carries its ammunition in an external cylinder with multiple chambers. To fire, a loaded chamber must individually align with the barrel; after a chamber has expended its shot, the cylinder is rotated (either manually or by trigger pull, depending on the specific design) until the next chamber aligns.

Though more internally complex - and thus, more difficult to maintain and repair - than most pistols, revolvers are also sturdier, and able to carry more powerful shot.

Named Revolvers[edit | edit source]

Other Notable Revolvers[edit | edit source]

  • Vito wields a pair of large, black revolver flintlocks.[23]
Flintlock .44 Caliber 6 Shot Revolver Infobox.png
Mr. 5's Flintlock .44 Caliber 6 Shot Revolver.
Vito's Revolver.png
Vito's revolver flintlock.
Walker Infobox.png
Charlotte Pudding's Walker 36 Caliber Percussion Revolver.

Rifles[edit | edit source]

A rifle (ライフル Raifuru?) is a long-barreled firearm designed for more accurate long-distance shooting. Due to their size, rifles are typically operated with two hands, and mounted on the shoulder (or some other stable surface) when in use.

(It should be noted that "rifle" technically refers to a specific type of barrel design that fits the barrel's interior with spiral grooves, producing a spinning - and stronger - shot. However, common parlance has accepted it as a generic term for almost any long-barreled firearm, including "smoothbore" designs.)

Rifles are standard-issue weapons for most military forces, particularly Marine infantrymen. They are also favored by a number of individual snipers.

Named Rifles[edit | edit source]

Other Notable Rifles[edit | edit source]

Benn Beckman Anime Infobox.png
Benn Beckman with a rifle resting on his shoulders.
Senriku Infobox.png
Van Augur's rifle, Senriku.
Utase Ami.png
Hammond's trawl net rifle.
Scotch Prepares to Shoot Brownbeard.png
One of Rock and Scotch's rifles.

Bazookas[edit | edit source]

A bazooka (バズーカ Bazūka?) is a large, shoulder-mounted weapon designed to launch explosive or other specialized missiles. They are typically used against enemies or vehicles too large or well-armored for other firearms to penetrate.

(The term bazooka - much like rifle - once referred to a specific make of weapon, but has long since become a generic term for many different weapons sharing only a few common traits. Those of One Piece, in particular, often bear a closer resemblance to the hand-mortars of the 17th and 18th centuries.)

Named Bazookas[edit | edit source]

  • Shokuatari Meatball (食あたり砲弾ミートボール Shokuatari Mītobōru?): Patty's lobster-shaped bazooka, wielded against especially dangerous visitors to the Baratie.
  • Lassoo (ラッス Rassū?): Mr. 4's main firearm, designed to shoot baseball-themed time bombs. At some point it was "fed" a Zoan-class Devil Fruit.[31]
  • Burn Bazooka (燃焼砲バーンバズーカ Bān Bazūka?): A Skypiean weapon that can launch both conventional shells and (if equipped with a properly-charged Breath Dial) huge columns of flame. Wyper is the best-known user of this weapon, though Conis also managed to acquire one by unknown means.
  • KX Launcher (KXランチャー Kē-Ekkusu Ranchā?): A weapon designed to launch needle-tipped missiles carrying ultra-lethal poison, developed by Caesar Clown.

Other Notable Bazookas[edit | edit source]

Lassou Gun.png
Lassoo in his cannon-gun form.
Wyper's Burn Bazooka.png
Wyper's Burn Bazooka.
Absalom's Bazooka.png
Absalom's arm-mounted bazooka.
Rindo's Bazooka.png
Rindo's bazooka, equipped with a giant harpoon as ammunition.
Curiel's Bazooka.png
Curiel's various bazookas and guns.
Jalmack Anime Infobox.png
Jalmack's bazooka-styled rifle.
Mounblutain Anime Infobox.png
Mounblutain's bazooka, one of the smallest seen thus far.
KX Launcher Infobox.png
The KX Launcher.

Gatling Guns[edit | edit source]

A Gatling gun (ガトリング銃 Gatoringu-jū?) is a multi-barreled firearm that can, through a combination of internal rotating mechanisms and gravity-fed ammunition, fire (and reload) hundreds of shots within a minute.

Due to its complex design and high capacities, the typical Gatling gun is usually even larger and bulkier than a bazooka. As a result, many of their wielders possess either Devil Fruit abilities (e.g. Caribou's Numa Numa no Mi) or prosthetics that can physically integrate them.

Notable Examples[edit | edit source]

Coribou's Gatling gun (manga).
Coribou's Gatling Gun in the Anime.png
Coribou's Gatling gun (anime).
Numa Numa no Gatling Gun.png
Caribou's Gatling gun.
Baby 5 Anime Infobox.png
Baby 5's Gatling gun.
Gotti Threatens Sanji.png
Gotti's right arm weapon.
Queen's Gatling Gun.png
Queen's Gatling gun.

Uncategorized Types[edit | edit source]

Certain firearms are - thus far - too unique or unorthodox to be classified with the above.

Notable Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Don Krieg's Wootz steel armor boasts two gun barrels under each shoulder shield, and six lining the main carapace. Through unknown means, he can fire all of these at once while wielding his dual-pistols.[13]
    • His left shoulder shield also contains many built-in projectile launchers: a large one in the center for his infamous MH-5 shell, and a dozen smaller ones along the rim for shooting spears.[41]
  • As "Mr. 8", Igaram wielded a saxophone with a built-in shotgun.[42] He also installed multiple gun-barrels into his hair curls, loaded with explosive shot and activated by his necktie.[43]
  • Franky's cyborg body incorporates several built-in firearms, presumably fueled by Cola:
    • His "BF-36" model incorporated a bazooka in his left arm ("Weapons Left"), an explosive pellet-launcher in his left wrist ("Beans Left"), a pistol in his left index finger ("Ouch Finger"), and mini-cannons in his shoulders ("Franky Destroyer Cannon").
    • His current "BF-37" model incorporates multiple gun barrels in his left knuckles ("Weapons Left"), as well as cannons and rocket launchers in his shoulders ("Franky Rocket Launcher/Cannon").
  • Duval's harpoon gun, which shoots harpoons laced with scorpion venom.
  • Saint Rosward possesses a cane gun, presumably for self-defense.
Krieg opening 10.png
Krieg's shoulder shield, with MH-5 launcher ready.
Igaram installed flintlock barrels into his hair curls.
Duval's Harpoon Gun.png
Duval's harpoon gun (larger version).
Sanji Disarms Rosward.png
Rosward's cane gun.

Non-Canon Firearms[edit | edit source]

Firearms wielded by non-canon characters or characters that are not shown wielding them in the manga.

Notable Examples[edit | edit source]

Pocket Pistol.png
A three-barreled flintlock used by the Marines.
Whitebeard Pirate's Pistols.png
A Whitebeard Pirate member wielding a revolver (left hand) and a Luger pistol (right hand).
Bear King Anime Infobox.png
Bear King's drill-bullet firing pistol.
Corto's Firearms.png
Corto's two, five-barreled guns.
Ain's Guns.png
Ain's two, large-barreled guns.
Dick's Bazooka.png
Dick's bazooka, which takes the appearance of a giant flintlock.[44]
Prescorraci Rifle.png
Scorpion's Prescorraci Rifle, a backpack water gun loaded with acid.[45]
Alpacacino Half Bazooka.png
Alpacacino in his bazooka form.[46]

Artillery[edit | edit source]

Artillery refers to heavy military ranged weapons. They're not usually meant for handheld purposes, unlike firearms.

Cannon[edit | edit source]

A defense cannon used in Marineford.

A cannon ( ?) is an often large, heavy piece of artillery that uses explosive material, such as gunpowder, to launch projectiles of considerable size compared to bullets, such as cannonballs or bombshells. Cannons can be mobile or stationary, and may vary in size, sometimes requiring the operation of more than one individual to work properly. Cannons predated portable firearms for several years, having been an indispensable weapon in military and naval warfare through centuries due to their power and range.

Long-range cannons utilized by the Beast Pirates, made in Wano.

Cannons also see widespread use throughout the series, as practically every ship is equipped with at least one cannon as a defensive measure, be they Pirate or Marine ships. Most crews, be they pirate or Marine, have one or many people whose jobs are to maintain and operate the cannons. These people have been referred to as Cannoneers. Most crews have at least one or multiple cannoneers, depending on the the size of the crew and the numbers of cannons available on a ship. The number of ships under a crew's control plays a factor, with examples including Marine Fleets and pirate fleets who have several members operating the cannons. Marine cannons appear to be more technologically advanced as they can function like gun turrets, allowing for better aiming. The Beasts Pirates, meanwhile, have special long-ranged cannons that can fire precise shots from afar. Cannons are also commonly found in other military structures such as Marineford.

Named Cannons[edit | edit source]

  • Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Bliking Cannon (ロイヤルドラムクラウン7連散弾ショットブリキング大砲キャノン Roiyaru Doramu Kuraun Nana-ren Shotto Burikingu Kyanon?): A multi-barreled cannon owned by Wapol, having been stored somewhere in his former castle.
  • Demi Cannon (デミ・キャノン Demi Kyanon?): A cannon meant to be installed onto ships, used as a handheld cannon by Tilestone.
  • Gaon Cannon (ガオン砲 Gaon Hō?): A cannon that fires a powerful air blast.
  • King Cannon (キング砲 Kingu Hō?): A non-canon cannon mounted on a four-wheeled tank, capable of firing devastating shells.

Tank[edit | edit source]

Chopper riding the Brachio Tank V.

A tank is an armoured vehicle usually equipped with a mounted cannon and treads that allow it to traverse rough terrain.

The Brachio Tank V is an example of a tank. Plated with Wapometal, it can form the Iron Pirate General Franky, a combat robot, when docked together with the Kurosai FR-U IV.

There are land outposts on Whole Cake Island known as Tarte Tanks, variations of the Tartes ships.

Translation and Dub Issues[edit | edit source]

Due to the heavy controversy surrounding gun ownership - and media depiction - in the United States, 4Kids Entertainment has used a number of different censorship methods on the many firearms featured in the anime:

  • Those that inflicted no story-significant violence - e.g. Don Krieg's pistols and most Marine rifles - were usually recolored and/or modified to seem more toy-like, but allowed to fire uncensored.
  • Those used in story-significant threats but not fired - e.g. Kaya's pistol - were usually replaced with "lesser" weapons such as slingshots.
  • Those that inflicted story-significant violence - e.g. Arlong's pistol - were usually removed entirely, and the corresponding scenes rewritten to reduce or avert the violence.

Dialogue was also thoroughly censored to remove most explicit mentions, and firearms-themed attacks often renamed. Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol, for instance, was changed to Gum Gum Blast.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Guns and gunplay have fascinated Eiichiro Oda from a young age, tying into his love of Westerns. Indeed, his debut work Wanted! (predating One Piece by nearly five years) featured an outlaw gunslinger as its protagonist.
  • Several attacks, such as Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum, are named after models and concepts introduced long after flintlocks became obsolete in real life. Whether this means models like the LAR Grizzly Mag pistol (or some in-story equivalent) exist in the world of One Piece remains to be seen.

References[edit | edit source]

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