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The Flower Hill is a hill in Dressrosa.

Layout and Locations

A frontal view of Flower Hill.

The flower fields are a lovely field that are full of sunflowers with one big tree that is in the middle of the field.

Hidden beneath the flower field are the secret headquarters of the Riku Royal Army.

This is also the place where Rebecca's mother, Scarlett, is buried.



10 years ago, Rebecca's mother, Scarlett, met her end when she tried to get food for her daughter. While Rebecca was waiting alone in the red flower field, Thunder Soldier returned to her with Scarlett's body. Afterwards, they gave Scarlett a burial.

Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

Thunder Soldier and the dwarves under his command operate at a secret headquarters hidden beneath the flower field. The dwarves from Tontatta Kingdom gathered here in preparation to assault the factory located beneath the Corrida Colosseum.

When Doflamingo began his bird cage ability, Pica used his powers to raise the flower hill higher, engulfing parts of the town, and raising three rock platforms beneath it. The royal palace also ended up on the top of this hill.[1]


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