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A Challenge from Master ~Escape!! Punk Hazard~ is the fourth volume of Fischer's x One Piece - Search for the 7 Treasures, including chapters 17 - 21.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The dust-jacket depicts the Fischer's Pirates in a variety of scenarios: Silk Road stands in front, in Luffy's outfit; Ndaho stands large behind him, breathing out mist; Masai and Motoki stand to Silk Road's left and right, in their "Fish-Man" forms; Dama is held in place by Ndaho's hand to Silk Road's bottom right; Zakao plays the One Piece Card Game in his bottom left; and Lip Shark yells in shock behind Motoki.

Behind the Fischer's Pirates stand various other characters: Hody Jones holds a jar behind Masai, the Punk Hazard Gigantification research kids yell behind Motoki, Wanze stands between Masai and Silk Road, and Caesar Clown laughs behind Zakao.

The inside cover shows Ndaho preparing to eat Masai and crushing Dama while the other Fischer's Pirates react in shock. Zakao makes a perverted face while looking at his cards.

The cover is based on Volume 69.

Author's Note[]

Author's Notes
Fischer's x One Piece 004 Intro Image


Chapter 17[]

Trying to be a Fish-Man!? Rampage at the Undersea Sports Festival!! (魚人になってみた!?海底大運動会で大暴れ!!, Gyojin ni natte mita!? Kaitei dai undōkai de dai abare!!?)

Chapter 18[]

A Challenge from Master ~Escape!! Punk Hazard~ (Mマスターからの挑戦状〜脱出せよ!!パンクハザード〜, Masutā kara no chōsen-jō 〜 dasshutsu seyo!! Pankuhazādo〜?)

Chapter 19[]

Where Are We!? The Mysterious Carvador Island!! (ここはどこ!? 謎のカーバドル島!!, Koko wa doko!? Nazo no Kābadoru-tō!!?)

Chapter 20[]

A Fierce Battle!! The Carvador Island Card Tournament! (激闘!! カーバドル島カード大会!, Gekitō!! Kābadoru-tō Kādo Taikai!?)

Chapter 21[]

A Close Look at Life on Board!? A Day at Fischer's!! (船上生活に密着!? Fischer'sの一日!!, Senjō Seikatsu ni Mitchaku!? Fisshā's no Tsuitachi!!?)


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