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Firs Island was one of the non-canon Endpoints and a Marine Base in the New World.[1]


Firs Island has a large volcano on the island, and underneath it houses a heavily armed Marine Base, containing a large bridge linking to the inside. Inside the heavy duty security chamber is where the Marines stored the Dyna Stones.[1]

As one of the three Endpoints, Firs Island acts as a seal to the vast quantities of subterranean magma underneath the New World. Should sufficient damage be inflicted onto this Endpoint, it will cause the volcano to erupt in a very devastating burst.[1]


Firs Island's Bay.png
Island bay.
Firs Island's Rotating Cannon Tower.png
Rotating cannon tower.
Firs Island's Main Bridge.png
Main bridge.
The Interior of Firs Island's Marine Base.png
Marine base interior.
Firs Island's Dyna Stones Chamber.png
Dyna Stones chamber.


Z's Ambition Arc

Following Shuzo's defeat at the hands of Monkey D. Luffy and his imprisonment in Impel Down, the Neo Marines arrived at Firs Island.[2]

One Piece Film: Z

Firs Island exploding.

Upon landing on Firs Island at nighttime, the Neo Marines attacked the Marine base on this island, plowing a way for Z to steal the Dyna Stones, which he requires to execute his Grand Reboot plan. While loading the weapons of mass destruction onto his fleet, Z was intercepted by Admiral Borsalino. A brief but intense battle taking place, Z used one of the Dyna Stones to scare off Borsalino, and destroy the island at the same time, causing a massive volcanic eruption.[1]


  • The island's name is a pun: When read with Japanese suffix "-to" ( island?), it can be read as the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "first" (ファースト fāsuto?). This refers to it being the first Endpoint to be shown.


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