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The Florian Triangle is a stretch of sea that must be sailed through when traveling from Water 7 to Fish-Man Island. It is notorious for the large number of ships that mysteriously go missing within it.[2]

The former Warlord Gecko Moria and his crew previously resided in the Florian Triangle on their ship, Thriller Bark. Because of this, the Florian Triangle serves as the overarching setting of the Thriller Bark Saga.


The Florian Triangle's most notable feature is the incredibly thick fog that covers the entire sea, which is dense enough to completely block out sunlight and make it impossible to tell whether it is night or day. This fog is not a permanent fixture of the sea however, as demonstrated at the end of the Thriller Bark Arc, where the sky was clear and the sun was able to shine during the daytime for multiple days before the fog returned.

Many people travel through the Florian Triangle, as it seems to be necessary to do so in order to advance further through the sea route from Water 7 to Fish-Man Island. Because of this, Gecko Moria set up Thriller Bark inside of the Florian Triangle in order to capture people traveling through the sea and steal their shadows to contribute to his zombie army.

The gigantic unidentified entities of the Florian Triangle.

Over 100 ships disappear every year in the Florian Triangle, and are often found afterwards without their crews.[2] While some of these disappearances are due to Moria's scheme, it is noted that ships in the area vanished long before the arrival of Thriller Bark. The cause of this appears to be unidentified entities that dwell within the Florian Triangle. Nothing is known about these entities, except that they appear to have red eyes and are massive in size. They are large enough to completely dwarf Thriller Bark, an island-sized pirate ship, possibly making them some of the biggest beings to appear in the series thus far. Despite their size, they appear to be unknown by the outside world, as no rumors mention anything like them. They were barely able to be noticed by Lola through the fog.[3]



It is unknown how long ago ships began going missing in the Florian Triangle, except that it started happening much longer than 12 years ago.[3]

52 years ago,[4] the Rumbar Pirates sailed into the Florian Triangle and were attacked by another pirate crew. Everyone on their ship died except for Brook, whose soul returned to his body after being lost in the fog for a year.[5] Due to the ship's rudder being broken,[6] Brook preceded to drift aimlessly in the Florian Triangle for the next 44 years, which created rumors of a ghost ship manned by a dead crew due to his skeletal appearance.[2]

12 years ago,[3] Gecko Moria and his crew anchored Thriller Bark in the Florian Triangle and began capturing any ships that sailed into the sea after being marked by barrels with signal flares in them.[5] Moria used his Devil Fruit ability to steal the shadows of his victims and would then send them back out to sea.[6]

7 years ago, Brook happened to come across Thriller Bark and searched the island hoping for a way to fix his ship's rudder. However, his shadow was stolen by Moria and, after returning to the island a second time, he was ultimately forced back out to sea where he drifted for another 5 years.[6]

During the month in which the events of the Water 7 Saga took place, 14 ships went missing in the Florian Triangle.[2]

Thriller Bark Saga

While traveling to Fish-Man Island, the Straw Hat Pirates came across and accidentally set off one of Moria's signal flare barrels, thus making themselves targets of Thriller Bark. Shortly after this, a storm forced the crew into the Florian Triangle, where they then met Brook.[1] The Straw Hats and Brook were then taken in by Thriller Bark, and Luffy, having befriended Brook, decided to fight Moria in order to recover Brook's shadow.[5]

After Moria was defeated, he abandoned the island and fled the Florian Triangle with what remained of his crew.[7] With their shadows returned, Brook and the other victims of Moria who were stuck on Thriller Bark were finally able to leave the Florian Triangle.[3]

After the Timeskip

At some point after the timeskip,[8] Moria returned to reclaim Thriller Bark and removed it from the Florian Triangle.[9]


  • The Florian Triangle is directly based on the real-world region of the ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle, which is famous for being the subject of urban legends that claim that many ships and aircraft have mysteriously disappeared while traveling through it.[10]
    • The kanji that make up the name of the Florian Triangle are identical to the kanji in the Japanese translation of the other common name of the Bermuda Triangle, the "Devil's Triangle" (魔の三角地帯 Ma no Sankaku Chitai?)
    • The name "Florian" is likely derived from the name of the American state of Florida, which is one of the three locations that make up the points of the Bermuda Triangle. The first three characters in the Japanese spellings of "Florian" (フロリアン Furorian?) and "Florida" (フロリダ Furorida?) are the same.
  • The mysterious entities living in the Florian Triangle greatly resemble traditional depictions of umibōzu, enormous sea monsters said to drown sailors.
  • Coincidentally, when the Straw Hat Pirates first learned about the Florian Triangle from Kokoro, some of them made casual comments about what they thought they might encounter there,[2] all of which came true in some form:
    • Chopper feared that they might encounter ghosts, which they did, in the form of Perona and her ability.
    • Luffy hoped that they might meet a living skeleton, which they did, in the form of Brook.
    • Nami feared that they might run into ghost ships, and they technically encountered two, one being the Rumbar Pirates' old ship and the other being Thriller Bark.
    • Robin mentioned rumors of ghost ships containing treasure, and Thriller Bark held a vast horde of it.
    • Zoro hoped that he could find a sword among the treasure, and his hope was answered when he acquired Shusui after defeating Ryuma.


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