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The Forest Boss is a large baboon that was first introduced in Gedatsu's cover story.


Forest Boss is a large black and white baboon, seen wearing a jacket draped over his shoulders with a rope tied around his head like a headband. He is also seen smoking a black pipe.


Forest Boss Digital Colored Manga
Forest Boss's appearance in the digitally colored chapters.


At first forest boss seems arrogant as he challenged Gedatsu to a fight. After his defeat to Gedatsu he helps out as he helps build a thermal station.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Forest Boss is a skilled carpenter, as he built the hot springs building within hours of joining the project with the help of his followers.


Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea LifeEdit

He was awakened by Gedatsu during his work with Goro and the Dirt Boss.[2] At first, the Forest Boss attacked Gedatsu, but he was easily defeated and became his second subordinate.[3] While the Dirt Boss dug his tunnel to Alabasta, the Forest Boss and his baboons built a thermal station on Ukkari Hot-Spring Island. By the time they returned, the Forest Boss had already finished building.[4]

Major BattlesEdit


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