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Yah, I'm back and no one cares but that's not why I made this topic. Here's a catch:

  • There are 3 weapons that carries the god name: Pluton, Posidon and Uranus
  • Charlotte Linlin's messager arrives. If she does not get any candy from Fishman Island she will have to attack it to get some, but all the canies are given to the Straw Hat Pirates

650 just made One Piece a massive story

Joekido 08:48, December 14, 2011 (UTC

You forgot..the bb pirates are hunting some strong df power..i think vegapunk will show in..he will explain how teach can have 2 df powers

Finally, Big Mam shows up, bout time, she's done NOTHING this entire arc, she is supposed to be protecting Fishman Island! - Copper5

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