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Flip is the leader of the Collection Party in the Ruluka Government. He is an antagonist of the anime-only Ruluka Island Arc. He is the son of Wetton and the father of Lake.[1]


Flip is an old man, being at least 50 years old. He has red hair and a mustache, similar to his father, and just like him, he has thick black eyebrows.


Flip is a somewhat cruel man who enjoys making others feel guilty. He also seems to enjoy the townspeople's panic of his and the Collection Party's arrival.[1]

Flip is prone to shout secrets out loud like his son, Lake, much to his father, Wetton's, chagrin. In his childhood, Flip peed in his pants all the time, according to Ian.

Abilities and Powers

During his whole screentime, he had not demonstrated any fighting ability. His chief way of interrogating the citizens to pay them their outrageous taxes is by the sheer numbers of the armed soldiers under his command, or by sheer mistreatment of the citizens and stealing their money right of their person.[1]

During the battle with Sanji and Chopper, he used a bazooka that fired a net on them in preparation for Wetton's Silver Barbecue attack.


Flip first appeared when the Straw Hat Pirates were eating at a restaurant when Flip and the Collection Party arrived. Flip welcomed everyone and commented on all of the food they where eating. He told his party to forcibly take one man's wallet who was eating, charging him with the eating tax. Flip then walked over to Henzo and told everyone how their tax money was being spent on Henzo's research, all in an attempt to make the scientist feel guilty. He then noticed that Luffy was eating a large portion and charged him with a large portion tax. Luffy told Flip that Usopp would cover the bill.[1]

He is arrested, along with his father and son, by Rapanui Pasqua.


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