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The Flower Capital is a region of Wano Country that was under the rule of Kurozumi Orochi until Kaido betrayed and killed him leaving the shogun position vacant although Kaido was nominating Yamato to become the next shogun but she refused.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Flower Capital is currently the only location in Wano to be prosperous, due to the shogun Orochi's corrupt administration.[2] Despite this, various crimes run rampant throughout the capital, such as crossroad killings[3] committed by a magistrate and Kamazo, theft by Ushimitsu Kozo,[4] and racketeering from the Kyoshiro Family.[5]

By law, the citizens of Flower Capital must have money. Anyone who runs out for any reason will be exiled.[6]

Layout and Locations[edit | edit source]

The capital is divided into areas known as districts, each covering several streets including the 2nd district's 8th [7] and 6th streets.[8]

Districts[edit | edit source]

Red-Light District[edit | edit source]

The Red-Light District (遊廓ゆうかく Yūkaku?)[9] is an area of the Flower Capital where people are sold to perform services, predominantly prostitution. Komurasaki the oiran lived here.[10] When the 8-year-old Tama was captured by the Beasts Pirates, they considered selling her in the Red-Light District.[11] "Red-light district" is the real world term for places where prostitutes and sex shops are concentrated.

Rasetsu Town[edit | edit source]

The prison at Rasetsu Town.

Rasetsu Town (羅刹町 Rasetsu-chō?) is an area of the Flower Capital where,[12] up to 1,000 people,[13] are imprisoned for crimes against the shogun and Kaido, including showing loyalty to their enemies, the Kozuki Family. It has a large two-story prison with a lattice fence on the ground level surrounded by pikes so citizens could see the price of betrayal. The second level has traditional vertical bars. There is a large kanji "牢" above the entrance.[12] Rasetsu is the Japanese name for the Hindu figure Rakshasa.

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

Orochi Castle[edit | edit source]

Orochi Castle (オロチ城 Orochi-jō?) is where the shogun Kurozumi Orochi resides. It is located on a large plant at the center of the capital.[14] Inside is a banquet hall, where Orochi entertains guests,[15] a storage room,[16] a well and space inside the roof for ninja to hide.[17] In the basement, behind a heavy door, is a poneglyph surrounded by kokeshi dolls.[18]

School[edit | edit source]

A school where children are fed propaganda by Sarahebi on Wano's history.[19]

Soba Stands[edit | edit source]

Along with Sanji's,[20] there are a few soba stands throughout the city like the one on 6th street in the 2nd district.[21]

Sakyo[edit | edit source]

Sakyo (左京 Sakyō?) is where a tall pagoda is located behind Orochi's Castle, and it is where Kyoshiro resides.[22]

Pawn Shop[edit | edit source]

A pawn shop (?) where blueprints of Kaido's fortress were held until Kumagoro bought them.[23]

Longhouses[edit | edit source]

The Longhouses are owned by Kobe and one of his tenants is Kumagoro.[23]

Bath House[edit | edit source]

The Bath House (湯屋 Yuya?) is a popular location for the residents to relax. According to Shinobu, it is unisex and the water there is warmer as that is the way the residents prefer. It is runned by large male octopi. Being a popular location, discussions held there are easy to eavesdrop upon and gather information.[24]

Outside the City[edit | edit source]

Mt. Fuji[edit | edit source]

Right on the Flower Capital's southwest border is an extremely tall mountain called Mt. Fuji (藤山 Fuji-yama?). It reaches up into the sky, with its summit reaching the clouds.[25]

It may have been named after the real-life Mt. Fuji, a well-known symbol and the highest mountain in Japan.

Dock[edit | edit source]

A dock outside the capital where Brook, Robin, Usopp and Toko escaped.[26]

Ebisu Town[edit | edit source]

For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 930.

Ebisu Town; with the Flower Capital in the background.

Directly to the east of the city is a leftovers town called Ebisu Town (えびす町 Ebisu-chō?).[27] Much of it is made of longhouses. Its residents, while extremely poor, all follow a philosophy of always being positive and constantly laugh about their troubles.[28] In reality, this is because they are unable to express any other emotions, no matter how they really feel, due to the effects of eating the leftover defective SMILE fruits.[29] After Sanji fled from city, he regrouped with Law, Franky and Usopp here.[30]

The town may have been named after Ebisu, one of the Seven Gods of Fortune who was known as "the laughing god" as he was mirthful in spite of his hardships, similar to the residents of the town. But, while the god's mirthfulness is genuine, the residents' smiles are described as masks that they are incapable of taking off.

Citizens[edit | edit source]

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Flower Capital
Kurozumi Orochi  Kozuki Sukiyaki 
Denjiro Kuni Kaku Suke
Fukurokuju Daikoku Raijin Fujin Hanzo
Chome Jigoku Benten Bishamon Yazaemon Kazekage
Other Citizens
Minatomo Urashima Toko  * Komurasaki  Sarahebi
Kumagoro Kobe Kisegawa Tokijiro Rakuda
Kurokoma * Geisha Master Magistrate * ?????
Ebisu Town
Shimotsuki Yasuie  Bingo Bongo Bungo Han
Saki ?????

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History[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

In the past, Wano Country was ruled by the Kozuki Family, with Kozuki Sukiyaki being the shogun. Sukiyaki banished his son, Kozuki Oden, to the Kuri region due to his rebellious acts.[31]

After the Beasts Pirates took over the country, Kurozumi Orochi was declared the new shogun, and kept the country isolated from the rest of the world.[19]

Under the shogun's rule, the capital prospered while the rest of Wano suffered a great decline in resources.[2]

At a certain point in time, Kamazo started murdering the capital residents for an unknown reason.[3][4]

Wano Country Arc[edit | edit source]

As part of their plan to take down Kaido, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance infiltrated the capital under aliases and began their plan to covertly acquire information and allies.[32][33] Due to him carrying Shusui, Roronoa Zoro was accused of a series of murders, which landed him on trial by the real culprit.[34]

After his defeat in Kuri, the news about Monkey D. Luffy reached his crewmates.[35] However, the alliance's plan continued as planned.[36]

Similar to Zoro, Sanji also attracted unwanted attention from the Kyoshiro Family,[5] and as a result, was targeted by assassins from the Beasts Pirates.[22] At the same time, the Oiran Komurasaki traveled toward Orochi Castle for a banquet. On the way, she and her escorts encountered Bingo who revealed Komurasaki's true nature, but was exiled from the capital due to his status.[37]

Afterwards, Franky returned to his undercover job as a carpenter under Minatomo guidance, in hopes of finding the blueprints of Kaido's resident on Onigashima. However, Minatomo revealed that he no longer has them. Franky was fired for lashing out and he began searching for them by visiting every person who had them. Meanwhile, Orochi had a meeting with CP-0 and had high demands for the the export of weapons, before starting his banquet to celebrate the upcoming Fire Festival. Back on the streets of Wano, Queen's assassins were revealed to be X Drake and Page One.[38]

As the Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law escaped the scene, Page One started destroying any shops he saw and told the owners to call for Sangoro to reveal himself. Despite Law's warnings, Sanji confronted and attacked Page One.[39]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 花の都 can be translated as "City of Flowers", which is one of the names of Tokyo.
  • Mt. Fuji is a reference to the real world mountain in Japan.

References[edit | edit source]

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