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Foodvalten[2] is an island in the New World.


The entrance to Foodvalten (prior to the flag being slashed down).

Sometime in the past, Foodvalten was one of the many islands protected by Whitebeard, with his Jolly Roger hanging over the town entrance to prove it. However, after his death, the protection fell apart, and the Brownbeard Pirates attacked soon after, claiming control of the island while slashing Whitebeard's flag in half. Brownbeard then maintained control over the island.

However, Brownbeard's rule on the island was brief, as Basil Hawkins and his crew landed on the island, and he crippled Brownbeard and his entire crew, forcing them to leave the island in utter defeat.


  • All the inhabitants of Foodvalten wear feathers on their heads, like Native Americans.


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