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If there is any spoilers of ch 653 write it down in here.

here's a big sendoff at the Mermaid Cafe
Everyone's happy that Syarley's prediction didn't come true
Is the prediction true or not...
"Well, maybe this one time" she says.
Caimie is overjoyed.

Shirahoshi gives a tear-filled farewell
Usopp and Chopper are in low spirits over the thought of challenging a Yonkou
Neptune is worried about the bomb
Nami gets a new Log Pose from the minister (right or left? not specified). This one has three needles.
"It'll take half a day for the Log to set, here."
The needles each have a "memory" of a different island, so there are three possible routes
It's up to the navigator to chart a safe route, based on the needles' movements
Strange movements predict a high chance of danger
Listening from the side, Luffy says "Let's go with the one that's shaking like crazy!" but Nami stops [him]
Preparations for setting sail are completed!
Everyone comes to see them off. Luffy calls to Jinbe from the ship. Jinbe nods.
They set off from Fishman Island. Reluctant to see them go, Shirahoshi clings to the ship.
Shirahoshi says she wants to see a real forest.
Luffy promises to take her the next time they meet
In unison, the whole crew raises up their index fingers (and promises)
The ship moves up into the sea
Luffy: "Where we're going up to now, this is where Shanks is. I'd like to see him!"
He recalls Shanks giving him the hat, and the words of Ace, Jinbe, Rayleigh, and Coby.

Luffy: "Let's go, you guys! To the New World!"

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