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Seiyū: Masato Hirano , Yasunori Masutani , Keiichi Noda , Kenichi Ogata , and Keiichi Sonobe

The heads of the Government are the Gorōsei (五老星 Five Elder Stars). They are the five men who rule above the Marines, the Cipher Pol and made a pact with the Shichibukai. They rule the entire world.


They are best described as (along with anime/manga only specifics):

  • Rabbi-like Gorousei: 1st from the right. Has most sentences in his part, where the Gorousei are introduced.
  • Tall, thin, moustached Gorousei: 2nd from right: He spoke with Clover.[1] In the anime version, he is silent the entire time. He has so far, been only seen standing.
  • Bald Gorousei: 3rd from the right. Has large birth-mark spots on his forehead. In the anime version, he is silent the entire time, while in the manga, it was he who picked up Luffy's new poster and commented on Crocodiles treachery and how they cannot allow Luffy to run loose.
  • Mahatma Gandi-like Gorousei: 4th from right. The eldest looking, bald man wearing glasses and having a samurai sword beside him. He is the only member of the Gorousei who wears a white gí, instead of a black suit. Also, he is the only one without facial hair, although in the manga he had a mustache.
  • Young Gorousei: 5th from right. Apparently the youngest member by appearance. He has blond hair and a beard. In the anime version, he is silent the entire time. He's also the one who gives answer to the marine soldier who reports that Shanks and Whitebeard have successfully met each other.


Similarities, shared by at least two Gorousei are:

  • 4 appeared elderly, while 1 of them appears slightly younger.
  • 4 of them wear black suits, 1 of them wears a white gí.
  • 3 have shown to have large scars.

First Appearance: Chapter 233; Episode 151

Known Knowledge

The tall thin one with the moustache (second from right) spoke with Professor Clover and ordered Spandine to kill him. They have shown to have at least a basic knowledge of the occurrences of the Void Century, according to their shocked reactions to professor Clover's statements. They showed a paranoid fear of someone reviving the ancient weapons, twenty years ago, when speaking with Clover, however they were revealed to have possessed side motives when speaking of these dangers.[1] Beside from that, they are known as the strongest world government/marines offical.

History of Involvements

Commencing Buster Call. All ships start the attack. Target everything on the island of archeology Ohara. The research done by Ohara's scholars has exceeded our expectations. That knowledge could be passed on. We must not let the exposure be anywhere else but on this island. Completely obliterate the demons living in Ohara! In the name of Justice!"

A Gorousei orders the annihilation of the island of Ohara.

They were around for 20 years when they ordered the Buster Call against Ohara in 1502 AOS.

In 1510 AOS, Spandam manipulated them to give him the authority to allow him to seek out the blueprints for Pluton.

In 1522 AOS by storyline, they appeared for the first time when they were discussing the situation around Shanks and Whitebeard. [2]They tried to keep Whitebeard and Shanks apart. They were also distress with Crocodile and his actions in Arabasta and his subsequent dismissal from the Shichibukai. Later they heard of Aokiji sneaking out of the Marine HQ and grew disappointed in him and labeled him as the strongest man in the Marines. They remarked that he should be careful with his rank. Later after the Enies Lobby Raid, they were shocked to hear that Shanks had successfully met Whitebeard.


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