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Many different foods exist throughout the world—some similar if not identical to those existing in real life, others strictly fictional.



Fruits (果実 Kajitsu?) are the sweet and fleshy product of a plant that contains seed and can be eaten as food. There are hundreds of different variety of fruits. They also become "hosts" for Devil Fruit powers.

Charlotte Compote is the Minister of Fruits in Totto Land. She was shown wearing a giant bowl of fruit parfait as a hat. It consists of several fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, mangos, and a cherry at its top.

Freshly harvested fruits from Kuri's Paradise Farm.
Compote Manga Color Scheme.png
Compote wearing her fruit parfait hat.
Monjii Next to a Basket of Fruit.png
Monjii relaxing with a basket of fruit.

Devil Fruit

Further information: Devil Fruit

The many, varied Devil Fruits.

Devil Fruits (悪魔の実 Akuma no Mi?) are fruits bearing distinctive spiral patterns, said to be magically enchanted by "sea devils"—and taste unbearably disgusting as a rule. The first bite of any Devil Fruit will grant a special power to the eater, at the cost of permanently rendering the eater's body nonfunctional under standing water.

Unlike ordinary fruits, Devil Fruits apparently cannot flower or reproduce; instead, each one is "reincarnated" in the closest ordinary fruit when its current power-user dies. As a result, they are very rare, and a typical specimen may sell for Beli.png100,000,000 or higher.[1]

Interestingly, a number of Devil Fruits grant the power to generate and/or manipulate various food items. These include:

  • Ame Ame no Mi: allows the user to generate, control and become candy syrup.(Non-canon)
  • Fude Fude no Mi: allows the user to turn paintings into 3-dimensional constructs, which can include food (though it may hurt the eater's stomach).
  • Pero Pero no Mi: allows the user to generate and control candy.
  • Bisu Bisu no Mi: allows the user to generate and control biscuits.
  • Bata Bata no Mi: allows the user to generate and control butter.
  • Kuri Kuri no Mi: allows the user to generate and control cream.
  • Shibo Shibo no Mi: allows the user to extract liquid from anything that can become exotic beverages.
  • Mochi Mochi no Mi: allows the user to generate, control and become mochi.
  • Kuku Kuku no Mi: allows the user to turn inorganic material into food that, while nourishing, tastes awful.
  • Kibi Kibi no Mi: allows the user to generate "kibi dango" that, while completely un-nourishing, pacify any animals (and successful SMILE users) that eat them.
Further information: SMILE

Due to the tremendous combat potential of Devil Fruits, scientists Vegapunk and Caesar Clown manufactured Artificial Devil Fruits, with limited success rates and noted risks.

SMILE fruits are deliberately used as a food source at Ebisu Town in Wano Country (passed off as ordinary fruits to most of the population). Most SMILE fruits grant absolutely no powers to eaters and instead leave them unable to express negative emotions as a side-effect. The country's shogun, Kurozumi Orochi, took advantage of this by putting half-eaten SMILE fruits among the leftovers that Ebisu Town receives from the Flower Capital, feeding the Ebisu citizens with the intent of masking the town's gloomy atmosphere with an outwardly happy population.

SMILE fruits, in contrast to actual Devil Fruits, are noted to taste good.[2]


A young Nami with a mikan.

Mikan (蜜柑みかん Mikan?, Tangerines in the English versions) are a type of round citrus fruit with orange skin.

These were a prominent crop on the Conomi Islands—so prominent, in fact, that less-established planters such as Bell-mère had difficulty selling them during good harvests.[3] As her finances shrank, Bell-mère began to eat almost nothing but mikan so she could afford proper meals for Nami and Nojiko; this, much to the girls' disquiet, gave her skin an unusual orange tint.[4]

Following a particularly bitter argument with Nami, Bell-mère tried to make amends by preparing a special roast with mikan sauce. Unfortunately, her cooking-smoke caught the attention of the Arlong Pirates, leading to her murder at Arlong's hands.[5] From then on, Bell-mère's mikan grove would be maintained by Nojiko, as Nami was quickly forced into serving the Arlong Pirates.[6]

Despite these tragedies, mikan remain a significant childhood memento for Nami.[7] After the Straw Hat Pirates permanently ended Arlong's threat, she replaced Arlong's brand with a custom tattoo depicting a mikan on a pinwheel silhouette, and transferred three mikan trees from Bell-mère's grove to a small garden onboard the Going Merry, where they served as a perennial source of vitamins (and temptation for Luffy's appetite).[8][9]

Nami's miniature grove would ultimately outlast the Merry, as it—along with most of the Straw Hats' other effects—was removed and stored in a Water 7 inn after the ship was judged irreparable by Dock 1's shipwrights. Subsequently, Nami thought the trees lost in the Aqua Laguna and fell into a deep depression, until informed that Water 7's citizens had moved them to safer ground some time before.[10] Soon after, the trees were incorporated into the Straw Hats' new ship, in a raised section directly under the main mast and close to the surveying room.[11]

The anime has occasionally invented its own mikan-themed effects for Nami, including a collar-band in the seventh movie, and an envelope seal in the tenth.


Apples (林檎 Ringo?) are round fruit with a typically sweet taste, notable for their relatively long shelf-life compared to most other fruits.

They have appeared several times in the series. Notably, Doc Q handed them out at random in Mock Town, having laced some of them with explosives as a "test" of luck for anyone who accepted them. Luffy took one and immediately ate it, but fortunately, his apple was not a rigged one.[12] Apples are also Enel's favorite food, and he could be often seen eating them.[13]

An apple also served as the "host" for the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl, after the Devil fruit's previous user, Smiley, had perished.[14] Artificial Devil Fruits take on the form of apples with circle-patterns around them.

Doc Q's Apples.png
Doc Q's basket of apples.
Sara Sara no Mi, Model Axolotl Infobox.png
The Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl.
Artificial Devil Fruit Infobox.png
An artificial Devil Fruit.


Luffy tries and fails to eat a conache.

Conache (コナッシュ Konasshu?) are a type of pumpkin-like fruit found in Skypiea, bluish-green and shaped like wheels. Their outer skin is extremely tough, able to resist even Monkey D. Luffy's bites; their undersides, however, can be easily pierced to release the flesh and juices within.[15]


Grapes (グレープ Gurēpu?) are small, purplish berries that usually come in clusters.

Sugar is notably fond of grapes, and is almost always seen carrying a bowl filled with them; she typically spears them on her fingertips before eating them. The Tontatta Tribe tried to exploit this fondness by disguising their Tatababasco pellet as a grape, but Sugar singled out the pellet by smell, thinking it to be poison. Sugar also tried to turn Luffy and Law into toys by offering them grapes as distraction, but was scared into unconsciousness by another of Usopp's projectiles (the Bagworm Star) before she could succeed.[citation needed]

Giant-sized grapes can be found growing in the Whale Forest of Zou; these are extremely juicy, and can be "drunk" simply by piercing the skin with a straw.[citation needed]

Sugar Anime Infobox.png
Sugar eating grapes from a bowl.
Giant Grapes.png
Giant grapes in the Whale Forest.


Bananas (バナナ Banana?) are curved, elongated fruit that usually come in bunches.

Of the Mink Tribe, Bariete and Blackback, a monkey and gorilla mink respectively, stereotypically love bananas, to the point that they can be distracted or bribed by just handing some to them.

The Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe eaten by Kaku took the form of a banana bunch.

One of Usopp's Pop Green, the "Boaty Banana", take on the form of a giant banana that can be used as a boat. Bananawani are giant crocodiles with banana-shaped growths on their heads.

Kuro's, Borsalino's, and Chaka's favorite food are bananas.[16][17][18]

Bariete eating a banana with another one strapped to his back.
Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model Giraffe Infobox.png
The Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe
Boaty Banana.png
Midori Boshi: Boaty Banana.


Marco eating a pineapple.

Pineapples (パイナップル Painappuru?) are large, juicy fruits that possess a tough exterior and a stiff tuft of spiky leaves on top.

They are Marco's favorite food and he can be seen eating one in the past.[19] Also, due to the shape of his head, he is sometimes compared to this fruit.

Horror Pears

Horror Pears (ホラー梨 Horā nashi?) are a fruit that grow on Thriller Bark. After their adventure on Thriller Bark Sanji made a tart from them.[20]


Vegetables (野菜 Yasai?) are certain parts of plants that are consumed as food.


Child Robin being hit by a tomato.

The Tomato (トマト Tomato?) is the edible, often red, fruit of the plant Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as a tomato plant. It can be eaten by itself or mixed into other dishes. particularly salads and sandwiches.

Senor Pink sometimes eats tomato fruits to the protest of his female fans. On at least two occasions, the anime has softened stone-throwing scenes from the manga into tomato-throwing: once when Conis was rebuked for speaking out against Enel, and once when the eight-year-old Nico Robin was bullied by Ohara's other children.[21][22]

Usopp sometimes uses a diversionary technique called Ketchup Boshi, mashing a tomato against his body to mimic blood.



Pumpkins (かぼちゃ Kabocha?) are the plump, orange fruit part of a squash plant. While pumpkins are grown on the Blue Sea, they can also be found in Skypiea.

Before Mont Blanc Noland, there were no pumpkins in Skypiea, but in 1122 Noland visited Jaya and brought pumpkins to the Shandia Tribe.[23] When the Knock Up Stream sent the part of Jaya which later became the Upper Yard to Skypiea, the Skypieans drove the Shandia tribes away from their homeland and found pumpkins there and started growing them themselves. Four hundred years later, pumpkins became a popular food in Skypiea. Gan Fall owns a pumpkin patch and would always say that he loves the smell of pumpkins.


Lettuce (萵苣 Chisha?) is a leafy vegetable.

Kanjuro has drawn lettuces for nutrition while trapped in the toy factory. It is one of Donquixote Rosinante's favorite foods. It is also used to spice a hamburger.


Carrots (人参 Ninjin?) are the edible root part of the plant.

It is Carrot's namesake and favorite food. She is also known to carry several products made from carrot with her, like juice and snacks.

Other Vegetables

Donquixote Rosinante is said to enjoy cabbages. Commonly, a hamburger has onions and pickled cucumber. Totto Land's Milk Island was shown to have humongous French fries (made from potatoes). Scratchmen Apoo's favorite food is yam soup.



The Hito Hito no Mi taking the form of a mushroom.

Mushrooms ( Kinoko?, Alternatively Take or Dake) are the fruiting body of certain fungi. Some are safely edible, while others contain deadly poison.

When Luffy was young, his grandfather commonly "trained" him by abandoning him in the forests of Dawn Island, forcing him to forage for various types of mushrooms. During his initial landing on Amazon Lily, he used this experience on the native mushrooms, with varied—but ultimately near-fatal—results.[24]

Usopp strongly dislikes mushrooms, having been poisoned by one as a child.[25]

The Hito Hito no Mi takes the shape of a mushroom.

Laughing Mushroom

The Laughing Mushroom (ワライダケ Warai-dake?) is apparently native to both Dawn Island and Amazon Lily, and causes sudden fits of laughter when eaten. This effect, largely harmless in itself, may be counteracted by (or used to counteract) another, unnamed species of Amazon Lily mushroom that induces sudden rage when eaten.[24][26]

Grows-Mushrooms-On-Your-Body Mushroom

The Grows-Mushrooms-On-Your-Body Mushroom (カラダカラキノコガハエルダケ Karada-kara-Kinoko-ga-Haeru-dake?, Official English: Body Parasite Mushroom) is a deadly Amazon Lily mushroom that parasitizes the body within hours (if not minutes) of being eaten, sprouting new mushrooms through both skin and orifices. This effect can kill very quickly; the only known cure is to remove the parasite mushrooms and burn away the roots.[24]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Drowsy Mushroom

Drowsy Mushrooms

The Drowsy Mushroom (へたれダケ Hetare-dake?) is a type of mushroom that grows on Mushroom Island and was discovered very recently. Anyone who eats it will briefly lose consciousness. When they come to, they will not have any motivation to do anything. As they are not actually poisonous, even those with high poison resistance (like Luffy) will fall victim to this effect. Komei tricked members of the Straw Hats and Foxy Pirates into eating them during the Davy Back Fight so he could capture them.

Rebound Mushroom

Dojaku holding a Rebound Mushroom.

The Rebound Mushroom (もどるダケ Modoru-dake?) is a type of mushroom which also grows on Mushroom Island. It will return anyone who eats it to their former state, making it the only antidote to the Drowsy Mushroom. Chopper discovered it growing on the skin of Kinoconda, an animal native to Mushroom Island.

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Meat ( Niku?), in its broadest definition, consists of animal flesh—whether raw or cooked. It is commonly harvested from domesticated mammals (e.g. cattle, pigs, sheep) or birds (e.g. chickens, turkeys), but may also be taken from wild animals, including reptiles and amphibians.[27]

Meat has been Monkey D. Luffy's favorite food since childhood.[28] When Luffy is either tired or exhausted, he is able to consume meat in order to promote faster regeneration to recover from exhaustion, and thanks to his rubber metabolism, he is able to recover from even the largest of meals, being full of energy and ready to fight in no time.

Animals that have been seen used as a source of meat in the series include:

Straw Hats Eating Meat.png
The Straw Hats eating various meat dishes.
A large pile of venison (deer meat).

Boiled Chicken

Whole chicken boiled in rich soup.

It is a delicacy in Wano made of top quality chicken boiled in soup and served whole. It was served in Kurozumi Orochi's banquet, but it was thrown away due to the latter's rejection of it.[29]


Seafood (シーフード Shīfūdo?) is made from the flesh of aquatic animals—primarily fish, but also crustaceans such as shrimp, mollusks such as clams, and mammals such as whales. Though technically a form of meat, the gathering and preparation of most seafood is distinct enough to warrant a separate label.

For most ships (and seaside communities), seafood will usually predominate meals, being easier to replenish than land-based foodstuffs. Notably, it is Sanji's (and, implicitly, the entire Baratie's) cooking specialty.[30]

Animals that have been seen used as a source of seafood in the series include:

Seafood Paella and Lobster.png
Seafood Paella and Lobster, two seafood dishes made by Sanji.
Armored Stonefish Cooked By Nami.png
Armoured Stonefish cooked by Nami for the starving crew.


Sashimi (刺身 Sashimi?) consists of very fresh raw fish, sliced into pieces. It was one of the dishes prepared by the Marine chefs of G-8 while demonstrating their cooking skills to Luffy and Sanji. A serving of Sashimi made from Fighting Fish was served to Usopp by the Tontatta tribe after the latter lied about being Noland's descendant. According to Usopp, the Fighting Fish Sashimi tasted delicious. Sashimi is also one of Orochi's favorite foods, particularly when made from tuna.

Fighting Fish Sashimi-1.png
Fighting Fish Sashimi prepared by the dwarves.
Navarone Sashimi.png
Sashimi made by the chefs of G-8.
Tuna Sashimi.png
Sashimi made of finely sliced tuna.

Seafood Risotto

Seafood Risotto

A variation of risotto made with a variety of seafood such as calamari rings, octopus tentacles, and shrimps. It was cooked by Sanji, which he offered to a starving Gin.


Hatchan, Camie and Pappag make some Takoyaki.

Takoyaki (たこ焼 Takoyaki?), are fried (or grilled) dumplings traditionally filled with octopus meat and coated with a special sauce.

These are a noted interest of Hatchan, whose childhood dream was to open a takoyaki stand with his friends Kuroobi and Chew.[31] In adulthood—following his time with the Sun Pirates and the Arlong Pirates—he revisited this dream, and, after a series of adventures beneath the sea, secured a legendary recipe (with its own supply of sauce). With his new companions Camie and Pappag, he opened the Takoyaki 8, a traveling takoyaki bar that ultimately encountered—and served—the Straw Hats near the Sabaody Archipelago.[32]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Tomahawk Spiny Lobster

Cooked Tomahawk Spiny Lobster.

The Tomahawk Spiny Lobster is a very rare, gigantic lobster with axe-shaped blades instead of pincers. It's a very difficult ingredient to prepare that even first-rated chefs from top-class restaurants would struggle with this ingredient. Sanji was able to cook and serve one to Savarin, impressing the pretentious food critic with it.[33]

Dragon Boat of Dragon Salmon Sashimi

Sanji's Wedding Special: Dragon Boat of Dragon Salmon Sashimi.

The Sanji's Wedding Special: Dragon Boat of Dragon Salmon Sashimi, is a Draconic Super-Fillet Salmon cut into sashimi and served in a sushi boat. Sanji made it for Ruibei who served it at his daughter's wedding.[33]

Succulent Seared Dragon Salmon Sushi

Succulent Seared Dragon Salmon Sushi

The Succulent Seared Dragon Salmon Sushi is Draconic Super-Fillet Salmon served in nigiri-style sushi made with roughly chopped scallions and wasabi. Sanji made some for his crew-mates using some of the fish Ruibei left for them.[33]

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Rice ( Kome?) is a cereal made from the seeds of select grass species, conventionally cooked in water so as to produce a sticky, filling substance. While usually tasteless by itself, it is a ubiquitous staple food in many cultures, particularly Japan and other East-Asian nations; many dishes from these cultures either use rice as a key ingredient, or are consumed with separate portions of it.

Correspondingly, rice has been served (and/or grown) in nearly every location visited by the Straw Hat Pirates, from the Gecko Islands[34] to Wano Country.[35]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Fried Rice

Banban's fried rice seasoned with Aqua Laguna salt.

Fried rice (チャーハン Chāhan?) is a dish of cooked rice that has been stir-fried in a wok or a frying pan and is usually mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, seafood, or meat.[36]

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Seafood Fried Rice

Seafood Fried Rice

A variation of fried rice made using different types of seafood. The Baratie version of seafood fried rice uses octopus, squid, and shrimp as its main ingredients which Zeff served to the Galley Pirates. Sanji also served it to Luffy, Chopper, Carrot, and Brook after they successfully escaped Totto Land.[37]



Senbei (煎餅?), commonly known as rice crackers, are dry confectionery made from baked rice, and commonly wrapped in black seaweed (nori). They are generally eaten (or offered to guests) as a snack with tea.

Miss Goldenweek ate these frequently, even in the midst of battle; during her encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates on Little Garden, she used her Colors Trap to force Luffy into eating them with her. After defeating her (and Mr. 3), Luffy, Usopp, and Karoo claimed her remaining crackers as spoils of war.[38]

Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp also appears to be fond of them, going so far as to eat them while being lectured on his grandson's latest misdeeds by a furious Fleet Admiral Sengoku.[39]


Okaki (おかき?) refers to fried rice crackers. They appear to be a favorite of former Fleet Admiral, Inspector General Sengoku, who also used the name of the snack as a codename back in his Admiral days.[40]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Roz Bil-Laban

Roz bil-laban ("rice with milk" in Egyptian Arabic) is a delicate, mildly sweet variety of rice pudding where the rice is simmered in milk. As white is considered an auspicious color, this dish is often served during New Year's festivities with the wish that the new year may be as pure and beautiful as the white milk used in it.[33]

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Pankuta Dakeyan, an Impel Down inmate, eating a loaf of bread.

Bread (パン Pan?) is a common staple food, usually created by baking dough (created from yeast and any number of grains, such as rye or wheat) with water. It may be eaten plain, with a number of condiments, or as part of a sandwich.

After being shipwrecked, the ten-year-old Sanji was given—among other provisions—five small loaves of bread by Zeff. With careful rationing, he managed to make these last for more than three weeks; by the twenty-fifth day, however, he was reduced to a single chunk that was mostly mold. Worse, he accidentally dropped this chunk into the sea as he tried to eat it, leaving him to complete starvation for several months before being rescued.[41] Tony Tony Chopper was also left a loaf of bread (and a glass of milk) by Dr. Hiriluk while recovering from gunshot wounds left by frightened Drum Islanders. This, the first act of kindness he had ever been shown by a human, drove him to tears.[42]

Impel Down seemingly serves small portions of bread to inmates, who often start fights amongst themselves over said portions.[43] Trafalgar Law has a strong dislike for bread.[44]


Pasta (パスタ Pasuta?) are noodles, it can be served plain or eaten with various sauces and ingredients such as meat, seafood or vegetables.

A massive serving of seafood pasta was served to Shirahoshi a gigantic mermaid who later offered it to Luffy when he entered Hard-Shell Tower searching for food. Another variation of pasta called Rose Squid Squid Ink Pasta (?) which is popular in Dressrosa were eaten by Luffy, and Franky while they were dining in Oikawa Cafeteria.[citation needed]

A serving of seafood pasta.
Aqua Laguna salted Pasta.png
Luffy and Chopper eating pasta seasoned with Aqua Laguna Salt.



An oven-baked pasta dish, Lasagna (ラザニア Razania?) consists of several layers of rectangular pasta sheets alternated with tomato sauce, cheese, and ingredients such as various meats and vegetables.

It is the specialty of the Whale Forest and also Nekomamushi's favorite food. Even the Straw Hats held high praises for lasagna.[citation needed]


Chopper indulging in confectionaries produced on Fish-Man Island.

Confectioneries (菓子 Kashi?), also known as Sweets (スイーツ Suītsu?), are foods concentrated on sugar and similarly sweet ingredients, usually meant as desserts and snacks. Charlotte "Big Mom" Linlin is particularly obsessed with them, and has made a deal with all the islands under her control such as Fish-Man Island: a monthly payment in candy in exchange for protection. The sweets produced in the Candy Factory of Fish-Man Island is of an extremely high quality as noted by both Luffy and Big Mom herself.


Candy (キャンディー Kyandī?) is a general name given to confections mostly composed of sugar.

Caesar Clown used candy laced with a powerful stimulant drug called NHC10 which he used to addict the children he kidnapped, ensuring that they would always return to him in case of escape or else suffer from withdrawal.

Charlotte Perospero considers all candy—except peppermint—his favorite food. He has eaten the Pero Pero no Mi which allows him to generate and manipulate candy in either solid or syrupy forms. He's a highly skilled craftsman of candy-based architecture. However, high temperatures can cause the solid candy to melt.

Non-canonically, Gasparde ate the Ame Ame no Mi, a Logia-class Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into candy syrup that he can harden at will, creating spiked weapons from his body, and to trap his opponents with its sticky properties. Unlike the Pero Pero no Mi, the syrup seems to be inedible. The user loses its stickiness if flour covers the syrup body.

Caesar Lures the Children.png
Caesar holding some drugged candy.
Pero Pero no Mi Infobox.png
Perospero's Devil Fruit allows him to create and control candy.
Ame Ame no Mi Infobox.png
Gasparde's Devil Fruit allows him to turn into candy.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy (綿菓子 Wata kashi?) is a confection made of spun sugar, named for its cotton-like texture and (lack of) weight.

Generally simple and cheap to make, cotton candy is a common feature of fairgrounds, such as the Foxy Pirates' Davy Back Fight sideshows[45] and the Sabaody Archipelago's amusement-park region. The former introduced it to Tony Tony Chopper, who deemed it one of his favorite foods (the basis of his "Cotton Candy Lover" epithet).

On Weatheria, the weather scientist Haredas gave Nami cotton candy with the buoyancy of a cloud, which he dubbed Cloud Candy.[46]

Also, in the border of the territory of Totto Land, there is a natural phenomenon where it snows cotton candy.[citation needed]

Cotton Candy.png
Chopper eating cotton candy
Cloud Candy.png
Cloud Candy

Rumble Ball Candy

Rumble Ball Candy (ランブルボールキャンディ Ranburu Bōru Kyandi?) is a type of candy that resembles a Rumble Ball, which Chopper gets the urge to eat when transforming.[47]


A stall of Cacao Island food.

Chocolate (チョコレート Chokorēto?) refers to certain confections prepared from cacao seeds, particularly ones that mix it with milk and powdered sugar to create a sweet brown substance.

Cacao Island, one of the islands that compose Totto Land, contains "Chocolat Town", which consists of buildings that are mostly made of chocolate. It is legal to eat them except for the roofs. It is considered a crime to eat the roofs except for when dismantlers are hired to eat the entire building before the material expires.

The island also seem to have chocolate variants of foods such as burgers, pasta, and fried chicken.[48] Charlotte Pudding's skills in chocolate baking is self-acclaimed to be even more skillful than Streusen's.[49] The chocolate ganache she makes is apparently so silky smooth that a lid had to be used to keep it from sliding out of its container. Intense heat can damage the chocolate's quality, as Sanji was worried about the chocolate getting ruined when Charlotte Oven increased the temperature of the sea.[50]

Ice Cream

Yu holding an ice cream cone.

Ice Cream (アイスクリーム Aisukurīmu?) is a soft, frozen food item most commonly made from milk products, combined with various sweeteners and flavorings. When served as a standalone snack (rather than part of a meal), it is traditionally placed in a handheld cone made of waffle or some other edible material.

Yu, a little girl from Loguetown, once received an extra-sized cone that she accidentally spilled on Smoker's uniform. To her (and her guardian's) surprise, Smoker disregarded this and even gave her some pocket change to buy a replacement cone with.[51]

Ice cream is also known to be a favorite of Miss Goldenweek, who purchased several cones on Kyuka Island despite the heavy presence of Marines searching for her and other Baroque Works remainders.[52]


Charlotte Katakuri eating giant donuts.

Doughnuts (or donuts) (ドーナツ Dōnatsu?) are deep-fried dough snacks, usually ring-shaped and glazed (and/or powdered) in sugar.

Charlotte Katakuri is also extremely fond of donuts, as he gluttonously gorged on giant donuts during his snack time.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

The anime makes doughnuts a favorite of Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp (unlike his manga counterpart, who appears to favor senbei alone), at one point even claiming he has eaten 842 doughnuts without pause in an attempt at a world record.[53]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.


Manju (饅頭まんじゅう Manjū?), sometimes known as "sticky buns", are small round pastries containing sweet fillings, traditionally red-bean paste (anko).

Antonio regularly sells "Grand Line Manju" ("GraMan" for short) to travelers on the Sabaody Archipelago, even naming his shop after them. These are decorated with the words "Grand Line First Half", and can allegedly stay fresh for three months.[54]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Some time during the Straw Hats' adventures in Arabasta, Tony Tony Chopper stole a manju that Usopp had been meaning to eat. When this was confessed after their near-fatal battle with Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas, Usopp miraculously revived from his full-body injuries to take the manju back.[55]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.


A tart (?) is a baked dish consisting of a filling over a pastry base with an open top not covered with pastry. After their adventure on Thriller Bark Sanji made one from Horror Pears.[20]



Croquembouche (クロカンブッシュ Kurokanbusshu?) are pastry balls piled into a cone.

During Charlotte Linlin's sixth birthday, the residents of Sheep's House made her a large bundle of croquembouche as a birthday cake. She ate so voraciously that she did not notice she was eating the chairs and table as well until she was done, at which point the other residents were all gone.[56]

A group of croquembouche homies stayed at Sweet City on Whole Cake Island temporarily. Right as they were leaving, Big Mom developed a craving for them and went on a rampage. Jinbe took the croquembouche tourists and fed them to Big Mom, satiating her. The croquembouche were originally unwilling to be eaten, but they happily accepted their fate when Big Mom called them delicious.[57]


Charlotte Cracker using his Devil Fruit to create and manipulate biscuits.

Biscuits (ビスケット Bisuketto?) are baked, dough-based snacks.

The Bisu Bisu no Mi is a specific Devil Fruit that allows its user to summon and manipulate biscuits at will. It was eaten by Charlotte Cracker, Charlotte Linlin's 10th eldest son and one of her Three Sweet Commanders. Having full mastery of his Devil Fruit ability, Cracker is able to mold his biscuits into powerful warrior puppets.


Charlotte Opera controlling cream.

Cream (クリーム kurīmu?) is a generic name used to refer to paste that is derived from milk.

The Kuri Kuri no Mi allows the user to create and control cream. By increasing the "sweetness" of this cream, it can cause chemical burns onto his opponents' unprotected skin. The current eater, Charlotte Opera, keeps his body covered in this cream at all times.

Simsim Whip

Sanji with a ladle of Simsim Whip.

Simsim Whip (シムシムホイップ Shimushimu Hoippu?) is a special type of whipped cream Sanji made while making a cake to calm Big Mom's rage.[58] Charlotte Pudding used it to make chocolate ganache for the cake. The cream can melt under high temperature, as Sanji became worried when Oven heated the surrounding seas.[50] According to Sanji, it has the ultimate sweetness. Its taste is so delicious it can cause people who ate it to nearly die in utter bliss as shown with Buche and Capone Bege. Bege described the sensation as being hypnotized. Simsim means "sesame" in various Semitic languages.


Sanji and Nami making a cake.

Cake (ケーキ Kēki?) is a typically baked sweet dessert. Typical cake ingredients are flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil or margarine, a liquid, and leavening agents, such as baking soda or baking powder. Common additional ingredients and flavorings include dried, candied, or fresh fruit, nuts, cocoa, and extracts such as vanilla, with numerous substitutions for the primary ingredients. Cakes can also be filled with fruit preserves, nuts, or dessert sauces (like pastry cream), iced with buttercream or other icings, and decorated with marzipan, piped borders, or candied fruit. Whole Cake Island is named after this dessert. Cakes are broadly divided into several varieties, based primarily on ingredients and cooking techniques.

Chiffon Cake

The base chiffon cake, before whipped cream and chocolate are added.

A chiffon cake (シフォンケーキ Shifon Kēki?) is a very light cake made with vegetable oil, eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder, and flavorings. It is a combination of both butter and foam type (sponge type) cakes.

It is Charlotte Chiffon's specialty and namesake. A chocolate chiffon cake was the base for the cake Streusen made for Sanji and Charlotte Pudding's wedding, and its replacement is made by Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon. The cake Chiffon made is apparently so fluffy that it had to be held to keep it from floating away.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake made for Sanji and Pudding's wedding.

A wedding cake (ウェディングケーキ Uedingu Kēki?) is a traditional cake served at wedding receptions.

A giant sized wedding cake was made by Streusen to celebrate the wedding between Charlotte Pudding and Sanji. The cake was gigantic, with the wedding altar placed onto the upper deck, and when it collapsed from Monkey D. Luffy's attack, guests had to run to avoid the debris. The wedding cake was created from many mythical ingredients plundered by the Big Mom Pirates, and took Streusen days to make. The sweet theme of the cake is "the delicious cake that is filled with Mama's fantasies that she didn't get to eat", which, by Pudding's claim, is a chocolate chiffon cake that she intends to remake with the forced assistant of Charlotte Chiffon.[49]

According to Sanji, the ingredients for the cake include massive amounts of non-homogenized milk, sugar beets, bananas, roasted soybean powder, and yogurt.

Sponge Cake

Whole Cake Chateau becoming sponge cake.

A sponge cake (スポンジケーキ Suponji Kēki?) is a cake with a firm, yet well-aerated structure, similar to a sea sponge.

When the Whole Cake Chateau started to collapse due to the Tamatebako exploding at its base, Streusen utilized his Kuku Kuku no Mi powers to change the castle into a sponge cake with whipped cream on top. The softened structure greatly dampened the impact of what could have been tremendous collateral damage, instead harmlessly covering Sweet City with whipped cream while the spongy cake safely cushioned the Big Mom Pirates from a fatal fall. Big Mom, however, considered the transformed cake to taste poorly, a trait shared by all food generated by the Kuku Kuku no Mi's powers as opposed to what all sponge cakes taste like.[59]


Katakuri turning the ground into mochi.

Mochi ( Mochi?) is a rice cake made with glutinous rice, which is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape.

The Mochi Mochi no Mi is a special Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to generate, control and transform into mochi. The current user, Charlotte Katakuri, has demonstrated that the mochi can be used for capturing opponents due to its stickiness and high viscosity. Having "awakened" his ability, he can convert inorganic matter of his surroundings into mochi as well. However, liquid weakens its adhesiveness and causes it to dissolve, and being edible allows the opponents to eat their way out of entrapment.



Oshiruko (お汁粉 Oshiruko?) is a sweet porridge made of azuki beans served in a bowl with mochi. It is a traditional desert in Wano. Tsuru offered oshiruko to Tama when she was starving which the latter tearfully enjoyed. Big Mom, an infamous sweet lover, also took great liking to oshiruko and was later manipulated by Chopper, Tama, and Momonosuke to invade the prison Udon in exchange for more oshiruko. Oshiruko is also Queen's favorite food as he ate numerous bowls in one serving and adored it so much he refused to share it even in the presence of Big Mom.[60]


Semla (セムラ Semura?) is a type of sweet roll from Elbaf.

It consist of a cardamon-spiced wheat bread bun which has its top cut off and is then filled with a mixture of milk, almond paste, topped with whipped cream. The cut-off top serves as a lid and is dusted with icing sugar.

Semla is traditionally eaten on Elbaf before the Winter Solstice Festival to sustain the body during the fasting. Charlotte Linlin considered its flavor to be pure-bliss, and gluttonously ate more than everybody else. It eventually caused her to go on a rampage for more.[61] It is Hajrudin's least favorite food.[62]

Semla can be stored for a period of time, as the Elbaf giants have some in their food storage during the fasting period, which they brought out to calm the rampaging Linlin.[63]

Semla as described by Gerth.
Large bowl of Semla.png
A bowl of giant sized Semlas served to the giants as a customary feast before the twelve days fast for the Winter Solstice.



Dango (団子 Dango?) is a type of sweet dumpling made from mochiko. There are different varieties of dango which are typically served on a skewer. It is often served with green tea. Since her youth, Tsuru had worked in a tea house where she served dango to customers in accompaniment to tea.[64]

Kibi Dango

For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 1004.

Kibi Dango (黍団子きびだんご Kibi Dango?) is a dumpling made from the meal or flour of the kibi (proso millet) grain.

In Udon, a kibi dango is exchanged per coupon after moving five big rock blocks. Luffy and Kid were able to move over 500 blocks and received large bowls of kibi dango.[65]

Tama possesses a Devil Fruit ability that allows her to create dango, which she named "Kibi Dango", by squeezing her cheek. Any animal[66] or successful SMILE users[67] who eats these "Kibi Dango" will be tamed and loyal to Tama.

Mitarashi Dango

Mitarashi dango (みたらし団子、御手洗団子?) is a type of dango dumplings covered with a sweet glaze syrup made from shouyu (soy sauce), sugar, and starch. It is characterized by its glassy glaze and burnt fragrance. Giant sized mitarashi dango was served to Big Mom by the Beasts Pirates after she was escorted to Onigashima to satisfy her appetite for sweets.[68] It is Black Maria's favorite food.[69]



Onigiri (お握り?), commonly called "rice balls", are hand-held bundles of rice formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes, wrapped in nori seaweed and usually filled with various assortments of seafood or pickled fruit.

Like sandwiches, onigiri are easily made and transported, and thus frequently used as quick lunches or emergency provisions:

One of Zoro's most common Three Sword Style techniques is named Oni Giri (鬼斬り?), written with the characters for "demon slice" but pronounced identically to this dish's name. While generally unremarked upon in canon, this pun is heavily referenced in the Chopper Man omake universe, which portrays Zoro as a supervillain themed after—and obsessed with—onigiri.

Onigiri are also said to be Trafalgar Law's favorite food. During the Straw Hat Pirates' voyage to Dressrosa, onigiri was served to Law for breakfast instead of sandwiches, due to his dislike for bread.[44]

Law eats Onigiri.png
Law eating onigiri for breakfast.
Mihawk, Perona and Humandrills eating Onigiri.png
Mihawk, Perona, and Humandrills eating onigiri while working as farmers.
Pekoms with Onigiri.png
A tied up Pekoms being served onigiri by the Sun Pirates.


For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 67.

Soup (スープ Sūpu?) is a mostly-liquid dish, generally served warm or hot (though cool or cold variations are not unknown). It is made by combining solid ingredients such as meat and vegetables with liquids such as water, juice, or stock. Hot soups are additionally characterized by boiling solid ingredients in liquids in a pot until the flavors are extracted, forming a broth.

Soup was particularly prominent throughout the Baratie Arc, where Sanji severely beat Fullbody for deliberately soiling—and later spilling—his soup.[73] In addition, the last dish Sanji made for his fellow Baratie cooks was soup; though they found it delicious, the cooks—including Zeff—derided it in an attempt to drive Sanji into joining the Straw Hat Pirates.[74]

Victoria Cindry also frequently makes soup dishes for her master, as a way of spiting him.[75]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Stamina Soup

Stamina Soup

Stamina Soup (スタミナスープ Sutaminasūpu?) is a soup that helps heal wounds. Sanji made some up to help the Asuka villagers.[76]

Concludes non-canon section.


For the head of the Kozuki Family, see Kozuki Oden.


Oden (おでん?) is a type of nabemono, consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon, konjac, and processed fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavored dashi broth. Oden is the namesake and favorite food of Kozuki Oden, who adored it so much it is the only food he ate during his journey around Wano and also the only thing he cooked for his retainers.[77] Oden soup is also what Oden served to Kawamatsu, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and the Whitebeard Pirates when they arrived at Wano Country.[78][79]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Ganzo, an ocean-going oden chef, serves it to the people of the world as part of his dream along with his grandson Tobio.[80]

Concludes non-canon section.


Stew (シチュー Shichū?) is a dish that, much like soup, cooks solid ingredients in a liquid base. Its main distinction is in how "thick" (i.e. congealed) its liquid portions are, usually by the addition of ingredients such as flour.

Stew was one of the last dishes that Bell-mère made for Nojiko and Nami, on the day the Arlong Pirates invaded Cocoyasi Village.[5]

Scorched Stone Stew

Bowls of scorched stone stew.

Scorched Stone Stew (焼石シチュー Yakeishi shichū?) is a kind of stew cooked by mixing a well-heated stone into the ingredients, rather than conventional fire-cooking. This reduces the chance of burning the ingredients, and allows them to retain more of their nutrients.[81]

Sanji prepared this dish the first night the Straw Hat Pirates spent on Upper Yard, using a wide variety of ingredients, including bananas, walnuts, carrots, garlic, frogs, and rats (over Nami's objections).[82]


A Pie (パイ Pai?) is a baked dish that traditionally consists of a baked flour crust stuffed with either sweet or savory ingredients. Usually circular in shape, they may be cut into slices or eaten whole.

Cherry Pies

A young Teach eating a cherry pie.

Cherry Pies (チェリーパイ Cherīpai?) are pies that contain cherry fillings.

They have been a favorite of Marshall D. Teach since his days in the Whitebeard Pirates, and remain so even after his ascension as Blackbeard.[83] He appears especially partial to the ones served by a particular pub in Mock Town—in great contrast with Luffy, who continues to consider them his least favorite food.[84][85]

Meat Pies

Meat Pies (ミートパイ Mītopai?) are pies that contain meat fillings, possibly with other vegetables such as potatoes.

These were apparently a favorite of the deceased revolutionary Gaburu, especially as made by his grandmother.[86] While posing as Gaburu, Caribou exploited the old woman's (apparent) senility to eat a number of them.[87]


Sandwiches made by Sanji for breakfast.

Sandwiches (サンドイッチ Sandoitchi?) are bread slices (or split rolls) holding any sort of edible filling in-between, most commonly meats, cheeses, and/or vegetables. Due to the ease of making and transporting them, they may constitute anything from a light snack to a full-course meal.

Nico Robin is said to be partial to sandwiches (especially with coffee), and they are a recurring presence in the meals that Sanji makes for the Straw Hats.[88][44]


Franky holding a hamburger.

The Hamburger (ハンバーガー Hanbāgā?) is a type of sandwich consisting of cooked beef patties with various other ingredients inside a sliced bread roll or bun. The Foxy Pirates' "Groggy Monsters" trio—Hamburg, Pickles, and Big Pan—are named after common components of this dish, and reference it in their two deadliest team techniques, Size Attack: S-M-L and Monster Burger.

Hamburgers are said to be Franky's favorite food. He can be seen eating one while he was in Dressrosa, discussing with Kyros about the country's history.


Curry Rice

Curry (カレー Karē?) is a dish originating from Indian cuisine. It primarily consists of spicy sauce made from complex combinations of spices or herbs, paired with a wide variety of vegetables (typically potatoes and carrots) and meats (typically chicken, pork, or beef); in Japan, it is almost always eaten with rice.

During her days as their secretary and general housekeeper, Kokoro sometimes made curry rice for Tom's Workers.[89]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

The anime has often depicted curry in close proximity to Marines (as it was introduced to Japan by British sailors, and continues to be strongly associated with military kitchens).

In the Post-Arabasta Arc, a young trainee cook named Tajio was tasked with serving it at an officers' meeting and—after accidentally spilling it—was ordered to remake it from scratch. Despite his inexperience and anxiety, he succeeded with help from Sanji.[90]

Curry was featured again in the Marine Rookie Arc where it was served as the main dish in the cafeteria of Marine Base G-F on Fron Island. The curry that was served is particularly spicy, which Bonham greatly relished. Even Luffy is greatly fond of it. It also had seagull-shaped carrot bits that Carrot thought was cute.[91]

Concludes non-canon section.

Random Curry

The other Straw Hats (and their traveling companions) are subjected to Luffy's Random Curry.

Random Curry (気まぐれカレー Kimagure Karē?, Official English: "Kitchen Sink Curry") was a dish made by Monkey D. Luffy during the first day of travel to Whole Cake Island. However, as he forgot to turn off the stove while reading a newspaper, the kitchen caught on fire.[92]

When it was finished, it was swiftly proven that Luffy's complete lack of culinary skills led the Random Curry to come out horribly wrong, much to the despair of Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Brook, Pedro, Pekoms, and even Luffy himself when they all tasted it. The rice was uncooked, there was some unidentified bitter purple matter, the pot was filled with fish bones, Luffy put jam into it, and a strange transparent jelly-like substance was formed. The worse was Luffy spent an entire week's worth of provisions to make this alone, because he kept making wrong decisions during the cooking process. This left the crew to starve with a pot of completely inedible substance for the entire week.[93]


Three bowls of rich piping hot ramen served to Ace, Sabo, and Luffy.

Ramen (ラーメン Ramen?) is a type of hot noodle soup that combines thin wheat noodles with a meat or fish-based broth.

It is the cooking specialty of CP7's Wanze, who prepares it by kneading flour in his mouth and cutting it into noodles with his nose-hairs (much to the disgust of Sanji, Franky, and Sogeking, who refused his "free samples").[94] With this ability, Wanze has developed a unique martial art known as Ramen Kenpo, which can shape specially-toughened noodles into bullet-like projectiles and even battle-armor.[95]

As children, Ace, Luffy, and Sabo once infiltrated a Center Town restaurant and ate twenty-six bowls of ramen without paying.[96] This was Sabo's first experience with the dish, and it has remained his favorite well into adulthood.[97]



Pizza (ピザ Piza?) is a sort of baked flatbread coated in cheese and tomato sauce; it may be topped with any number of extra ingredients, from meat to seafood to fruits and vegetables.

Jewelry Bonney appears to have an immense appetite for pizza, as she is often seen eating a slice of pizza whenever she makes an appearance. The Donquixote Pirates were also seen eating a gigantic pizza in the past, back when they were stationed at Spider Miles.

On the first night of the Straw Hats' voyage to Dressrosa, Sanji made pizza for dinner; this particularly intrigued Kin'emon, who had apparently never heard of the dish before.[98]


Soba (そば? Japanese for "buckwheat") are noodles, usually served chilled with a dipping sauce. It can also be served hot in a bowl of soup.

It is Issho's favorite food as he is seen eating it frequently. Sengoku is also fond of it as he requested a Marine to bring him soba upon his arrival at Dressrosa.[99]

During Sanji's infiltration of Wano Country, he opened up a soba stand as his guise. His soba were served al dente and were immensely popular.[100]

A bowl of soba
Issho eats soba.png
Issho eating soba dipped in sauce.


A dish of aligot served to Vinsmoke Niji

Aligot (アリゴ Arigo?) is a dish made from potatoes and cheese. It was first shown in Germa Kingdom, having been made by Cosette and served to Vinsmoke Niji. Although he thought it bland, Sanji explained the composition of the food and complimented Cosette on the seasoning. According to Sanji, the potatoes is to strengthen one's immune system and stabilize the blood pressure.[101]


The aburaage Kawamatsu fed Onimaru to help heal his wounds.

Aburaage (油揚げ?) are deep-fried slices of tofu. Kawamatsu fed some to Onimaru to help him heal from the wounds he received from guarding the Northern Cemetery from grave-robbers.[102]

Kawamatsu gave aburaage to Onimaru because they're supposedly a fox's favorite food. This refers to the Japanese folklore that the fox deity Inari and other fox spirits are fond of aburaage.

Other Dishes

"Raw Ham Melon" (生ハムメロン Nama hamu meron?)—likely an adaptation of the Italian appetizer Prosciutto e melone—is said to be Genzo's favorite food, and was served at the Cocoyasi Village banquet celebrating the defeat of the Arlong Pirates.[103][104]

Donburi was used by the Marines to bribe Mr. 13 and Miss Friday into producing sketches of various Baroque Works fugitives.[105]

Spices and Sauces

Black Pepper

Black pepper (胡椒コショウ Koshō?) is taken from the dried fruit of pepper plants, and usually ground to a powder to spice a variety of dishes.

Due to its strong aftereffects, it can also be used to incapacitate enemies. Tamanegi, for instance, attacked Jango with several shakers of pepper, to limited success.[106]

In its initial adaptation of the Luffy-Usopp battle, the anime changed Usopp's Tabasco Boshi attack to a Koshō Boshi attack, presumably replacing the Tabasco sauce in the pellet to ground pepper.[107] This change was not retained in the Episode of Merry special.


Brook with a large bag of salt.

Salt ( Shio?), like pepper, is usually used as a spice in powdered form. It can also be used to preserve many foods, particularly meats. At sea, it may be collected by distilling seawater, while on land it may be found congealed into natural crystals.[108]

Being a natural property of seawater, it is also a key weakness of Zombies created through the Kage Kage no Mi.[109]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

According to the Anime, Water 7 harbors a unique variety of salt, created as a byproduct of the Aqua Laguna. This salt, the evaporated remains of the annual flood, can be found on the roofs of every structure relatively close to shore; supposedly, it carries properties from every ocean in the world, including the All Blue, giving it a superior flavor.[110]

Concludes non-canon section.


Tabasco (タバスコ Tabasuko?) is a powerful hot sauce created from the Tabasco pepper.

Usopp frequently uses Tabasco-filled pellets as blinding agents; on one occasion, he even tricked Mr. 5 into swallowing one whole.[111] Outside of combat, he may occasionally use it to prank others (particularly when Luffy tries to steal his food during mealtimes).[112]

As Tabasco is a registered trademark in the United States, official English translations will typically substitute more generic names, such as hot salsa (4Kids) or pepper sauce (Viz).


Leo holding Tatababasco sauce disguised as a grape.

Tatababasco (タタババスコ Tatababasuko?) is a spice custom made by the Tontatta dwarves.

It is strong enough to make some of them faint, and was planned to be used to knock out Sugar of the Donquixote Pirates.[113] However, she discovered the ploy, believing it to be poison, and forced the grape down Usopp's throat instead. Though not used as planned, it did force Usopp into making a horrifying visage of pain and anguish—with his eyeballs and tongue rolling and twisting, a combination of blood, drool, mucus, and tears all over his face, and flames shooting out of his mouth—which scared Sugar into unconsciousness.[114]

Regional Specialties and Cuisines

Some dishes and cuisines are tied to specific locations and/or cultures (and named appropriately), though they may be learned and reproduced by outsiders.



Konafa (コナーファ?), also known by Kanafeh, Künefe, and many other romanizations, is a baked dish of Middle Eastern origins. In its most conventional form, it combines thin, noodle-like dough shreds (Kadaif) with sweet syrup and cheese.

It appears to be a specialty of Arabasta Kingdom, being among the many dishes served at the royal banquet honoring the Straw Hat Pirates' defeat of Baroque Works.[115] In the 4Kids anime, it was reframed as "sautéed scorpion".


Sky Seafood

Sky Seafood is a favorite among Skypieans, and is based on the cooking of sky fish.

Because of their different biology compared to the animals in the Blue Sea, sky fish require a different method of preparation, although Luffy still thought they tasted great when Sanji grilled the popped remains of one. Pagaya also taught Sanji how to properly cook sky fish.[116]

Water 7

Mizu Mizu Foods

These food items, sold exclusively at Water 7, all carry "Mizu Mizu" in their names.

  • Mizu Mizu Meat (水水肉 Mizu Mizu Niku?)[117]
  • Mizu Mizu Manju (水水饅頭 Mizu Mizu Manjū?)[118]
  • Mizu Mizu White Cabbage (水水ハクサイ Mizu Mizu Hakusai?)[119]
  • Mizu Mizu Candy (水水飴 Mizu Mizu Ame?)[120]
Mizu Mizu Meat.png
Mizu Mizu Meat
Mizu Mizu White Cabbage.png
Mizu Mizu White Cabbage
Mizu Mizu Candy.png
Mizu Mizu Candy

Mizu Mizu Meat is noted for its extreme tenderness; in addition, both it and Mizu Mizu Candy are shaped like water droplets. What other features—if any—distinguish Mizu Mizu foods from their "ordinary" counterparts is unknown.

(It also remains unknown what animal(s) are harvested for Mizu Mizu Meat, though it is notably a favorite of Yagara Bulls as well as humans.)[117]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Omatsuri Island

Omatsuri Island Yakisoba

Omatsuri Island Yakisoba

Omatsuri Island Yakisoba is a dish composed of various sea creatures and vegetables grilled with noodles and topped with oyster sauce, seaweed flakes, and a dash of red, pickled ginger. It was first created by Kotetsu in his cooking battle against Sanji.[121]

Concludes non-canon section.

Amazon Lily

Penne Gorgonzola with Sea King Meat

Penne Gorgonzola with Sea King Meat

A specialty from Amazon Lily, this pasta dish consists of Penne pasta, Gorgonzola cheese, and Sea King meat. It was one of the many courses served to Luffy during the farewell banquet concluding his first visit to the island.[122]

Kamabakka Kingdom

Attack Cuisine

Attack Cuisine (攻めの料理 Seme no Ryōri?) is a special kind of cuisine that can only be prepared through recipes found in the Kamabakka Kingdom.

According to Sanji, the cuisine emanates a powerful aura and flavor to the one consuming it. It is said by Ivankov that it builds up the physical side of the human body; he even vouches for it as the reason why the inhabitants of the Kamabakka Kingdom have fit and powerful physiques.

While "Attack Cuisine" is not denied to outsiders and is in fact freely offered, only the people who have gone through the "Bride Training" and have become users of the Newkama Kenpo are allowed to learn the 99 recipes of the Attack Cuisine, though there are exceptions to the rule. An example is when Ivankov gave Sanji a challenge to earn the recipes. The challenge was to defeat the 99 Newkama Kenpo masters who are each in possession of one of the 99 recipes, all while avoiding becoming an Okama.[123] Sanji accepted the challenge and eventually conquered it. As of yet, only one of the 99 recipes have been revealed in detail. In the English localization of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, it is referred to as Attack Cooking.

Sanji stewing Sea Pork Offal Soup.

  • Hormone Soup with Sea Pork (海ブタ肉入りホルモンスープ Umibuta-niku iri Horumon Sūpu?): A large pot of soup made with pork intestines (offal), it is able to rejuvenate the consumer's energy and strength.[124] It is known as Sea Pork Offal Soup in the Viz manga.

Boin Archipelago

The Forest of Gluttony

The Forest of Gluttony.

This forest not only includes ordinary wild food such as plum trees and corn stalks, but also a river of already-prepared ramen.

Named Edibles:

Ramen Falls.png
Ramen Falls
Spaghetti Patches.png
Spaghetti Patches
Ham Fruits.png
Ham Fruits
Chocolate Rocks.png
Chocolate Rocks


Oikawa Cafeteria

The following dishes are served at the Oikawa Cafeteria, a popular restaurant in the Dressrosan port town of Acacia.

  • Dress Shrimp Paella (ドレスエビのパエリア Doresuebi no Paeria?) is a variation of seafood paella popular in Dressrosa. It consists of rice grains stir-fried and simmered with an assortment of seafood such as clams, mussels, calamari, lobster and shrimps as the main ingredient. It was eaten by Luffy, Zoro and Kin'emon during their visit to the Oikawa Cafeteria in the port city of Dressrosa, Acacia.[125]
  • Rose Squid Ink Pasta (ローズイカのイカスミパスタ Roozu-ika no Ikasumi Pasuta?) is a variation of seafood pasta with squids as its main ingredient, which is popular in Dressrosa. The pasta noodles are cooked with squid ink, dyeing it jet black. It was eaten by Luffy and Franky at the Oikawa Cafeteria, while the Straw Hats were in Dressrosa.
  • Fairy Pumpkin Gazpacho (妖精のパンプキン入りガスパチョ?) is a soup served to Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Kin'emon, and Franky in small individual dishes during their visit to Acacia. This food is inspired from the classic Spanish dish, Andalusian Gazpacho.
Dress shrimp Paella.png
Dress Shrimp Paella
Squid Ink Pasta.png
Rose Squid Squid Ink Pasta
Fairy Pumpkin Gazpacho.png
Fairy Pumpkin Gazpacho

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Samba Island

Samba Beef

Samba Beef

Samba Beef (サンバ牛 Sanba Ushi?) is specialty meat found on Samba Island. It was first seen as a large, covered piece that required four grown men to carry it. It is the prize for the acrobatics tournament of the island's annual "Samba Festival."[126]

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Totto Land

Though most are yet to be seen, the archipelago culture suggest the existence of several types of food.


Chocolat Town Market

  • Choco-Burger.
  • Choco-Pasta.
  • Chocolate Fried Chicken.


Each of Totto Land's 34 islands (excluding Whole Cake Island) is governed by a Minister who has jurisdiction over the use and distribution of the food his/her island is based on. The Ministers and their territories plus food include:

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Tongari Island

Rainbow-Colored Honey

Rainbow-Colored Honey (虹色の蜜 Nijiiro no mitsu?) is a special honey that comes from Tongari Island's Fountain of Miracles. When used as an ingredient, it can cause people to lose their voices. It is primarily used to begin a ritual ordeal.[127]

Concludes non-canon section.

Unnamed/Unspecified Locations

Mythical Ingredients

The "Mythical Ingredients" (幻の食材 Maboroshi no Shokuzai?) are rare, but extremely delicious top-grade ingredients. They are found on various different islands with corresponding themes to said ingredients. These "Mythical Ingredients" are highly sought out by the Big Mom Pirates when they make their confectionaries, and they also seem to be highly prized by the natives which cared for them, as every single fighting man put their very lives on the line to protect them. The known "Mythical Ingredients" consist of eggs, flour, and fruits.

Mythical Eggs.png
The Mythical Eggs acquire by Amande.
Mythical Flour.png
The Mythical Flour futilely guarded against Diesel.
Mythical Fruit.png
Randolph acquiring the Mythical Fruits.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Volcano Cooking

Panz Fry's volcano-cooked food.

Volcano Cooking (火山料理 Kazan Ryouri?) is a particular type of dish cooked in magma's heat, made by Panz Fry.

  • Sea Animal Churrasco (海獣シュラスコ Kaijuu Shurasuko?):
  • Thousand People Paella (千人パエリア Sen-nin Paeria?):

Concludes non-canon section.




A Bento (弁当 bentō?) is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal, usually with rice as the main staple. It is, by definition, served in a portable container that carefully divides the different ingredients from one another.

During adventures, Sanji will frequently make bento for his crewmates to take as lunches.[128] Over time, their bento preferences became so ingrained in him that, during the Whole Cake Island Arc, he inadvertently made a bento for Charlotte Pudding containing all of their favorites.[129]

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