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Fireworks[2] is an anime-only port town in Paradise where the Fire works Festival is held once a year.[1]


The town has a very basic shape, with mountains at the top. Odama's family workshop is at the top of said mountains. There is also a graveyard near the eastern side of the town where Kodama's parents are buried.[1]


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Life on the town revolves around the annual Fire works Festival that takes place when the Straw Hats land. There are many shops and homes near the harbor, but the real focus of the island takes place in the mountainous regions north of there. Odama and his granddaughter Kodama live there, as well as several other Firework Launchers. The family has been making fireworks for 400 years.[1]



For 400 years, Odama's family have made fireworks and launched them in the annual Fire works Festival.

One year before the Straw Hats landed on Fireworks, Kodama's parents were killed when they tried to launch the Ball 205 firework and it malfunctioned. In spite of this, Odama and Kodama continued working on fireworks for the next year's festival.[1]

Post-Alabasta ArcEdit

The Straw Hat Pirates arrived on the day of the Fire works Festival, though they had only stopped to restock their gunpowder. After learning about the festival from Kodayan, Usopp ventured up to Odama's workshop. His request for gunpowder was rejected, but he met Kodama, who thought he was an aspiring apprentice. She asked for his help setting off the Ball 205, which she wanted to keep secret from her grandfather. The launch team told Odama of Kodama's plan, she stormed off to her parents grave in frustration and sadness. There, Usopp pretended to speak for her parents and convinced her that she should still be proud of her other accomplishments as a pyrotechnician. To Kodama's surprise, Usopp had discovered a method to launch Ball 205, and with Odama's help, they launched in the Fire works Festival's grand finale. Kodama vowed to someday make a firework of that scale on her own, and Odama finally fulfilled Usopp's request for gunpowder.[1]


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