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Not to be confused with Fish-Man Island.

Fisherman Island[1] is a non-canon island in Paradise that the Randolph Theater troupe visited and gave his last performance.[2]


Fisherman Island is a forested island with mountainous terrain and a small peninsula where Randolph Theater docked. The strip of land between the main body of the island and the peninsula is lined with stalls.[2]



Ten years before the Straw Hat Pirates arrived, Randolph Theater visited Fisherman Island for a performance.[2]

Sky Island Saga

Protect! The Last Great Performance

Randolph Theater returned to Fisherman Island to hold Randolph's final performance. The Straw Hat Pirates were visiting the island when they heard about the troupe's play and decided to attend. However, they went to the theater before the performance started and walked in, exploring behind the stage and trying on costumes. They witnessed Randolph and his companions practice a scene, and as the group finished, Lola and two other actors came in to quit. With only three hours until showtime, Randolph and Suita were unsure of what to do, but the Straw Hat Pirates offered to play stand-ins for them. Suita gave them their lines, and the crew prepared for the show.

Because none of the Straw Hat Pirates are actors, the play veered off course and devolved into borderline chaos until Randolph appeared at the end of Act 1, declaring that he will defeat all pirates in the name of justice. The crew is taken aback, and they talk with the actors backstage during intermission. The actors told the crew about Randolph's past as a Marine, and Suita realized that the stand-ins were pirates. Randolph confronted the Straw Hat Pirates and began to fight Luffy. Randolph stood his own but was injured, so they decided to finish their fight after the play was over.

Suddenly, Governor showed up and arrested Randolph, claiming that he had weapons on his ship. Governor revealed that he held a grudge against Randolph for nearly martialing him in the past and sought to ruin actor. Luffy tried to save Randolph but was dropped through a trap door. Lola and the other actors who quit visited Governor and claimed to be witnesses to the illegal arms possession, as they were working with the commander. Governor put Randolph in a jail cell.

The Straw Hat Pirates came to Randolph's aid, rescuing him from Governor and returning him to his theater. Randolph and the other actors finished their play while Luffy and his crew defeated the Marines. Governor's subordinate Lego learned of the commander's plot to frame Randolph and abandoned him. Luffy punched Governor into the air, and Randolph concluded his play by declaring that pirates can be good people and that those who lose loved ones to villainy should press on.

The Straw Hat Pirates left Fisherman Island without saying goodbye to Randolph but knew that they had helped the actor, hoping to meet him again someday.[2]


Fisherman Island is named.

  • Fisherman Island's name was not mentioned at all in the episode special or the credits, but was printed on the front cover of the special's DVD release.


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