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One Piece 599 Spoiler...

That was a really fast turnaround for mangaspoiler, even if it's just a few images. Usually they don't get anything up until Tuesday afternoon and the rest in the evening. ThanksDancePowderer 03:19, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

Notice that Zoro has the scar on his left eye. I heard something about Oda stating that the scar being on the right eye in the colourspread was a mistake.

And it also seems like the eye is permanently closed, poor Zoro, but it makes him looks even way cooler then before!^_^Chopperdude 04:52, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

Looks like Zoro learnt the hard way during his training. One-Winged Hawk 07:35, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

From inside Mangaspoiler:

Source:doflamingo_37@apforums Verification: Confirmed Translation:Aohige_AP

Update from Aohige_AP@apforums

Apparently Sentoumaru is in the chapter.

ハンコック可愛いw さよならは言わないでだってよw

懸賞金四億いったのかルフィ。 偽ルフィから近距離で放たれた鉄砲の弾を見聞でさらっとかわして覇王色で偽一味 一蹴してたよ。 フランキーサニーと新兵器であらわれてがロビンとすぐ合流して チョッパーはいまだに偽物だと気づかずに偽の奴らにロビン助けにいかないから見損なったと言い 残し 一人で助けにいった偽物をw ゾロは間違ってどっかのガレオン船に乗り込んでねてたら魚人島に連れて行かれたが 真っ二つに切って浮上してきたw 物凄い迷惑な奴だw 昔鷹の目がクリークのガレオン船切ったみたいにつよくなったようだなw

ONE PIECE 599 The Nine Pirates (like The Seven Samurai)

Hancock is cute lol She says she won’t say good bye

Luffy may have gone over 400 million berries Luffy dodges bullet fired from fake Luffy using CoO, and takes out the fake Strawhats with CoC. Franky shows up with new weapons and Sunny, and joins up with Robin Chopper still doesn’t realize he’s talking to fakes, and says he’s dissapointed with them for not going to save Robin, and he goes after the fake Robin alone. Zoro accidently snuck into a Galleon ship and fell asleep, but the ship started taking off to Fishman Island so he sliced the shp in two and came back to the surface What a troublemaker. He seems to have become stronger, reminds me of when Hawkeye sliced Krieg’s Galleon ship in half.

Coverpage is Luffy eating meat on the clouds, but a sheep makes him fall alseep and steals Luffy’s food.

Also, Zoro does seem to be blinded in left eye. At least, he doens’t open it.

It seems after losing his self-conciousness, Kuma have been acting strange according to the Marines. Sentoumaru notices this. Fake Luffy is gathering all his men at 46GR, and the Marines have made a move against it with Pacifistas

The Strawhats haven’t gathered up yet, but individually they’re meeting up little by little.

Hancock shows up in a flashback for Luffy, she helped getting ready for sail and the disguise he’s wearing. 08:19, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

Here's an Ohana script translated by Aohige:

Chapter 599: The Nine Pirates

Luffy is on the ship, and Hancock is disguising him

Hancock gives Luffy her coat Luffy says no to fake mastouche

Hancock says this is as far as she can take him Luffy tells her he wants to see her again Hancock misunderstands that as a marriage proposal

Back to Sabaody Fake Luffy is talking trash to Luffy

Luffy only says I'm sorry to him

Fake Luffy fires his gun at Luffy

Luffy uses haki to dodge the attack

Fake Luffy is unconcious, everyone in the area is astonished

Sabaody 17GR

Robin finds Sunny, and Franky is there.

Franky is bald. His hands are very mechanical.

Robin and Franky enjoys their reunion Robin tells him she met Rayleigh and others already.

Only Luffy hasn't shown up at the bar yet Brook Live concert is going well

Fake Luffy, Fake Usopp, Fake Sanji, Fake Zoro, and Fake Chopper Chopper tells Fake Luffy that (Fake) Robin has been abductetd Fake Luffy tells him to leave her be, that was her fate Chopper says he's dissapointed with them, and runs off to save her

Sabaody 66GR Marine base

A marine reports the Strawhats are gathering at 46GR, as they look at the fake Luffy's recruit poster Sentoumaru appears.

Small panels of Robin and Franky on the Sunny Usopp and Nami are talking with each other somewhere Sanji is walking Chopper is running Luffy is looking at the Vivre card

42GR Sanji asks the fisherman to sell him fish cheap

The fisherman is agitated, it seems he had made some grave mistake..

He tells Sanji a young man with three swords wanted to fish because he was bored, and the fisherman told the young man to get in the boat and wait for him.

Sanji asks if it's a green haired man with 3 swords, and haramaki around his waist Fisherman: Yeah, that's correct! And he's one-eyed! You know him? I told him to wait on the boat, but he got on the big ship next to it and fell asleep I yelled out to him that that's the wrong ship, but he won't wake up. The coated pirate ship started submerging... they went to fishman island!

Sanji is muttering about how Zoro got there first, but he still ended up getting lost

That's when a commotion started at the harbor Bubbles started bursting on the surface of the ocean, and a broken ship floats up Crowd wonders if the coating failed, or if it was attacked by Sea Kings.

Then they notice someone in the ship

Zoro sheathes his sword

Zoro: I got on the wrong ship!!

Joekido 08:25, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

Luffy is on the ship, and Hancock is disguising him”

Wait, is Hancock disguising as Luffy or is/was she giving him disguises? 09:01, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

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